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20/20 Research, Inc. (U.S. & Canada)

20/20 Research is in the business of conducting market research, the results of which are used to improve products and services. Our company provides a way for you, as consumers, to make your thoughts and opinions known to the corporations that provide services and create products you use every day. Because we understand your time is valuable to you, we usually offer an honorarium as a way of saying “thank you” for your participation in our research studies. Visit: 20/20 Research, Inc.

A La Carte Research (U.S. – New York)

The more information we know about you the more you will be asked to participate in paid research projects. Our online surveys give away everything from free gifts to $250 and everything in between. Visit: A La Carte Research

AccuData (Denver, Memphis, Orlando, Tampa)

Accudata Market Research seeks out your opinion on products and services at the request of our clients. By filling out our sign up form you and your family can become part of our database. We use this database to help us find people who meet some of the qualifications to participate in a study. This means you are more likely to be asked to participate and we phone you less often. Visit: AccuData

Accurate Data Marketing, Inc. (U.S. – Illinois)

Accurate Data Marketing, Inc. is one of the fastest growing data collection firms in the Chicago area. We specialize in random and list recruitment, and provide four focus rooms. Visit: Accurate Data Marketing, Inc.

ACN Views (Canada)

ACNielsen Homescan program for Canadians. Visit: ACN Views

ACNielsen I-Scan (U.K.)

The ACNielsen I-Scan Panel measures the snacks and soft drinks you buy and consume away from home. As an I-Scan Panel Member you will have the opportunity to be the voice of the consumer. You will be helping manufacturers and retailers decide what products they produce and stock, as you will ultimately be showing them what products you prefer to buy. Visit: ACNielsen I-Scan


Beta testing Acronis software products. IT and computer support personnel. Visit: Acronis

Ad-Wraps (U.K.)

Payments range between £66 & £200 per month depending on the size of your vehicle. The materials used are fully removable & actually prevent much of the everyday damage inflicted on the car’s paintwork. Visit: Ad-Wraps.co.uk

Adept Consumer Testing (California)

At Adept Consumer Testing, our main job is to help companies find out what people think about their products, services, and ideas. Here’s your opportunity to help. We’d like to invite you to become participant in our consumer research projects. By being in our database, you and your family members will be asked to participate in focus groups, previews, panels and interviews. We will never try to sell you anything. Most people find this a really fun experience, and you will always be paid an honorarium for your time. Visit: Adept Consumer Testing

Adler-Weiner Research (U.S. – Chicago & L.A.)

Those attending focus groups at any of our locations are compensated for their time. Visit: Adler-Weiner Research

Ads Gone Mobile (U.S.)

Ads Gone Mobile car wraps are colorful temporary, self-adhesive, color printed film applied to vehicles of all kinds. It’s carwash and sunlight proof, does no harm to bodywork and can be removed at any time without damage. You must be over 18, have no serious traffic violations or criminal record, submit to a background check, and agree to their terms (visit website). Your vehicle must be free of body damage, kept clean inside and out, be in good running condition and maintained in accordance to the program terms and conditions. Visit: Ads Gone Mobile (U.S.)


So, you want to make bucks every month, huh? If you’re a good driver, have insurance, and your car is NOT a Corvette (magnets don’t stick to fiberglass), you’re probably eligible. Visit: Ads2go


AdSmart Outdoor is one of the most innovative out-of-home media companies. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, AdSmart Outdoor is a socially conscious corporation that prides itself on providing the finest stationary and mobile outdoor displays and customer service in the industry. Visit: AdSmart

Advantage Research Services

Advantage Research Services, Inc. conducts marketing research projects on a variety of different subject’s. We will be inviting you to participate in future projects, and if you qualify and participate, you will be paid for your time. The paid incentive amounts range anywhere from $25.00 – $100.00, depending on the type of project. Advantage Research Services

AdWraps (U.S.)

