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Free Listings: Get Paid To Drive

Ad-Wraps (U.K.)

Payments range between £66 & £200 per month depending on the size of your vehicle. The materials used are fully removable & actually prevent much of the everyday damage inflicted on the car’s paintwork. Visit: Ad-Wraps.co.uk

Ads Gone Mobile (U.S.)

Ads Gone Mobile car wraps are colorful temporary, self-adhesive, color printed film applied to vehicles of all kinds. It’s carwash and sunlight proof, does no harm to bodywork and can be removed at any time without damage. You must be over 18, have no serious traffic violations or criminal record, submit to a background check, and agree to their terms (visit website). Your vehicle must be free of body damage, kept clean inside and out, be in good running condition and maintained in accordance to the program terms and conditions. Visit: Ads Gone Mobile (U.S.)


So, you want to make bucks every month, huh? If you’re a good driver, have insurance, and your car is NOT a Corvette (magnets don’t stick to fiberglass), you’re probably eligible. Visit: Ads2go


AdSmart Outdoor is one of the most innovative out-of-home media companies. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, AdSmart Outdoor is a socially conscious corporation that prides itself on providing the finest stationary and mobile outdoor displays and customer service in the industry. Visit: AdSmart

AdWraps (U.S.)

Once you have been selected you will then be told who the advertiser is, the product or service and compensation (for an ad placed on your vehicle), the type of wrap, and duration of the campaign. At that point you have the full right of refusal. If you elect to decline the offer the next selected applicant will be notified. Please note that most car wrapping campaigns take several months just to be organized. This is due to the time the advertisers take to select applicants from the database and design requirements for your specific vehicle…Simple! Visit: AdWraps


Autoboards vehicle sponsorship scheme is designed to use advertising money for a positive end and ensure that some of the big advertising budgets manage to filter down into the pockets of the common person. Autoboards Media is revolutionising how consumers and advertisers interact by providing a fresh and exciting peer to peer advertising experience. Visit: Autoboards

AutoCarWraps (U.K.)

Car wrapping is a brand new concept in the UK. It is the most innovative form of outdoor advertising. We have a huge number of national and international companies who want to get their name onto the streets. What better way to do this than to ‘wrap’ cars with their message. All you have to do is drive as you do normally. No change in mileage no additional driving – just do what you do each day of the week. What’s more we’ll pay you up to £200 per month for having your car wrapped. Visit: AutoCarWraps


Autowrapped is currently accepting applications for drivers nation wide. They are currently paying up to $400 for full wrapped auto’s of any kind. Visit: Autowrapped

Carwraps, Inc. (U.S.)

You have the potential to drive one of their sponsored, wrapped vehicles. To help them match you with the needs of their clients, they’ll ask you to provide some information about yourself and your driving habits. Visit: Carwraps, Inc. (U.S.)

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Driving Promotions

Earn extra money each month by driving your vehicle with an auto wrap. They pay you up to $300 per month for a full wrap. At the end of the month, you will meet with a Driving Promotions representative to inspect your vehicle. Your earnings will be reported on a 1099 report at the end of the year. Visit: Driving Promotions

FreeCar Media (U.S.)

If you are chosen, you will receive a new car, wrapped in an attractive advertisement, to use for two years or you will be given the option to wrap the vehicle that you currently own and get paid up to $400 a month. Visit: FreeCar Media


What could be simpler? Are you driving over 1,000 miles a month? If so, you might qualify for membership in the FreeGasHelp.com advertising program. The concept is simple. You already drive. By allowing their advertisers to use your vehicle to promote their products and services, you get paid! Visit: FreeGasHelp.com


JUVAA is about making money for doing nothing … at least nothing more than you would normally do during the course of your day. Rolling billboards may consist of as little as a web address placed across the front and back windows of a car to as much as a Nascar-style, full-car ad. Of course, the larger the ad, the higher the payment would be. JUVAA is building a group of people who are willing to loan out their vehicles and/or shirts to companies seeking ad space. If you are interested in becoming part of JUVAA—a team that will shake the foundations of marketing as usual—and in getting paid for doing nothing more than you’re already doing, click around their website and find out more. Visit: Juvaa.com

Money While You Drive

Are you tired of paying your car payment every month? Turn your vehicle into a money making machine. People all over the world are getting paid $300 per month ($3,600 per year) to drive their own car. Now you can too! All you have to do is fill out the driver application below, it’s that easy! Visit: Money While You Drive.

VistaMotion (U.K.)

Welcome to VistaMotion the urban communication agency that let’s you dress your car with an attractive advert in exchange of a remuneration. You can earn up to £220 per month to use your wrapped vehicle troughout your daily routine. Also, if you need a vehicle, you may have the opportunity to drive a new smart car at outstanding conditions. Visit: VistaMotion

Windshield Ads Agency

When you register with WAA, you are entering into a 2 year agreement with Windshield Ads Agency, and your details will be recorded on their database for selection by their advertisers. If you are a private car owner, register today. Terms and conditions outlined in the driver’s agreement will be sent to you. Visit: Windshield Ads Agency

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