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AutoCarWraps (U.K.)

Car wrapping is a brand new concept in the UK. It is the most innovative form of outdoor advertising. We have a huge number of national and international companies who want to get their name onto the streets. What better way to do this than to ‘wrap’ cars with their message. All you have to do is drive as you do normally. No change in mileage no additional driving – just do what you do each day of the week. What’s more we’ll pay you up to £200 per month for having your car wrapped. Visit: AutoCarWraps


Autowrapped is currently accepting applications for drivers nation wide. They are currently paying up to $400 for full wrapped auto’s of any kind. Visit: Autowrapped

Bay Area Research (U.S.)

In today’s global market, consumers are able to access products and information without limitations. To keep up, it is essential that businesses do the same. Your opinions are very important in determining new products and services. Also named Maryland Marketing Source, Inc. Visit: Bay Area Research

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Bay Area Research Group (U.S.)

Bay Area Research is a market research firm located in San Jose (about 40 miles south of San Francisco). They facilitate focus groups and other types of studies for research purposes only. You can earn extra cash by participating in their studies which include: focus groups, taste tests, auto drive tests and clinics, product dev., ad testing, music listening, mock trials and more. Your Opinion Counts! Visit: Bay Area Research Group


BitWine is a privately-held company operated by a team of professionals who believe deeply that each one of us possesses talents that can be shared beyond our own immediate boundaries. They also believe it is possible that by sharing these skills we can profit from those hard-won talents. Connecting skilled individuals with the people seeking to learn from those skills is what BitWine is all about. By offering our knowledge, experience, and guidance, each of us can play a valued role in a community of like-minded people, sharing our gifts and enriching one another in the process. Visit: Bitwine

Blarry House Research (U.S.)

Focus groups are informal discussions consisting of about ten people brought together to test a new product, evaluate an existing concept, or to share opinions on a variety of issues. Topics include views on computer software and hardware, ideas for new video games, taste testing and naming food products, travel, health care, and telecommunications. The discussions are fun, usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, require no preparation, and you are paid $40 to $150 for your time, depending on the topic. Visit: Blarry House Research

Boulder Focus Center (U.S. – Colorado)

The Boulder Focus Center is a comprehensive qualitative market research facility, located in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The Boulder Focus Center offers researchers services of exceptional quality in an area with desirable demographics, nestled against the beauty of the mountains. We are a close-knit group of professionals offering quality, personalized service. Visit: Boulder Focus Center

Bowen Research (U.S.)

If you’d like to participate in research that helps develop new and exciting products for teens and young adults, visit their sign-up page. Once you submit your email address, you’ll be on their “automatic email alert” to hear first about focus groups in your area. They have projects for kids 5 – 12, boys and girls. These are small discussion groups that get together in person, and usually pay $50 (should generally be San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Dallas,New York, Boston or Seattle). Visit: Bowen Research

Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel

Register here to join Brillo’s Consumer Advisory Panel. Be the first to know about new products and special offers like coupons, sweepstakes and free samples. And, help create new and improved Brillo® products. This is the place to share your thoughts with one of the most respected brands in the world! Visit: Brillo.com

Brring.com (U.S.)

Brring! is a new service that lets you earn money every time someone calls you. First, they hook you up with a free phone number that rings through to your normal phone. When your friends call your new Brring! number they’ll hear a short, 10 second ad. For each ad played, you earn up to $1! They give you a new number that you can keep for life, so your friends will always know where to find you. If there is someone who you don’t want to hear an ad (like grandma or your boss), have them call you on your regular phone number. Visit: Brring.com


BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching video advertising. Some sponsored videos might be about sales or special deals for BuzzShed members, or funny videos that the advertiser hopes you’ll share with your friends. Each video will be matched to your profile, so they’re pretty sure you’ll find each one relevant and interesting. Visit: BuzzShed

BzzAgent (U.S. and Canada)

BzzAgent is a network of volunteer brand evangelists who participate in Word-of-Mouth (WOM) campaigns. It is a community of communicators. It is a no-obligation, no-nonsense, and no-pressure type of situation. And most importantly … it’s a fun gig. BzzAgent is the coolest reality marketing experience you’ll ever take part in. Visit: BzzAgent

C&C Market Research (U.S.)

They conduct surveys and focus groups on a host of goods and services. If you would like to be added to their database for consideration in future marketing studies, please fill out and submit the form found on their website. Visit: C&C Market Research

C2 Consumer Research

C2 Consumer Research conducts research for both work-related and consumer subjects on such topics as technology purchases, travel & tourism, financial services, beverages, employment, consumer packaged good, and home electronics to name a few. Visit: C2 Consumer Research

Capitol Research Services

They are always looking for new people to participate in research projects. Visit their website to apply to join their database. Visit: Capitol Research Services

Carwraps, Inc. (U.S.)

You have the potential to drive one of their sponsored, wrapped vehicles. To help them match you with the needs of their clients, they’ll ask you to provide some information about yourself and your driving habits. Visit: Carwraps, Inc. (U.S.)

CenterCode Beta Test Community (OnlineBeta.com)

Once you have registered for the community, you will receive periodic notifications about test opportunities. These opportunities have limited space and test participant selection is based upon the needs of the test. If you are selected for a particular project, you will be notified. Visit: CenterCode

ChaCha Search

Thousands have already joined the ChaCha Underground to become part of the only search community that rewards people for sharing their knowledge with others. ChaCha Guides are changing the way people find information on the Internet. Guides earn between $5-10 per search hour based on performance. With a computer and a broadband Internet connection, Guides can work whenever and wherever they choose. Visit: ChaCha

Chasen Research (U.S.)

The amount that you will be paid will vary from project to project. Participants are generally paid between $40 and $150 for their time. We call this the “honorarium.” A typical focus group lasts no longer than two hours, and some may be shorter depending on the project and the number of people participating. You will be told in advance what to expect in terms of time, commitment and compensation when you are invited to join the session. Visit: Chasen Research

CK Surveys – Atlanta (U.S.)

Participants give their opinions in focus groups, product evaluations and taste tests and get paid for it. I will constantly update this site and list the current job surveys available. Check back often because this site gets updated almost everyday. Visit: CK Surveys


Are you going to school for advertising or marketing? Are you just naturally good at naming products and services? We will pay you $25 to come up with available domain names! Best of all, it’s free and anyone can join. Visit: CleverSiteNames.com

Cobbey & Associates

Cobbey & Associates is a full service marketing research firm providing services nationwide for product development and marketing. We design and implement integrated research programs, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We are well versed in both consumer and business to business markets. If selected, you will be contacted by email or phone to participate in a personal interview or a focus group in your area. Visit: Cobbey & Associates

Columbus Research Connection (U.S.)

Visit their website to join their database. Located in Columbus, Ohio. Visit: Columbus Research Connection

Concepts In Focus

Interested in participating in focus groups, mock juries and other forms of market research? It’s a great way to get your opinions and thoughts heard! Simply fill out form and you’ll be in our database. The next time we have a project that you may qualify for, we will call you and invite you to participate. Visit: Concepts In Focus

Consumer Logic Market Research (U.S.)

For Consumers, we offer the opportunity to share your opinions with America’s providers of consumer goods and services. If you are selected for a Study, we will pay you for your time and opinions. Take a moment to Sign-up for a Study and we will match your preferences to one of our nationally known clients. If you qualify to participate, we will pay you cash for your opinions. Visit: Consumer Logic Market Research

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