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Leede Research Group (MN, U.S.)

They are collecting information from people in the Metro area and asking them to become part of their database. Members of this database are contacted from time to time, asked a series of questions, and if they qualify are invited to participate in discussion groups or usability testing at their facility in Plymouth. There are absolutely no sales involved in these research studies and participants are paid for their time. Visit: Leede Research Group

Leibowitz Market Research (U.S.)

Facility is in Charlotte, NC. Visit: Leibowitz Market Research

ListenerPower.com (U.S.)

You can help radio stations play better music! Participate in a music study in your area. Get paid to tell your local radio stations what songs you like, and what songs you don’t. Visit: ListenerPower.com

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Livewire Research

LiveWire is an independent research firm with a panel of individuals and families of all ages, shapes, sizes and beliefs, from across America and the world. We are pioneers in online marketing communications having been established since the early 90’s with an impeccable reputation and vast experience in online research. We invite you to become part of our panel, and participate in various projects. It’s your choice as to how many projects you do. These projects usually consist of asking panel members to give us their opinions by filling out questionnaires or participating in online discussion groups for which you will be paid. Visit: LiveWire

Market Research Dallas (U.S.)

Market research is gathering opinions from people to aid leaders of industry in making qualified decisions regarding future changes or developments in their products or services. There are many ways of gathering opinions, and we at Market Research Dallas offer you three ways to make your voice heard: Focus Group, Online Panel Group and Mystery Shopper. Join one — or join all three! Visit: Market Research Dallas

Marketing Analytics

Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in one of Marketing Analytics’ online focus groups by joining our web panel. Anyone can register for the panel, the only requirement is that you have Internet access and an email address where we can contact you. When we have an on-line project you will be contacted with details and times etc. Most groups last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and as a thank you for your time you will receive up to £20 (US$35). Payment may be made in cash or in vouchers, depending on specific projects. Details of the type of payment or voucher would be given before starting any on-line group. Visit: Marketing Analytics

Mars Research

From time to time, Mars Research, a national market research company, conducts consumer research projects such as: focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, public opinion studies, mock juries, music tests, exit polls, taste tests, mall interviewing, etc…The purpose of these research studies is to obtain attitudes and opinions about different topics and issues. You will never be asked to purchase anything. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE COMPENSATED FOR YOUR TIME, OPINIONS AND INPUT. To be eligible to participate in these interesting projects, please complete the following information. Visit: Mars Research

Matrix Group Consumer Panel (U.S.)

The Matrix Group is asked by all types of businesses and organizations to conduct opinion research on a wide variety of topics. As a member of their consumer panel, you may be called a few times a year or perhaps more often. You may be asked to participate in a paid discussion group or other type of research in which you will be asked to give your opinions or test a new product. Visit: Matrix Group Consumer Panel

McMillion Research (U.S. – West Virginia)

Sign up today and begin receiving opportunities to complete online surveys. You will be paid for your time and have opportunities to be entered into drawings for cash prizes. The purpose of this research will cover many areas. From testing new food products in the comfort of your own home, surveys about world events and other hot topics, children’s toys and games, automobiles, and just about any other topic you can think of. We will continue to recruit for specific area related focus groups and in-person surveys as we have done for years. Visit: McMillion Research

Meczka Marketing/Research/Consulting, Inc. (U.S.)

We Do Not sell anything—we only want your opinions! MM/R/C, Inc. is a community-based, marketing research company. We do market research projects to obtain ideas, views, and feelings about different subjects and topics that are very important to you. Adults, teens, and children may participate, and everyone who participates is compensated for their opinions. Visit: Meczka Marketing/Research/Consulting, Inc.


Are you a medical professional? Interested in learning about new products while you earn money? If so, fill out the form to join this medical market research panel with no commitment for you. As appropriate market research projects occur, you will be contacted to see if you are interested. You will have a chance to learn about new products and treatments and will receive an honorarium for your time. Visit: MedQuest

Metro Research Services, Inc. (U.S. – Washington, DC)

Market research is an enjoyable way for you as a consumer to express your opinions. If you live in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, this is your chance to express your likes and dislikes so companies can change their product or service to better meet your needs. Visit: Metro Research Services, Inc.

