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Prince Market Research

Would you like to get paid to offer your feedback on the products and services you use every day. Consider being part of a focus group for Prince Market Research. Visit: Prince Market Research

Probe Market Research (U.S.)

How would you like to get paid for telling Probe Market Research what you think about a new TV commercial, beauty product, or soda bottle design? Probe Market Research constantly hosts focus groups to get feedback for clients’ new advertising campaigns, products or services. Focus groups pay between $50 and $400. In some cases, you may not even need to leave your home! Interviews are conducted in groups, by phone, or online—depending on the amount of time assigned to that particular study. Visit: Probe Market Research

Product Testing Services

It is free to join the Product Testing Services web panel. You will have opportunities to receive products, cash or other incentives in exchange for your participation in online surveys. It is free to join our panel. Plus, you will have your chance to help companies create better and more useful products for yourself and others. Visit: Product Testing Services

PVR Research (U.S.)

They invite you to join their database of potential focus group and taste test panelists. Participants are always paid for their time. There is no fee to join their database and there is never a charge to participate. Each study is unique. No one will qualify to participate in every study. Therefore it may be some time before they match your profile to a study being conducted. Note that they are only seeking participants in Georgia at time of being added to WalletBoosters. Visit: PVR Research

Q&A Research (U.S.)

Q&A Research is looking for friendly, articulate people who like to share their opinions in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews or product tests. Focus Groups are informal discussions consisting of up to 10 people to test new products and services, evaluate an existing product or service or to share opinions on a variety of issues. Topics may include: computer software, new video games and toys, food product naming and taste testing, travel, health care or telecommunications. Everything discussed in a focus group is kept strictly confidential, no sales are involved, and participants’ names will never appear on a mailing list. The discussions are fun, require no preparation, usually last up to two hours, and you can receive $30-$100 for your time, sometimes even more $$$. Visit: Q&A Research

Quality Eye (U.S.)

Quality Eye offers field based recruitment for focus groups, indepth interviews, hall tests and can tailor our services to work flexibly within your needs. Due to our expanding workload, we are always looking for new mystery shoppers. We are looking for shoppers who have the following skills and abilities: IT literate; Strong observation skills; Access to the Internet; Good written and verbal communication skills. If you feel you would like to work as an independent member of our field force, as an equal opportunities employer, we welcome applications from all communities. We also offer opportunities for shoppers to take participate in focus group research. Visit: Quality Eye

Questions and Marketing Research Services, Inc. (U.S.)

Market research is a tool used to continually improve products and services that are used by consumers. They do not sell anything, they collect opinions and compensate their participants. Most projects conducted in their Chicago or Dallas locations take two hours or less. When you are a match for the type of consumer their clients are looking for, you will be invited to attend a study such as a group discussion (Focus Group), Individual Depth Interview, or a Taste Test. Visit: Questions and Marketing Research Services, Inc.

Quiz Points

Get paid for responding to text messages. Visit: Quiz Points


The idea is pretty simple – if you contribute to the RateItAll community – whether it be by writing a review, creating Weblists, creating new listings for existing ratings lists, creating a user profile with a picture, or referring friends, they want you to share in the advertising revenue associated with those contributions. Visit: RateItAll

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Razor Focus (U.S.)

What is a focus group? A focus group is an informal round table discussion where individuals with similar interests get together to share their opinions about a specific product or service. There are no wrong or right answers, our clients value your opinions and want to know what you really think and feel about the topic being discussed. If you qualify and are invited to participate, upon completion of the focus group you will receive a cash gift. Visit: Razor Focus

RDTeam (U.S.)

Get paid for your opinions. At RDTeam they will never attempt to sell you anything. They are strictly in the “gathering of opinions” line of work. Visit their website for information on how to be included in their user database. Visit: RDTeam

RepNation (U.S.)

RepNation lets you earn cash and RepRewards incentives for participating in research surveys, executing marketing programs, or simply getting the word out to your friends and social networks about products you already love. Isn’t that convenient? RepNation looks for people who are passionate about brands and have a skill for introducing them to others. Always been persuasive? That’s a skill they can help you put to use. Earn a second income, redeem points for amazing prizes, and have a fun, rewarding experience while marketing some of the country’s top products and services. All without having to quit your day job or drop out of school. Visit: RepNation

Research House Inc. (Canada)

Research House is constantly inviting people to participate in focus groups and interviews for marketing research. We conduct focus group discussions and interviews on a variety of consumer and business topics. Respondents can participate in a focus group every 6 to 12 months. The average length of a focus group discussion is 2 hours and you generally will receive cash for your participation. Visit: Research House Inc.

