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Companies are always in the lookout for feedback on new products and services that they would like to introduce in the market place. They want “Ordinary” consumers to give feedback regarding their products before they launch or sometimes before they restructure their product line. In such situations, you would be part of a panel that would asked to take an online survey. You would receive an email with an invitation to take the survey. Visit: qSample


Sign up today and become a member of QStation’s panel. If you qualify for one or more of our surveys, you will be notified via email of the nature and incentive offer of the survey. If you decide to participate, follow the instructions included in the email, and thanks for participating! Visit: Qstation


QJ.net is always hiring paid bloggers, they are looking for people who are obsessed with a certain subject and have a desire to write about it. Are you an intelligent, insightful, and witty writer? They want to hire you with a paid position blogging for QJ.net! Hires bloggers for all of their current blogs, as well as new future blogs. If your passion isn’t something they currently cover, let them know what it is, and maybe they can open a new blog about that subject! All blogs will get equal promotion and advertising, giving them all an equal chance to hit the big time. Visit: QuickJump.net

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Qumana Q-Ads

Q-Ads is a unique way for you to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture – in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed. Because you choose the keywords for your post, you are in control of the ad your website visitors see – it is no longer bound to the content, but to your knowledge of your readers and what you are writing. Visit: Q-Ads

Quotas GmbH

International postal surveys looking for participants acting as receivers of test mail (and for some projects as senders). In most studies you will receive a certain amount of letters over a specific time period, in some studies the participants also send test letters. Your task is to confirm the receipt of each test letter. Visit: Quotas GmbH

RDA Group (U.S.)

RDA Group specializes in gathering opinions from consumers, just like you, on a wide variety of products and services. We utilize various methods to gather your opinions, including mail surveys, telephone surveys, Internet surveys and focus group discussions on topics that will be of interest to you. Visit: RDA Group

Reactions & Opinions Inc.

At Reactions & Opinions Inc., we offer traditional focus groups, telephone focus groups and our patented TurboFocus Groups. The rated discussion, or TurboFocus Group, is an enormously powerful hybrid of qualitative and quantitative methods, melding the rich insights of focus groups with the statistical reliability of survey research. Only Reactions & Opinions Inc. offers it. Visit: Reactions & Opinions Inc.

Redbook Panel

Want to make your voice heard and your opinions count? Want to get in on the fun of free samples, chances to win fabulous prizes and special offers throughout the year? As a panel member, you will be asked to share your opinions several times a year through online surveys. Visit: Redbook Panel

Reel Surveys

Reel Surveys is a market research company that specializes in consumer research for major film production companies. Visit: Reel Surveys

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Research House Inc. (Canada)

Research House is constantly inviting people to participate in focus groups and interviews for marketing research. We conduct focus group discussions and interviews on a variety of consumer and business topics. Respondents can participate in a focus group every 6 to 12 months. The average length of a focus group discussion is 2 hours and you generally will receive cash for your participation. Visit: Research House Inc.

Research Participants (U.S.)

Conducts research projects that pay you to review presentations and provide opinions through questionnaires and other measurement instruments. Visit: Research Participants

Resonance Technology

By joining, you will have the opportunity to participate in Resonance, a unique form of survey research. The surveys are fun and innovative and each should take no longer than twenty minutes. Participating in our survey will give you, the consumer, an opportunity to influence important decision-makers. Your thoughts and opinions will help to shape the future of advertising, product development, marketing and customer service for leading companies. Each time you complete a survey, you will either receive cash rewards or be entered into a cash sweepstakes drawing as a thank you for your time and thoughts. Visit: Resonance Technology

Response Panel

The Response Panel was established to provide companies with a targeted consumer audience who are willing to give their time to fill out consumer surveys and questionnaires in return for remuneration. We are very aware that our success depends on our consumers and so we take care to make the service as worthwhile as possible for our consumers. We are committed to improving our services and are always pleased to hear from our members about ideas they have to make the service more beneficial. There are 3 “levels” at which members of The Response Panel earn rewards. Visit: Response Panel