Metroline Research Group Inc. (Canada)

If you would like to be added to our database of respondents interested in attending focus groups, please complete and submit the form. We will be in touch the next time we have something that you might qualify for. It is your choice to provide information in the optional fields. However, this tells us which groups you would not qualify for based on basic information, and we won’t need to call you for those. Please note that the majority of our groups take place in Canada. Visit: Metroline Research Group Inc.

Mitchell Research (U.S.)

If your information matches our needs, we’ll contact you to schedule you for an upcoming study. Focus group and usability studies generally pay between $50 an $75 per hour. Visit: Mitchell Research

Mock Juror

For over ten years Dr. Alan Cohen, Ph.D. and Jury Insights have been assisting top attorneys with their cases through mock jury research. If you are chosen to participate in a mock jury project, you will be presented with information regarding the facts and issues of actual legal cases. These cases are pending cases, and your input is invaluable to the attorneys. They have found that about 90% of the cases that receive mock juror input settle before trial, and the other 10% tend to produce outcomes consistent with the outcomes of the mock juries. Visit: Mock Juror – Jury Insights

MORPACE International

MORPACE International is a full-service market research and consulting company which provides consumers the opportunity to give product feedback directly to leading corporations; your opinions will impact decisions made by business leaders around the world. Visit: MORPACE International

New England Interviewing (U.S.)

Respondents from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont only please. A New England research company that pays people to do surveys in the future. For example, they do clothing and toy studies, food tasting, and political groups. Again, you will be paid for your time and opinions in these studies. To best fit you into future studies, answer the questions on their website. Visit: New England Interviewing

New England Marketing Research, Inc. (U.S.)

Once registered, they may contact you from time to time, via email, to participate in their focus groups or “Online Survey”. It’s a great way to get your opinions and thoughts heard. Group discussions often last 90 minutes to two hours. Individual interviews vary. Some projects involve more time or preparation. If you agree to participate, be sure you understand exactly when you will need to be available. Visit: New England Marketing Research, Inc.

New South Research (U.S.)

Fill out the information on their website to be added to their database. They will contact you when they have appropriate research studies available for your interests and background. These studies generally compensate you with $50-$100 for your time. Visit: New South Research

Nexus Research (Australia, NZ)

Group Discussions or Product Tests in Melbourne. Internet Surveys across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Visit: Nexus Research

Nichols Research (U.S.)

We are an independent marketing research company. We conduct focus groups and market research studies to collect public opinions. Our clients, from major corporations to advertising agencies, request us to assemble groups and individuals to participate in a wide variety of research projects. The information gathered from these projects impacts future decisions and product introductions, as well as influencing policies and social issues. No proprietary information will be asked. Visit: Nichols Research


Earn extra money by becoming an OnlineVerdict.com juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time. OnlineVerdict.com provides online case review and juror feedback services to attorneys. Case information is summarized and presented to qualified jurors in the venue where the case was filed. Visit: OnlineVerdict

OpenMinds Recruiting

The people included in our database have agreed to let us call them from time to time to gather their opinions about various products and services. Respondents that qualify for a particular research study are then invited to a central location to offer their feedback. You may be offered the chance to participate in a taste test, group discussion, or interview and offer your opinion on such things as advertising, packaging, and new product ideas. Visit: OpenMinds Recruiting

Opinions of Sacramento (U.S. – Sacramento)

You can participate in interviews and focus groups over the telephone or at their research facility in a relaxed, informal setting. You are never solicited for sales at any time during or after your participation in a focus group. All your information is kept strictly confidential. You are paid a stipend for participating. Frequently, this is $50 to $60 cash. Occasionally, vouchers for products and services are available. Visit: Opinions of Sacramento

Opinions, Ltd. (U.S.)

Participate in cool market research studies and get paid for it! Opions, Ltd. gets real opinions from real people. Offers services such as taste tests, home use tests, sensory tests, interviews, polls, and more. Visit: Opinions, Ltd.

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