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Virtual Jury (U.S.)

Your participation as a juror is very important. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and decisions about this case and the issues presented will help determine whether the case can be settled or whether it will go to trial. This research will also help indicate who is likely to win the trial. Visit: Virtual Jury

Wyoming Call Center (U.S.)

Visit their website to fill out their form to be considered for future studies. They state that all information is used confidentially by the Wyoming Call Center to facilitate recruiting for research studies and that no sales are involved. Visit: Wyoming Call Center

ZapJury (U.S.)

The ZapJury concept was designed to create a large pool of people who are willing to serve on “mock” juries on the Internet to give feedback on actual cases pending in the courts. Lawyers post their cases with whatever offer of payment they want to make. Visit: ZapJury

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