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Landscaping Ideas Online

Do you enjoy gardening, landscaping, photography, writing and or teaching? Ongoing freelance independent contractor positions for Content Writers, Photographers and Sales Associates. Visit: Landscaping Ideas Online.

Lifetips Guru

Tip writing, article writing and copywriting assignments available. Earnings are dependent on writing assignment. Any approved Guru can apply for a paid writing assignment. The assignments vary, but usually consist of 100 savvy tips for a client or LifeTips Tip Site. Your tips are subject to the approval from the LifeTips editorial team and/or clients. All paying jobs are indicated in the job board with the project description and the possible total amount you can make on the project. Visit: Lifetips Guru


Earn up to 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly in most situations. Get paid to blog and write reviews for products & services. Tons of advertisers, from Fortune 500 to small businesses. Visit: LinkWorth

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Do you love the 50s and 60s? Can you write short articles about these decades? Would you like to get paid for it? If so they are looking for your original articles to be published on this site with author credits. Articles should be around 250 to 500 words containing some facts about the 50s or 60s. Articles should be both informative and entertaining. If they like your article and publish it they will pay you from $10.00 to $25.00 for each article. (Currently not needing writers, but watch the site for updates). Visit: Loti.com.


Are you are always looking for new ideas and things to write about? Joining the LoudLaunch network provides you with a matched list of relevant advertisers that are seeking influencers such as yourself to help create a buzz. If your blog and interests are aligned with an advertiser’s campaign then you can do your own research and write about them in exchange for pay—not in exchange for a pre-determined outcome but for a fair assessment. Visit: LoudLaunch


While anyone can share what they know on LoveToKnow, they also have a community of topic experts who are paid to research, write and edit content at LoveToKnow. To apply, fill out the writers application on their website. Visit: LoveToKnow.

Manuscript Services

Looking for dedicated and talented writers to join their growing team of freelance authors. If accepted, they will offer you a variety of work which will include proofreading, ghost writing, research papers and essay writing. You will be emailed the details of all projects, allowing you to pick work which suits you best. Pays monthly for all work completed in the preceding month, and this can be via PayPal or bank transfer if you are a UK writer. Non UK writers will need to contact them first to see if direct bank transfers can be arranged, but they can pay any PayPal account wherever you are. Visit: Manuscript Services


Affiliate Webmasters… Join MaxBounty.com and earn the highest CPAs in the market. Our specialty is maximizing payouts to our affiliates. Click here for details


Are you a starving writer? Why not earn some extra cash and write articles? They are looking for reviews, tutorials, humor and lifestyle articles relating to the iPod, Palm Pilot or just general technology. Pays $20-$200 (or more) per article or piece depending on depth and quality of content. Writers also get free eval products for reviews they write. Visit: MethodShop


Are You a Mama Writer? Consider joining MommyThink as a contributor or regional editor! If you write about attachment parenting or natural mothering and would like to submit a relevant article to this site, they’d love to see what you have. Specific subject areas include pregnancy, natural childbirth, midwifery, home birth, breastfeeding, natural baby care, cosleeping, baby wearing, gentle discipline and other natural family living subjects. In addition to compensation, they would be happy to publish your article or story with a bio that links to your website or provides further information about any services or products that you offer. Visit: MommyThink.


Money4Banners.com is a new approach to Web site advertising that uses a standard 468 x 60 pixel banner, which is much more visible and appealing to surfers. They’ll reward you with $5.00 every month, as long as you keep three of their 468×60 ads. Your site may be large or small, with a high or low traffic count, but you’ll continue to receive $5.00 for as long as you retain the ads. What could be simpler? Join now, and you’ll receive $10.00 after a successful signup! Visit: Money4Banners


myLot is a growing community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, meeting new people, and helping each other out. Members of the community are rewarded for their valuable contributions through monthly earnings payouts. Visit: myLot.com


External File Conversion Proofreading Team Members are responsible for assuring the quality of the final digitized product. Candidates with proofreading or copyediting experience are highly desired. This job is ideal for spelling-bee champions and “grammar police”. This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home parents, college students and anyone looking for a flexible work schedule. Work is available 24 hours a day and is performed remotely. (Look for the Careers link at the bottom of page). Visit: Newsstand


Increase your website’s revenues by providing your users with relevant and revenue generative advertising. Nixxie’s technology automatically delivers the most appropriate sponsored links, price comparison and auctions listings which are matched to the content of each of your website pages. Visit: Nixxie.

Paid Posting Tools

Online forums need writers to contribute content and attract other members. Forum owners hire paid posting services who in turn hire writers. Write as much or as little as you like and get paid for every post. It is very simple to get involved and most services pay via PayPal on a weekly basis. Visit: Paid Posting Tools


An online market place that enables Advertisers to find Bloggers locally, nationally or globally and contract with them for placing links and creating BUZZ about products, services, events, issues, etc. Their messaging system allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate directly with each other instead of working through advertising agencies or middlemen and they provide a secure way of transacting advertising compensation via Paypal. Visit: PayMeToBlogAboutYou.com.


Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required. Visit: PayPerPost


The concept is simple. Bloggers in this network get paid to blog. Making money with your blog is very easy when you are a member of the Payu2blog network. Bloggers in this network blog about many topics and have fun making money while blogging. You get paid $5.00 per completed blog writing assignment. Completing assignments are easy but they have to
meet requirements before receiving payment. Pays by PayPal. Visit: Payu2blog


Webmasters install PeakClick’s code into their pages. Every time your page visitors load your pages, PeakClick’s links appear. Your site visitors click on the PeakClick links. Your PeakClick account is credited and your accumulated balance is paid out to you every 15 days. PeakClick pays you for all valid clicks generated by your traffic. Visit: PeakClick.


Pheedo’s FeedPowered advertising platform converts your RSS feeds into rich, dynamically updating advertising that engages your audience. Leverage your existing RSS assets to extend your brand, drive traffic, and acquire new feed subscribers. Pheedo retrieves your RSS feed several times an hour and updates your FeedPowered advertisements with any newly published items. Great for time-sensitive content and frequently updated offers. Visit: Pheedo


QJ.net is always hiring paid bloggers, they are looking for people who are obsessed with a certain subject and have a desire to write about it. Are you an intelligent, insightful, and witty writer? They want to hire you with a paid position blogging for QJ.net! Hires bloggers for all of their current blogs, as well as new future blogs. If your passion isn’t something they currently cover, let them know what it is, and maybe they can open a new blog about that subject! All blogs will get equal promotion and advertising, giving them all an equal chance to hit the big time. Visit: QuickJump.net

Qumana Q-Ads

Q-Ads is a unique way for you to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture – in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed. Because you choose the keywords for your post, you are in control of the ad your website visitors see – it is no longer bound to the content, but to your knowledge of your readers and what you are writing. Visit: Q-Ads

Review Me

Get paid to review services and Web sites that are of interest to your readers, and reap the benefits of conversation with advertisers. Visit: Review Me

Review Stream

Get paid for writing reviews. You could review anything around you including: any products, hi-end technics, companies, hotels, politics, cities, stores on your street, or even your neighbors pets! Did you visit a barbershop today? Review it and get paid! What about your shopping today? Review the shops you visited and get some money back in your pocket! Visit: Review Stream


ScratchBack is an online “tipping” system. It allows you, the publisher, to accept tips and “give back” links* or images* in return. You name your price on your tips, and you earn money from every interaction through their easy-to-use automated system. It’s free to sign-up, and you can have a TopSpot widget on your website or blog in minutes. Visit: Scratchback.com

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