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Free Listings: Adsense & Alternatives


Helps you sell 100% of your impressions to a growing number of advertisers, they have hundreds of advertisers who are eager to buy ad space on your pages. Your site must be written in English and have 15,000 or more monthly impressions. Visit: AdAgency1.


AdBrite’s aim is to provide our publishers with the most control, best service, and highest payout possible. You can choose to review each ad before it appears on your site. You can set the price for ads bought directly on your site. You can even have AdBrite show another ad network (your Google AdSense ads, Burst, etc.) if they can’t meet your minimum revenue requirement. Visit: AdBrite


Publish your text ads for FREE and set your own rates; Approve the text ads that you want to display; Customize your text ad space to complement your website; Display text ads on your site and start making money! Visit: Adster

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Make money with affiliate program that pays you for every click. You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. Their goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. They pay monthly, either by check, or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10. Visit: Bidvertiser


Blogads.com is a network of influential bloggers who collaborate to promote and sell blog advertising. Advertisers order, manage and renew fixed-period ads or sponsorships on your blog. Only ads you approve run. Blogads.com focuses on marketing and advertiser hand-holding so you don’t need to. Blogads is now invitation only. To participate in Blogads, you need to be sponsored by a blogger in the network. If you don’t know a sponsor, see the instructions on this page to email and they’ll notify you when a sponsor appears in your niche. Visit: Blogads


They are seeking high-quality blogs with women-focused audiences as they add new premium networks and expand their existing topics: Parenting, Food, Health, Entertainment, Life…and more. You determine the size of the ads you want to run. Ads are based of number of impressions (or page views) not clicks. Visit: BlogHer.


Monetize the traffic to your website by placing relevant ads. More than 12000 bloggers and publishers are already using Chitika’s ads to earn revenue. Payments are sent around the start of every month. You will receive your payments approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which your account’s total generated revenue exceeds $10 (for Paypal) or $50 (for checks). Visit: Chitika

Claxon Media

Claxon Media works with publishers and helps them earn revenues on inventories which may never or seldom be utilized. Most of top publishers networks work with Claxon Media and they have far benefited with their interaction than what they had expected in returns. Visit: Claxon Media.


Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their Web sites or blogs. You are able to choose the type of advertisements to be shown on your Web site at a cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per visit (CPV) earnings metrics. You can earn up to 70% revenue share, depending on the performance the advertisers attain from your Web site placements. Payments are based on net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You may select to receive your payments by check or Paypal with a minimum payout of $50. Participating sites must have 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month. Visit: Clicksor

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

CPX Interactive

An ad network that serves more than 24 billion global impressions to over 195 million unique users across more than 5,000 publisher websites every month. Visit: CPX Interactive.


You target the ads, not their system because you know your content best. Name your price per month with direct sponsors and they’ll find advertisers for you and let them optimize the best format when not available. Smaller blogs can participate in larger sponsorship buys unlike other sites. Visit: CrispAds


Have a Website? Join Etology and start earning additional revenue! Simply paste their code on your website and they take care of the rest. Sit back – they’ll send you the check. Review and approve pending ads from buyers who have bought ads on your sites. Ads must be approved before going live. Visit: Etology


Discover how you can generate more revenue with your sites and domains. They will monetize all your ad spaces, on all countries and all categories. Get started instantly. Weekly payments through Paypal. Visit: Exoclick

Google Adsense

Earn money from relevant ads on your website. Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them. How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site — you’ll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages. Minimum Payment Threshold is $100. Visit: Google Adsense


If you have a blog, you can let them sell text links in your site and be paid monthly. You receive 60% of the sale price for each link ad sold off your blog through their system; You earn money just by blogging naturally; You can choose to approve/decline any link sold on your blog to ensure only relevant links appear on your site; Their links are not a pay per click or contextually served ad system. Visit: InBlogAds


Leverage your premium online content to generate additional revenue from contextually targeted ads that are consistent with your brand. Only relevant ads are displayed in targeted content areas and ultimately, publishers make the final decisions on what appears on their Web sites. Visit: IndustryBrains


Affiliate Webmasters… Join MaxBounty.com and earn the highest CPAs in the market. Our specialty is maximizing payouts to our affiliates. Click here for details


Money4Banners.com is a new approach to Web site advertising that uses a standard 468 x 60 pixel banner, which is much more visible and appealing to surfers. They’ll reward you with $5.00 every month, as long as you keep three of their 468×60 ads. Your site may be large or small, with a high or low traffic count, but you’ll continue to receive $5.00 for as long as you retain the ads. What could be simpler? Join now, and you’ll receive $10.00 after a successful signup! Visit: Money4Banners


Increase your website’s revenues by providing your users with relevant and revenue generative advertising. Nixxie’s technology automatically delivers the most appropriate sponsored links, price comparison and auctions listings which are matched to the content of each of your website pages. Visit: Nixxie.


Webmasters install PeakClick’s code into their pages. Every time your page visitors load your pages, PeakClick’s links appear. Your site visitors click on the PeakClick links. Your PeakClick account is credited and your accumulated balance is paid out to you every 15 days. PeakClick pays you for all valid clicks generated by your traffic. Visit: PeakClick.


Pheedo’s FeedPowered advertising platform converts your RSS feeds into rich, dynamically updating advertising that engages your audience. Leverage your existing RSS assets to extend your brand, drive traffic, and acquire new feed subscribers. Pheedo retrieves your RSS feed several times an hour and updates your FeedPowered advertisements with any newly published items. Great for time-sensitive content and frequently updated offers. Visit: Pheedo

Qumana Q-Ads

Q-Ads is a unique way for you to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture – in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed. Because you choose the keywords for your post, you are in control of the ad your website visitors see – it is no longer bound to the content, but to your knowledge of your readers and what you are writing. Visit: Q-Ads

Text Link Ads

Make more money by selling text based ads on your blog or website. Visit: Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads Feedvertising

Bloggers can use their free Feedvertising technology to run text link ads in your RSS feed. Whether the ads come from Text Link Ads, your own in-house efforts, or your affiliate links… the choice is totally up to you! Currently for WordPress 2.0+ users with more blogging platforms coming very shortly. Visit: Text Link Ads Feedvertising


Provides a mechanism for you to make money by serving unobtrusive textads on your site, they provide all the infrastructure necessary in order to collect payments and allow those people who have bought ads to view detailed campaign statistics. Your balance will be sent to you via PayPal during the first week of the month. Visit: textads.biz

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