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MORPACE International

MORPACE International is a full-service market research and consulting company which provides consumers the opportunity to give product feedback directly to leading corporations; your opinions will impact decisions made by business leaders around the world. Visit: MORPACE International


Make a list of products and services that you’d recommend to family and friends, then broadcast the list by adding a widget to your blog, website and to social networks. Get paid a commission when someone buys an item from your list. Visit: MyPickList.


Be a product tester for Nailene products! Visit: Nailene

NetWinner (U.S. and Canada)

Free online games to win cash and points. You can accumulate points by playing the game and through a variety of other ways such as referring signups, engaging in sponsor offers, participating in surveys, answering trivia questions, and many other ways. You get 1,000 points for just signing up and receive 100 points for every friend you refer. Visit: NetWinner

New England Interviewing (U.S.)

Respondents from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont only please. A New England research company that pays people to do surveys in the future. For example, they do clothing and toy studies, food tasting, and political groups. Again, you will be paid for your time and opinions in these studies. To best fit you into future studies, answer the questions on their website. Visit: New England Interviewing

New England Marketing Research, Inc. (U.S.)

Once registered, they may contact you from time to time, via email, to participate in their focus groups or “Online Survey”. It’s a great way to get your opinions and thoughts heard. Group discussions often last 90 minutes to two hours. Individual interviews vary. Some projects involve more time or preparation. If you agree to participate, be sure you understand exactly when you will need to be available. Visit: New England Marketing Research, Inc.

New South Research (U.S.)

Fill out the information on their website to be added to their database. They will contact you when they have appropriate research studies available for your interests and background. These studies generally compensate you with $50-$100 for your time. Visit: New South Research

Nexus Research (Australia, NZ)

Group Discussions or Product Tests in Melbourne. Internet Surveys across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Visit: Nexus Research

Nichols Research (U.S.)

We are an independent marketing research company. We conduct focus groups and market research studies to collect public opinions. Our clients, from major corporations to advertising agencies, request us to assemble groups and individuals to participate in a wide variety of research projects. The information gathered from these projects impacts future decisions and product introductions, as well as influencing policies and social issues. No proprietary information will be asked. Visit: Nichols Research

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!


Earn extra money by becoming an OnlineVerdict.com juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time. OnlineVerdict.com provides online case review and juror feedback services to attorneys. Case information is summarized and presented to qualified jurors in the venue where the case was filed. Visit: OnlineVerdict

OpenMinds Recruiting

The people included in our database have agreed to let us call them from time to time to gather their opinions about various products and services. Respondents that qualify for a particular research study are then invited to a central location to offer their feedback. You may be offered the chance to participate in a taste test, group discussion, or interview and offer your opinion on such things as advertising, packaging, and new product ideas. Visit: OpenMinds Recruiting

Opinions of Sacramento (U.S. – Sacramento)

You can participate in interviews and focus groups over the telephone or at their research facility in a relaxed, informal setting. You are never solicited for sales at any time during or after your participation in a focus group. All your information is kept strictly confidential. You are paid a stipend for participating. Frequently, this is $50 to $60 cash. Occasionally, vouchers for products and services are available. Visit: Opinions of Sacramento

Opinions, Ltd. (U.S.)

Participate in cool market research studies and get paid for it! Opions, Ltd. gets real opinions from real people. Offers services such as taste tests, home use tests, sensory tests, interviews, polls, and more. Visit: Opinions, Ltd.


Join the team and receive free oral care product samples to try in your home, and provide to your friends and family. By joining, you will be able to provide product feedback directly to the manufacturers of the samples that you receive. The more feedback you provide, the more samples you will receive. Visit: Oral Care

Orman Guidance (Minneapolis MN, U.S.)

Marketing research offers consumers like you the opportunity to influence changes in products and services, and be paid for your participation in focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and product testing. Visit: Orman Guidance

OsMoz Club

You may participate in the elaboration of new perfumes by giving your opinion on all the creative aspects. (Bottle, perfume, advertising). You will be informed of upcoming game contests with a chance to win gifts. You will have the opportunity to participate in perfume tests. You will have the opportunity to attend consumers’ meetings (held at a location near you). Visit: OsMoz Club

Peoples Views (U.K.)

Peoples Views was set up to provide respondents to help companies conduct market research on their products or services. These companies can be as diverse as a food cereal manufacturer to a car manufacturing company based in Europe. The research conducted one day may be on dishwashers and the next may be on business air travel. The clients want to know whether or not they are meeting the needs of their customers. Similarly lots of organisations, commercial and non-commercial, need to know the public’s opinion. Rather than ask their customers directly it is some times better and more effective to use a specialist market research agency to ask questions on their behalf. Visit their website to join (you must be at least 18 years old and living in the UK). Visit: Peoples Views

Performance Plus Boston Field and Focus (U.S.)

Join the thousands of others who have been paid for their opinions. Fill out the form on their website to the best of your knowledge to join the Performance Plus database today. Limited locations in the U.S., see form for states. Visit: Performance Plus/Boston Field and Focus

Personal Opinion, Inc. (U.S.)

By completing the form on their website, you’ll be included as a possible participant in their marketing research studies. If your demographic profile fits the criteria of the research study they’re conducting, you may receive a call from one of their interviewers. The interviewer will ask you questions to see if you qualify for that particular study. If you qualify, you’ll be invited to participate. Visit: Personal Opinion, Inc.

Peryam & Kroll Research Corporation (U.S. – Chicago, IL)

Peryam & Kroll Research Corporation is a national marketing research firm located in Chicago. When a company wants to test a new product, advertisement or service, they hire Peryam & Kroll to gather consumers to participate in taste tests or interviews on an as needed basis. You are asked to evaluate one or more products and give or express your opinions about them. Most of the tests take between 15 minutes to an hour and a half. You will be paid cash for your opinions and participation. Visit: Peryam & Kroll Research Corporation

Peters Marketing (U.S.)

While our database of doctors and other medical professionals is a national database, our database of consumers is local to the Parsippany, NJ and St. Louis, MO metropolitan areas. We will keep all information you submit confidential. We will not share any information you provide with any other organization. We will never use this information in an attempt to sell you something. Visit: Peters Marketing

Plaza Research Groups (U.S.)

Lots of locations around the U.S. Visit: Plaza Research Groups

Points And Prizes (U.S. and Canada)

Get free points by visiting web sites. It sounds easy because it is! You can earn points to win fabulous prizes — like movie and TV show DVDs, CDs, clothes, gift cards, books, calendars, planners, beauty products, magazine subscriptions and much more. Visit: Points And Prizes

Pragmatic-Research (U.S. and Canada)

Pragmatic Research, Inc. is a full-service custom research company that provides qualitative and quantitative research services since 1985. We have designed and conducted custom research for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries, from the largest Fortune 500 industries to regional banks, statewide government agencies, national organizations and international pharmaceuticals. Visit: Pragmatic Research

Prime Research (NZ)

Prime Research is a market research recruitment company that pays people money for sharing their time and opinions. Before introducing a new product to the market, companies want to speak with the people who will ultimately use that product. Prime Research provides a forum called a focus group for company representatives to speak to consumers – people like you. Qualified participants can receive anywhere from $40 to $70 simply for sharing their opinions! Visit: Prime Research

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