Once you have been selected you will then be told who the advertiser is, the product or service and compensation (for an ad placed on your vehicle), the type of wrap, and duration of the campaign. At that point you have the full right of refusal. If you elect to decline the offer the next selected applicant will be notified. Please note that most car wrapping campaigns take several months just to be organized. This is due to the time the advertisers take to select applicants from the database and design requirements for your specific vehicle…Simple! Visit: AdWraps

Alan Newman Research (U.S.)

Alan Newman Research and Richmond Focus Group Center conduct hundreds of focus groups per year. A focus group is an informal, round-table discussion lead by a professional moderator. Most often, the discussion is in regard to a service, a particular product, or advertising. Focus groups generally last about 2 hours and are a lot of fun. We have a database of about 10,000 people from which we select participants for our groups. Participants usually receive a cash payment as a token of our appreciation for helping with our research effort. Visit: Alan Newman Research

AlphaBuzz, Inc. (U.S.)

AlphaBuzz, Inc. is a highly responsive team of project directors and recruitment staff that have been managing and recruiting nationwide studies since 1993. We focus on anticipating our clients’ needs and understanding exactly what they require for their projects to be considered a success. Visit: Alpha Buzz Group

Alta Research (Queensland, NSW)

If you would like to be added to their database, as available to attend Group Discussions/Product Testing, please fill out the questionnaire found on their website. They will periodically email or phone you to see if you are suitable for current projects. Visit: Alta Research

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You are paid when your answer is approved by the person that listed the HIT. The money you earn is deposited into your Amazon.com account, where you can turn it into cash at any time by transferring it to your personal checking account. Visit: Amazon Mechanical Turk


Aria’s Handwritten Direct Mail Service team is looking for dependable individuals. Their writers have legible cursive handwriting and an eye for detail. It is as simple as writing a short note inside a note card. By joining their team, you too can help support worthy non-profit organizations. After completing 20 hours of training on-site and meeting standards you will move to work at home. Training hours are Mon-Fri from 8:30am-2:30pm. They ask Associates to be available to work 16-20 hours from their homes. Pick up and drop off of work occurs daily. Visit: Aria

Ask Miami Research (U.S. – Florida)

Only residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties, Florida are eligible to participate in AskMiami focus groups. At Ask Miami, our main job is to help companies find out what people think about their products, services, and ideas. Here is your opportunity to help. We’d like to invite you to become a participant in our consumer research projects. By adding your name and some basic demographic data to our database, you and your family members may be asked to participate in focus groups, previews, panels, and interviews. Visit: Ask Miami Research

Ask Southern California Data Collection Center (U.S.)

ASK SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC. is a Southern California marketing research firm that collects consumer opinions. We depend on Southern California residents to provide feedback and information to help our clients make important decisions about the products they make and the services they offer. As part of our consumer database, Southern California households may be contacted several times a year to participate in a survey, focus group or personal interview on a particular subject or to test a new product. In most instances, we pay study participants from $20 to $200 for their time and opinions. Ask Southern California Data Collection Center

Athena Research Group – ARG (U.S., California)

If you feel like making some extra cash and telling us what you think about new products and services, we will happily add you to our database of qualified respondents. Visit: ARG-Riverside

Atkins Research Inc. (Southern California Area)

Atkins Research Group Inc. is a top-rated qualitative research organization combining first-rate facilities with an exceptional finished product at an affordable price. We are a family-owned and family-operated business founded upon decades of experience and service in the marketing research industry in the . Your name will not be sold to any mailing lists. We will use this information as a guide to call you for paid focus groups and interviews ONLY. Visit: Atkins Research Inc.


Autoboards vehicle sponsorship scheme is designed to use advertising money for a positive end and ensure that some of the big advertising budgets manage to filter down into the pockets of the common person. Autoboards Media is revolutionising how consumers and advertisers interact by providing a fresh and exciting peer to peer advertising experience. Visit: Autoboards

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