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CraftGossip is an independent craft website and provides information about everything new and craft worthy. They are a network of blogs, each of which is managed independently by an editor. Each sub-blog concentrates on a particular craft topic or idea and they are always looking to start new sub-blogs and editors to manage them. Visit: CraftGossip.


They pay for each topic and post you make. Current rates are: $0.02 per new thread (topic); $0.015 per new post; $0.002 per referral post. Certain forums only pay half the regular rate. These include the support forum, the Get Paid to, Media and Game forum. Read the site and FAQ for details. Visit: Crazoo


You target the ads, not their system because you know your content best. Name your price per month with direct sponsors and they’ll find advertisers for you and let them optimize the best format when not available. Smaller blogs can participate in larger sponsorship buys unlike other sites. Visit: CrispAds

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Positions for Freelance Resume Writers and Freelance Admissions Essay Editors. Visit their website for more details and to apply. Visit: CyberEdit.com

Digital Journal

If you want a to get paid, submit a few samples of your writing through a quick application and you could earn cash to write articles as an official Digital Journal Citizen Journalist, plus you get all of the features of a regular Citizen. All bloggers (professional or amateur) and writers are welcome to apply! Visit: Digital Journal


They provide custom research, writing and editing services to students and professionals. Working from home, their freelance writers earn from $8 to $20 per page and receive a substantial income. Writers have the freedom to choose what and when they want to write, allowing writers to set their own schedule based on the deadlines they choose. Visit their website for more details and what the expectations are. Visit: EduWriters.com


As a member, you can share your own opinions about an unlimited amount of products and earn an Income Share for your reviews. Visit: Epinions.com

Essay Writers

If you want to get paid for your love of writing, Essaywriters will provide you with a friendly community of writers, competitive rewards and global clients. If you hold a Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree and have excellent writing skills, they’re interested. Apply at their site for more information. You can earn up to $16/page. Visit: Essay Writers


Have a Website? Join Etology and start earning additional revenue! Simply paste their code on your website and they take care of the rest. Sit back – they’ll send you the check. Review and approve pending ads from buyers who have bought ads on your sites. Ads must be approved before going live. Visit: Etology


Discover how you can generate more revenue with your sites and domains. They will monetize all your ad spaces, on all countries and all categories. Get started instantly. Weekly payments through Paypal. Visit: Exoclick

Families.com Blogger

A minimum of five blog posts per week and a maximum of three blog posts per day. Blog entries don’t have to be full articles. Entries should be at least 300 words, but will often be much longer. A blog can be as simple as a website link with your comments or a photo with a description. The entries could also be full articles. They could include a tip or idea, a top 10 list, a story or quote, “how-to’s”, demos, photo, essays, or a product or entertainment review. The important thing is that whatever material you write is informative and/or entertaining for readers. *All content is owned by Families.com.* Pay is $4 per blog entry ($3 during 90 day training period). Also approximately 5% of profits (review details on their site). Visit: Families.com

Forum Advantage

All writers are screened before working. They take customer service VERY seriously. Your application does not ensure you will receive work. Fill out the application on their website and if you are accepted, they will contact you within 48 hours. You are applying to become a contracting poster of Forum Advantage, not an employee. Once accepted, you will be sent an invite to their private writers forum, where you can view and apply for ongoing jobs. Visit: Forum Advantage


Looking for full time and part time boosters to meet increasing demands for their services. Your duties will include: Posting high quality content that is theme related to the forum assigned to you. Candidate should be self-motivated and a self-starter, a competant writer, and a person that has a passion to learn. Visit: ForumBooster


Visit their website and submit your info to apply to be a forum poster. Visit: ForumElves


ForumShock.com is ALWAYS looking for new talent. They are seeking individuals who are sociable, dedicated, and always available. If you feel that you are qualified for one of their jobs, please apply! As a forum writer you will be on the front lines of a forum population project. Your objectives are to post replies and new topics with a pre-determined amount. You will be working as a team with other forum writers. This position is best filled by social, interactive people who don’t mind making some money for a couple hours of work! Visit: ForumShock

Free Spirit

They value freelance designers, illustrators, editors, proofreaders, and indexers with publishing experience and a healthy respect for deadlines. To be considered for upcoming freelance assignments, send your resume, a cover letter, a list of references, and a list of representative works (email address found on their website, towards the bottom of page under “Freelancers”. They also look for Manuscript Reviewers, professionals with expertise on kids’ and teens’ social, emotional, and cognitive development. Visit: Free Spirit


Gather is a place where you can share the things that matter to you with the people that matter to you, too. Shares advertising revenue with you based on the quality and popularity of the content you contribute on Gather. Also shares some revenue with you if you choose to use the site actively, exploring content that others write, searching on Gather and on the web, and inviting your friends, family, and colleagues to use the site. Visit: Gather.com

Google Adsense

Earn money from relevant ads on your website. Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them. How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site — you’ll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages. Minimum Payment Threshold is $100. Visit: Google Adsense


Helium is a community where YOU contribute. A fun, addictive place for people who are passionate about a topic to write and be heard. Ever read an article and thought, “Oh, he forgot to mention . . .” or “Geez, I could have written that better”? If you are a blogger in search of an audience, toil in obscurity no more. This is your chance to share your knowledge with millions. Make your mark, Join now. Visit: Helium

How To Do Things

Have you been playing basketball all your life? Do you have your degree in finance? Whatever your Area of Expertise, they want to pay you for writing about what you know! They’ll split all the revenue your articles earn in half, 50/50 with you and you’ll be paid your share monthly by Google AdSense. Find out how you can get paid to contribute by visiting their website. Visit: How To Do Things.


HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with others. A Hub is a Web article that you build about any topic you like, with your commentary, pictures and links. You have complete freedom to make your Hub say and look exactly the way you want. Share in the rewards when visitors click on your Hubs’ ads. Visit: HubPages


If you have a blog, you can let them sell text links in your site and be paid monthly. You receive 60% of the sale price for each link ad sold off your blog through their system; You earn money just by blogging naturally; You can choose to approve/decline any link sold on your blog to ensure only relevant links appear on your site; Their links are not a pay per click or contextually served ad system. Visit: InBlogAds


Include Indeed on Your Website. Add a Jobroll, Job Search Box, Instant Job Site and more to your site. Get paid. Join the Indeed Publisher Program to earn money by including their job search tools on your website or blog. You will be adding valuable content to your site while generating revenue. Visit: Indeed.com


Leverage your premium online content to generate additional revenue from contextually targeted ads that are consistent with your brand. Only relevant ads are displayed in targeted content areas and ultimately, publishers make the final decisions on what appears on their Web sites. Visit: IndustryBrains

Kickstart Your Forums

A paid posting site that offers its posters as much as .20 cents per post on most jobs. Only requirement is that you can write english well. All of their jobs are long term contracts ranging from 6 months to a year. Countries Served: International (forums must be english speaking). Visit: Kickstart Your Forums.

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