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Focus On Boston (U.S. – Boston, MA)

If you are interested in participating in any of our focus groups, you must answer a brief set of questions by either calling our recruiting center or by visiting our new website at www.focusonboston.com. Once you have been entered into our database of potential respondents, we will notify you from time to time when we have a specific study that you might qualify for. If you fit the qualifications for that study, we will schedule you to meet with us at either our Boston or Braintree location. Visit: Focus On Boston

Focus On Food (U.S., Georgia)

Focus On Food is a Test Kitchen and consumer food research facility with focus group rooms to conduct qualitative focus groups or quantitative product tastings for any mix of products and cooking applications. Focus On Food also designs and coordinates on line consumer surveys and on location intercept surveys. By submitting your information on their website, you may be called to participate in consumer studies. Participants are typically paid for their time. The amount varies depending on the nature of the study and the time investment. Visit: Focus On Food

Focus On Miami (U.S. – Miami, FL)

Our state of the art Internet ready facility is located in an upscale office building and there are unlimited parking spaces. The metro rail, Miami’s public train system, has a station stop directly across from our building. Focus on Miami specializes in ethnic recruiting (consumer, legal, medical, and professional) with high standards of quality control. Visit: Focus On Miami

Focus Pointe (U.S.)

All of your information will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone. There are ABSOLUTELY NO SALES—we just want to hear your opinions! Your information will be added to our database, and once we have a study that fits your criteria, we will give you a call to see if you qualify. Visit: Focus Pointe

Focus World International

Do you have an opinion? Wouldn’t you like to get paid for it? Focus World is always looking for qualified respondents for our market surveys and questionnaires. Visit: Focus World Market Research

Focus4People (U.K.)

There are many reasons for taking part, it’s great fun, meet new people, have your say about new products, get paid for your time. Visit: Focus4People

Focuscope (Oak Park And Chicago, IL)

Founded in 1980, Focuscope, Inc. is one of Chicagoland’s most respected market research service companies. We offer two state-of-the-art facilities in Oak Park, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois to serve all your research needs. Visit: Focuscope

Focusline (International)

As a member, you’ll be eligible to participate in web based surveys, one-on-one interviews and group sessions. You may be required to fill out some pre-qualifying questions to help us determine your suitability for a paid study. Pre-qualifying questions only take a short time to complete and full surveys can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Group sessions and one-on-one interviews are conducted in a chat based environment and generally last for 30 minutes to an hour. We typically pay between $25 to $45 for your participation in our studies. Visit: Focusline

Galloway Research (San Antonio, Texas Area)

Galloway Research Service conducts many marketing and opinion research projects among a select panel of San Antonio consumers and businesses. Based on previously provided information, appropriate Panel members are contacted by telephone or email to ascertain their eligibility for participation in a particular project, and if eligible, are invited to participate in a group discussion. Participants are offered a monetary incentive for each study they participate in. Fees vary depending upon the project type and length of time a panel member must spend. Normal length of time is 1 to 2 hours. Visit: Galloway Research

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Global Strategy Group GSG

An independent market research firm that conducts various types of qualitative panels. Looking for people from all walks of life who enjoy sharing their opinions. Offers cash incentives to research group participants for their time. By filling out the survey you will automatically become registered in the database and eligible for consideration in future projects. Interested in learning the opinions of people in the New York area. Visit: Global Strategy Group

Gongos Online (U.S.)

They investigate products and services in nearly every category – from automotive to electronics and technology, to consumer and household goods, to recreational vehicles, to office supplies and more. We use Mail surveys, Phone interviews, Internet surveys, Clinics/Drive studies or Central Location research, Focus Groups/One-on-One in-depth interviews, and other research techniques. Some surveys offer payment; sometimes a sweepstakes or other prize is offered. Check your e-mail survey invitation for reward details. Visit: Gongos & Associates

Graham & Associates (U.S.)

Focus groups, test kitchens, telephone interviews are a few of the marketing studies they provide. Studies generally compensate you with $50-$100 for your time. Visit: Graham & Associates

Granite State Marketing Research, Inc. (U.S.)

Granite State Marketing Research, Inc. Is the fastest growing data collection company in NH. Established in 1976, GSMR services all of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Northern New York. GSMR is a member of both the American Marketing Association and the Marketing Research Association. Visit: Granite State Marketing Research, Inc.