Reward TV (U.S.)

Each evening, RewardTV Games will be posted on the site for most regularly-scheduled primetime broadcast network television shows and some regularly-scheduled primetime cable network television shows, including TV movies, sporting events, gameshows and other broadcast and cable programs available nationwide. Visit: Reward TV

Reyes Research

Provides quality data collection throughout Southern California. This company was originally founded in Ventura County, and in 1999 they expanded their facilities and opened a new location in Bakersfield. Visit: Reyes Research

RiverCity Research (Australia)

Market Research Companies would like to discuss different issues with people like yourself. What’s more, they are prepared to pay you for your opinions (minimum of $60 or more). You may taste test new products, view advertisements, or comment on a variety of topics including health and beauty, grocery products, beer, social issues, holidays and many more. These discussions are usually held in central city locations and are very casual with 8-10 people talking about a topic over light refreshments. Visit: RiverCity Research

Saros (U.K.)

Saros recruits members of the public to participate in interviews and discussion groups for which cash incentives are paid. We maintain a broad database of individuals who are willing to be asked to participate on an occasional basis, feeding back their opinions to the providers of the products and services they use. Join saros and you can earn taking part in a couple of hours market research. Household names want to know what you think – in discussion groups, interviews, online surveys etc. Visit: Saros

Satellite Research

Would you like to voice your opinion on such varied subjects as food products, websites, airlines, software and more and get paid for it? Puts together focus groups of 8 to 12 people or one and one interviews. Visit: Satellite Research

Savitz Research Solutions (U.S.)

Sign up to participate in focus groups and other types of research studies. We also conduct telephone surveys as well as surveys on the internet. Visit: Savitz Research Solutions

Schlesinger Associates (U.S.)

Focus groups. Offices in Atlanta • Boston • Chicago • Dallas • Los Angeles • New Jersey • New York • Orlando • Philadelphia • San Francisco Visit: Schlesinger Associates

Schwartz Research (U.S. – Tampa, FL)

If you’d like to be a paid participant in a focus group in our Tampa location, please complete the following questionnaire. This information is used to place participants in an appropriate focus group discussion. All answers will be held in the strictest of confidence. None of this information will be shared in any way with any other organization. Visit: Schwartz Research

Senior Survey

Seniorsurvey.com conducts senior focus group research in cities throughout the U.S. and the world, covering a wide variety of topics. We’re always looking for seniors interested in participating in our sessions—it’s a chance for you to meet new people, share your ideas and opinions, and help us and our clients better understand the changing roles and attitudes of today’s seniors. Participants are usually compensated for their time, and snacks and beverages are often provided as well. Visit: Senior Survey

Shifrin~Hayworth (U.S. and Canada)

In order to understand the needs of consumers like you, companies conduct market research studies. These studies take many forms, including one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews and focus groups. Studies typically last from 30 minutes to three hours and pay anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on the client, length and topic. Shifrin~Hayworth conducts all kinds of studies for our clients. One way in which we serve our clients is by recruiting people like you to give their opinions. Our clients need your opinions and they are willing to pay you for them. Visit: Shifrin~Hayworth

Shop And Scan (U.K.)

Shopandscan is a new market research survey measuring the purchasing of households around Great Britain. Members are invited to join this consumer panel and record their purchasing by means of an in-home barcode scanner. Visit: Shop And Scan


Earn money reviewing music. The better you are, the more you get paid, the greater your reputation and the more influence you have on who gets financed. Slicethepie turns every music fan into a record label. Earn money right now scouting for new talent, support your favourite artists by voting in Showcases and finance artists you think will be successful. Trade in and out of artists to build your own portfolio and make money in the process. Slicethepie is unique, it enables artists to work together with their fans to take control of their artistic and financial destiny. Like the sound of it? Join now, start scouting, earn money and help yourself to a piece of the music industry. Site is from the U.K. but is open to members from all over the world. Visit: Slicethepie

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