Restaurant Poll (U.S. Only)

Your opinions are very important to us. The information that you provide will help restaurants serve you better. For each RestaurantPoll.com survey that you complete, you will be entered into our Monthly Sweepstakes Drawing for cash prizes or gift certificates from Internet retailers such as Amazon.com, E-Toys, Fogdog, and others. When you complete more than one survey, you increase your chances of winning. Prize announcements will be made via the Internet, so please CAREFULLY spell your e-mail address when you register. Visit: Restaurant Poll

Review Me

Get paid to review services and Web sites that are of interest to your readers, and reap the benefits of conversation with advertisers. Visit: Review Me

Review Stream

Get paid for writing reviews. You could review anything around you including: any products, hi-end technics, companies, hotels, politics, cities, stores on your street, or even your neighbors pets! Did you visit a barbershop today? Review it and get paid! What about your shopping today? Review the shops you visited and get some money back in your pocket! Visit: Review Stream


Yeah, you can earn money by making an awesome video on putting it on Revver. But did you know you can also earn just by sharing other people’s videos? Just find a few of your faves and you can send them to friends, embed them in your blog or MySpace, or even make your very own podcast with them — and earn for sharing! But wait, there’s more! Because it’s so easy to earn money by sharing videos, other Revver members will be knocking down your door, trying to share your videos with the world. Every time they earn money for sharing your video, you earn money for creating it! Visit: Revver.com

Rolling Stone Sounding Board

Rolling Stone wants to know what you think! Each month we’ll be asking questions on topics such as fashion, music, entertainment, cars, anything and everything. Your point of view is essential to us. To thank you, we’ll be giving away tons of free stuff. Participants of each survey will be placed in a monthly random drawing to win great prizes like electronics, concert tickets, cool trips and much more! Visit: Rolling Stone Sounding Board

Sage Research

As a panelist, you will have the opportunity to express your opinions, discuss your professional needs, share your experiences regarding the technologies you buy and use regularly, and influence product development for some of the world’s leading technology and telecoms companies. Panelists who participate in Sage studies are compensated in one of several ways. In most cases, you will be awarded a guaranteed cash gift from $20 to $250.
Visit: Sage Research

Saros (U.K.)

Saros recruits members of the public to participate in interviews and discussion groups for which cash incentives are paid. We maintain a broad database of individuals who are willing to be asked to participate on an occasional basis, feeding back their opinions to the providers of the products and services they use. Join saros and you can earn taking part in a couple of hours market research. Household names want to know what you think – in discussion groups, interviews, online surveys etc. Visit: Saros

Satisfaction Surveys

SatisfactionSurveys.com will periodically survey its Executive Panel on current industry “hot topics.” You may receive cash prizes, gift certificates or other awards occasionally given to panel members by our sponsors for participating in their surveys. Visit: Satisfaction Surveys

Savitz Research Solutions (U.S.)

Sign up to participate in focus groups and other types of research studies. We also conduct telephone surveys as well as surveys on the internet. Visit: Savitz Research Solutions


They do not distinguish between professional and amateur photographers. Both are welcome – only image quality is important to them and their customers. Register and upload today. Right now there are people searching for images you’ve got. Make sure they find them! You only need one good picture to get started. You do not need to apply or get approved as a photographer. Just upload your best images. Visit: ScanStockPhoto


When you send Scoopt a photo, you automatically grant them an exclusive worldwide licence to market that photo for a period of twelve months. During this twelve-month period, you agree not to publish the photo anywhere else. If they think they can’t market your photo(s), they will tell you quickly and you will not be subject to an exclusive licence. Visit: Scoopt


ScratchBack is an online “tipping” system. It allows you, the publisher, to accept tips and “give back” links* or images* in return. You name your price on your tips, and you earn money from every interaction through their easy-to-use automated system. It’s free to sign-up, and you can have a TopSpot widget on your website or blog in minutes. Visit: Scratchback.com

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