Great Lakes Marketing Opinion Panel (Toledo, U.S.)

Opinion Panel is a group of consumers in the greater Toledo area who are interested in participating in market research studies from time to time. These research studies involve focus groups, product testing at home or at their office, telephone, mail or Internet surveys, and many other types of marketing research studies involving consumers. All information about study respondents remains confidential. Those on the Opinion Panel are NEVER asked to buy anything and they receive cash or products for their time and help. Payment varies with each study. Visit: Great Lakes Marketing Opinion Panel

Hagen Sinclair (U.S.)

Are you interested in participating in a paid focus group or interview? We are always looking for qualified individuals to take part in paid research studies. Studies cover a diversity of topics and include professional, political and consumer opportunities. Study formats include face-to-face groups, one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews and online groups and surveys. Incentives depend on the format and level of expertise required. Visit: Hagen Sinclair

HBS Experimental Research (U.S. Only)

Most of our studies take place on the Harvard Business School Campus, but we also conduct a few on-line studies that can be taken from any computer with an internet connection. We welcome new, current and former study participants–and your friends! Visit: HBS Experimental Research

Herron Associates, Inc. (U.S.)

Herron Associates, Inc. has been gathering opinions of Indiana residents for more nearly 50 years over the phone, in the mall, and at their facilities. Studies are conducted on various topics and may include consumer products, lifestyle and activities, personal viewpoints on politics, or business products and services. Members of their database are periodically contacted to determine if they meet the criteria set for participation in a specific research study. Those meeting the criteria are invited to participate in a study held at one of their facilities or a designated location. Participants receive money when they fulfill their participation requirements, typically before they leave the facility. Visit: Herron Associates, Inc.

Human Interfaces (U.S. – Austin, TX)

Human Interfaces is always looking for people of all ages and abilities to help us evaluate the products and technologies that our clients are developing. You can participate in product evaluations by completing their on-line registration and joining their participant database. They will contact you as soon as they have a product evaluation or usability study that matches your profile. Sessions typically last up to two hours and to show their appreciation for your time, participants are paid from $75 to $150 per session. Visit: Human Interfaces


Market research is a way for manufacturers and corporations to find out about consumers’ attitudes and reactions to their products and services. It also gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to voice your opinion, and get paid for doing so. Images USA thinks you’ll find participating fun and interesting, and it’s an easy way to earn extra money for yourself or your organization. If you live in metropolitan Atlanta complete the following information on their website and click to submit, or send via US mail to the address given or print and fax form to the number given. They will add your name to their database and phone you when they have different projects for which you may qualify. Visit: IMAGES USA

In Focus, Inc. (Arkansas, U.S.)

In Focus, Inc. is a focus group facility that is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and has been in business since 1995. visit their website to join their database. Visit: In Focus, Inc.

Infoco (U.S.)

Infoco is a nationwide independent market research company. We invite people to participate in paid research projects. We don’t ever sell or market anything. Sign up to participate in a project in your area. Visit: Infoco

iOpinion (U.S.)

A service by Plaza Research. If you like to be heard, you should sign up with us! If you want companies and manufacturers to listen to their target audience, you should sign up with us. Best of all, if you like to GET PAID for your opinions, you should sign up with us! Visit: iOpinion

Jury Talk (U.S.)

If you want to earn additional money and have an enjoyable, stimulating time doing so, you may be interested in signing up as a “Research Juror” for our one day legal focus groups and mock trials. They are conducted by the Wilmington Institute Network , a nationally recognized trial and settlement psychology firm that has been conducting focus groups and mock trials in important legal cases for 25 years. Research jurors listen to a case at law presented in a brief format by skilled attorneys and then give their opinions about the case. Visit: Jury Talk

Jury Test (U.S.)

JuryTest Networks helps lawyers and litigation managers make better decisions in trying, mediating and settling legal disputes. Get Paid Money! Promote efficiency in the court system. Decide interesting cases. Visit: Jury Test

L&E Research (U.S. – NC only)

Our participants come from a large database of people in eastern North Carolina who have expressed interest in focus groups at L&E Research. Visit: L&E Research

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