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SharedReviews has been created for you as a content creator to share articles and reviews with other authors and the public. Building your base of work, networking with other similar authors, and promoting your work outside of SharedReviews will earn you Cash Rewards and SharedReviews Rank! Visit: SharedReviews.com


Select a book, article, newspaper or website. Write an abstract skillfully . If the public likes it, you will make a profit. You are invited to write an abstract of up to 300, 600 or 900 words. Your fee will be in accordance with your abstract’s popularity. Visit: Shvoong.


As a pioneer in the online visual communications industry, SIGNINDUSTRY.com is looking for individuals who have loads of talent and thrive in a team environment. They have created a community without walls, where anyone from any department can share ideas with anyone else and is encouraged to do so! Even if they are working from the comfort of their living room – 3,000 miles way from our main office. Positions include: Online Editor; Online Ad Sales Manager; Online Ad Sales Representative; Staff & Freelance Writers; General Content Contributors. Visit: SignIndustry.com


You can sell 1 line ads in your signature space and charge whatever you feel the space is worth. You can work out the details in your description paragraph or through contact with the buyer. You may also consider charging seperate prices for different sites and charging extra for bold, colors, font size, etc. They STRONGLY recommend that you only sell one line ads as most major boards limit you to 4 or less lines in your signature block. Be sure to work out details like ad format before you accept payment from buyers. Your feedback rating may suffer if you don’t. Visit: SigTrader


Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about peoples products, services and websites on your blog. Get paid weekly by PayPal. Visit: Smorty

Sponsored Reviews

A Sponsored Review is an article you write for an advertiser. You review their products and services and then post the review on your blog. Each advertiser has his or her own requirements (i.e. length, link info, etc.). You write the review in your own tone, and can be as critical as needed. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but rude or hateful reviews will be declined. They also require full-disclosure that the review is a sponsored one. You can simply state the words “Sponsored Review” or you can integrate it into the content. Visit: Sponsored Reviews


Suite101 is committed to being the Web’s leading online magazine for independent commentary, opinion, and advice. To do so, they are in the business of attracting, identifying, nurturing, educating, retaining and building a network for professional freelance writers. To get started create a Suite101 username and password to become a validated member, then tell them how your experience qualifies you to write about your interests and provide an original writing sample. Visit: Suite101.

Text Link Ads

Make more money by selling text based ads on your blog or website. Visit: Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads Feedvertising

Bloggers can use their free Feedvertising technology to run text link ads in your RSS feed. Whether the ads come from Text Link Ads, your own in-house efforts, or your affiliate links… the choice is totally up to you! Currently for WordPress 2.0+ users with more blogging platforms coming very shortly. Visit: Text Link Ads Feedvertising

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!


Provides a mechanism for you to make money by serving unobtrusive textads on your site, they provide all the infrastructure necessary in order to collect payments and allow those people who have bought ads to view detailed campaign statistics. Your balance will be sent to you via PayPal during the first week of the month. Visit: textads.biz


You’ll be able to sell links on every page of your website, instead of just the main page. Automatically sell links to thousands of advertisers. Receive payouts every month in advance, via PayPal, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method. Visit: TNX.net


You create interesting content and submit it, they’ll publish your content on appropriate websites. You earn royalties. It’s as simple as that. You may create interesting content on any topic, in any language, and in any media format. You can submit articles you have written, videos and pictures you have shot, and podcasts or original music that you have recorded. Visit: Triond

V7N Publisher Network

Do you own a blog? Blog publishers in the Contextual Links @ V7N Network make cash and get paid by PayPal for simply adding text links to their blog posts. Currently publishers make $10 per link. Cannot disclose that the link is paid. Visit: V7N Publisher Network

Weblogs, Inc.

Looking to get paid to blog about subjects you love? Tell them what you’re passionate about and find out if there’s a fit! Visit: Weblogs, Inc.

Wise Bread

Do you know a lot about personal finance or frugal living? Would you like to share that knowledge with tens of thousands of readers while earning money for your writing? Then join the Wise Bread’s blogging community! They will help you find the most lucrative monetizing opportunities and help you get the most financial value out of your writing. Visit: Wise Bread.


Browse the list of projects posted by Clients for the ones you would be interested in, or have Writerlance send you an e-mail anytime a new project is posted that fits under your Expertise. Then you can decide to place a bid on the project, as well as provide details of the work you can do. Update or retract your bid anytime you want. When the Client chooses a Writer (winning bid) you will be notified. If you are chosen you can begin work on the project and get paid. There is no signup fee and no monthly fee, but you are required to pay a commission on each project you win a bid on. The commission is 3% of your bid or $3.00, whichever is greater. You will also get a $1 signup bonus when you register. Visit: WriterLance

Writers Wanted

All you need is at least one of the following: Knowledge of a sellable subject. In other words, you know how to do something that people are willing to pay to learn and Non-fiction writing ability. They combine your writings with value added products like software, audio…Build a website to sell your writings. Promote this website. Pay you a monthly royalty. Visit: Writers Wanted

Writing Assistance, Inc.

Staffing company concentrating exclusively on writers on a national basis, including: Technical writers; Web content specialists; Copywriters; Training developers. Matches you with a client or project that can best utilize your talents and abilities. Visit: Writing Assistance, Inc.

Yahoo! Publisher Network

Simply display ads that are relevant to the content of your site and earn money from qualified clicks.* No investment is required and setup is quick and easy. Payment threshold is $100. Visit: Yahoo! Publisher Network

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