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Get credit for unique video views. Pays via PayPal and allows you to include your Google Adsense code. Visit: Share-A-Flick


Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on their servers. What makes them different from the rest? Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid. Visit: Share-A-Pic


SharedReviews has been created for you as a content creator to share articles and reviews with other authors and the public. Building your base of work, networking with other similar authors, and promoting your work outside of SharedReviews will earn you Cash Rewards and SharedReviews Rank! Visit: SharedReviews.com

Shifrin~Hayworth (U.S. and Canada)

In order to understand the needs of consumers like you, companies conduct market research studies. These studies take many forms, including one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews and focus groups. Studies typically last from 30 minutes to three hours and pay anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on the client, length and topic. Shifrin~Hayworth conducts all kinds of studies for our clients. One way in which we serve our clients is by recruiting people like you to give their opinions. Our clients need your opinions and they are willing to pay you for them. Visit: Shifrin~Hayworth

Shopper Focus (U.S.)

Shopper Focus, a division of Saatchi & Saatchi X, is working to change the shopping environment for the better. We’re interested in what you think about the retail world, because your opinions can help improve your shopping experience. Visit: Shopper Focus

Shopper’s Voice (U.S. & Canada)

As a Shopper’s Voice member, you will be entitled to special savings, coupons and trial offers. It is vitally important because successful companies have learned that your opinion is essential for quality improvements and the long life of their products. Become a Shopper’s Voice member and make sure your voice is heard. Visit: Shopper’s Voice

Shoppers Team (U.K.)

Your chance to have a say about what goes on at some of the UKss top retailers! The Shoppers Team is made up of people like you who want the chance to comment on a variety of topics, from clothes to cars to chocolate. You will receive questionnaires once or twice a month by email on a variety of topics, which are asked on behalf of a number of different companies. Your feedback will go straight to the people who make the decisions. Visit: Shoppers Team


There is a small fee to pay to submit your photos, but they take only a 15% commission on any photos sold. I’m including this in the WalletBoosters database because the fee is reasonable and they take quite a low commission fee, normally I only allow free sites. ShutterPoint is calling all photographers to become part of their stock photography agency / photo sharing service / social networking community. Join ShutterPoint and make money selling your images. Stay in total control of your photos, while enjoying the unique features they offer. Visit: ShutterPoint.


Submit your photos to Shutterstock and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. Web designers, magazine editors, and other graphic artists purchase monthly subscriptions to Shutterstock to download photos from our site. Shutterstock will pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Our subscription model encourages buyers to download a greater volume of images than they would at most other agencies. Visit: Shutterstock


Select a book, article, newspaper or website. Write an abstract skillfully . If the public likes it, you will make a profit. You are invited to write an abstract of up to 300, 600 or 900 words. Your fee will be in accordance with your abstract’s popularity. Visit: Shvoong.


Upload, share and sell your videos, images, music, podcasts, animations, ebooks and games. You set your own price and receive 70% of the profits. Visit: Si-Mi.


All information will be kept confidential, and will be used for demographic selection only. Depending on the panel, you may be added to a draw, paid, or given valuable gift certificates. Visit: Signature-Research


As a pioneer in the online visual communications industry, SIGNINDUSTRY.com is looking for individuals who have loads of talent and thrive in a team environment. They have created a community without walls, where anyone from any department can share ideas with anyone else and is encouraged to do so! Even if they are working from the comfort of their living room – 3,000 miles way from our main office. Positions include: Online Editor; Online Ad Sales Manager; Online Ad Sales Representative; Staff & Freelance Writers; General Content Contributors. Visit: SignIndustry.com


You can sell 1 line ads in your signature space and charge whatever you feel the space is worth. You can work out the details in your description paragraph or through contact with the buyer. You may also consider charging seperate prices for different sites and charging extra for bold, colors, font size, etc. They STRONGLY recommend that you only sell one line ads as most major boards limit you to 4 or less lines in your signature block. Be sure to work out details like ad format before you accept payment from buyers. Your feedback rating may suffer if you don’t. Visit: SigTrader

Smithsonian Magazine’s Online Reader Panel

Smithsonian Magazine would like to know about YOU: what you read, your interests, your likes and dislikes, and how you feel about Smithsonian Magazine. Several times during the year, they may ask you to participate in a survey. Prize draws. Visit: Smithsonian Magazine’s Online Reader Panel


Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about peoples products, services and websites on your blog. Get paid weekly by PayPal. Visit: Smorty

SnowSports Panel (U.S.)

Are you a skier, snowboarder, or snowshoer? Would you like to give your opinion on a snow sport that you love to do? Here’s your invitation to participate in a new online consumer panel for the snow sports industry. By participating in our online panel you can be entered into drawings for chances to win valuable prizes from manufacturers in the winter sports industry. These prizes can be equipment, apparel or accessories. Visit: SnowSports Panel

Socratic Forum

Members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. Survey participation is always 100% voluntary, and all information provided to us remains confidential. Visit: Socratic Forum

Song People

Song People gives you a voice that will actually have a real impact on your music and TV world. While you listen to music or watch videos you’ll be answering a few questions at the same time. We’d like your opinions, not only on the current music you hear on the airwaves, but also on hot new material that hasn’t been released yet. Want free music? We give away 100’s of the latest CD’s every month. Visit: Song People

SpecPan (U.S. and Canada)

As you qualify, we will send survey invitations to your e-mail address you have given us. Complete the survey and you’ll receive a check for the survey value, between $5 and $20, in 4 to 6 weeks. Visit: SpecPan

SpectraCom Inc. (U.S. and Canada)

Members of our research database will receive e-mail invitations to participate in a variety of online and off-line research projects. Most projects include an incentive for completion, such as a cash sweepstakes, free product or an online gift certificate. Visit: SpectraCom Inc.

Speedback (U.S. and Canada)

We invite you to join the Speedback Web panel. As part of our panel, we will pay you to answer surveys online or participate in an online discussion (called a focus group). Sometimes we will ask you to visit a specific Web site and ask you what you think about the site. Other times, we will just ask you to visit our survey center and complete a short questionnaire on a specific topic. For example, we might ask your opinion about certain products or services that you regularly use. We pay Web panel members for answering surveys. You can also win prizes through random drawings. We usually have several studies a month and you can participate as much as you like. It’s a lot of fun and helps to pay for Internet access. Visit: Speedback

Spider Metrix

It’s simple! You tell us what you think, we pay you cash, gifts and vouchers. There are on-line surveys, web site ratings, weekly questions, competitions and much more! Visit: Spider Metrix

Spirited Talk (U.S.)

Join a unique online community of people willing to share their thoughts and ideas about Catholic life and faith. By sharing your perspective, you will help Loyola Press improve its publications and better serve the greater Catholic community. From time-to-time, registered Advisors will be invited to participate in online surveys. Most surveys will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Membership is completely free. And, just by taking these surveys, you can earn cash, gift certificates and prizes. Visit: Spirited Talk

Sponsored Reviews

A Sponsored Review is an article you write for an advertiser. You review their products and services and then post the review on your blog. Each advertiser has his or her own requirements (i.e. length, link info, etc.). You write the review in your own tone, and can be as critical as needed. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but rude or hateful reviews will be declined. They also require full-disclosure that the review is a sponsored one. You can simply state the words “Sponsored Review” or you can integrate it into the content. Visit: Sponsored Reviews

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