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Consumer Logic Market Research (U.S.)

For Consumers, we offer the opportunity to share your opinions with America’s providers of consumer goods and services. If you are selected for a Study, we will pay you for your time and opinions. Take a moment to Sign-up for a Study and we will match your preferences to one of our nationally known clients. If you qualify to participate, we will pay you cash for your opinions. Visit: Consumer Logic Market Research

Consumer Mail Panel Online (Canada Only)

You are invited to join Consumer Mail Panel Online, a special group whose opinions are used to make better products and services for all Canadians. The members are invited via e-mail to visit our web site about once a month to participate in interesting surveys. For your participation you will be eligible to win exciting prizes and cash draws. Visit: Consumer Mail Panel Online

Consumer Opinions

Join our consumer panel by registering and you may be invited to participate in future paid surveys. Additionally, after most Consumer-Opinions’ surveys you will have an opportunity to enter one of our many sweepstakes for a chance to win CASH!! Some surveys offer outright cash and/or merchandise incentives! Visit: Consumer Opinions

Consumer Pulse (U.S.)

The Consumer Pulse panel is unique in the web world – we not only take your opinion on the Web, but we also may need to actually talk with you on the phone or in our offices. Sometimes we have things that simply cannot be seen or tasted using the Web – we sometimes have prototype products that only one or two of these items exist in the world and we may ask you to come to our office to evaluate the product. Other times such as food products will be tested and we need to have you come to a controlled environment to taste a product that has been specially prepared by our clients’ chefs. We will never ask you for money, or try to sell you anything. We are only interested in your opinions. And then, we will PAY YOU for your opinions!! Visit: Consumer Pulse

Consumer Research Panel (Canada)

The Consumer Research Panel is Canada’s national register of people interested in providing feedback on new and existing products and services. We are currently looking for participants for focus groups, product evaluations, taste tests, music studies and on-line surveys. Visit: Consumer Research Panel

Consumer Views (U.S.)

Consumerviews invites you to provide your opinions about products and services that you use every day. If you are interested in participating, simply complete our brief questionnaire. Visit: Consumer Views

CosmoGirl Panel

We appreciate our readers’ opinions and want to hear more. We are inviting you to become part of our exclusive CosmoGIRL! Influencer Board. Should you choose to become a panel member, you will be asked to share your opinions several times a year through online and/or mail surveys. These research surveys will help us better serve all our readers. By joining the panel you can win tons of great prizes from CosmoGIRL! and participating advertisers. Visit: CosmoGirl Panel

CPX Interactive

An ad network that serves more than 24 billion global impressions to over 195 million unique users across more than 5,000 publisher websites every month. Visit: CPX Interactive.


CraftGossip is an independent craft website and provides information about everything new and craft worthy. They are a network of blogs, each of which is managed independently by an editor. Each sub-blog concentrates on a particular craft topic or idea and they are always looking to start new sub-blogs and editors to manage them. Visit: CraftGossip.

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!


They pay for each topic and post you make. Current rates are: $0.02 per new thread (topic); $0.015 per new post; $0.002 per referral post. Certain forums only pay half the regular rate. These include the support forum, the Get Paid to, Media and Game forum. Read the site and FAQ for details. Visit: Crazoo

Creative Marketing & Research

We currently have panels of Anaesthetists, Asthma and Respiratory specialist Nurses, Asthma patients, Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Diabetes patients and Dispensing Pharmacists. Panel members are invited to take part in ad hoc surveys and are rewarded for their time. As a panellist you have the choice each time whether to take part or not and can unsubscribe completely at any time. Visit: Creative Marketing & Research

Creatonomy (U.S.)

Consumers who join the research panel are invited to participate in occasional focus groups, online and telephone surveys and other research-oriented events. Participation is entirely voluntary and participants may qualify for rewards or drawings. Visit: Creatonomy


For credit sales the contributor gets 20% of the sale sum. For sales of small size images, this equals $1 per download, for medium sizes $2 and for extra large sizes $3. For subscription downloads, there is a flat rate of $0.25 commission per download. Visit: Crestock.com.


You target the ads, not their system because you know your content best. Name your price per month with direct sponsors and they’ll find advertisers for you and let them optimize the best format when not available. Smaller blogs can participate in larger sponsorship buys unlike other sites. Visit: CrispAds


Cross-Tab will never try to sell you anything- it is only your opinion that we want! Participation is completely voluntary. Visit: Cross-Tab

Cure Pursuit

Take online healthcare surveys and chronic illness surveys and get paid cash for your opinions, or opt for a subscription to Vivísimo, an advanced web search tool that quickly isolates highly specific research information from a variety of biomedical research repositories. Visit: Cure Pursuit

CVS/pharmacy (U.S.)

The purpose of the CVS Advisor Panel is to solicit your input about CVS stores, products and services, and to obtain your suggestions for how we can improve CVS. Your guidance is especially valuable as we strive to make your shopping experiences at CVS the best they can be. Throughout the year, we will send you invitations to participate in online surveys about CVS products and services. If you choose to participate in our surveys, we thank you for your time by crediting your ExtraCare account with ExtraBucks (amount varies depending upon the length of the survey from $2.00 – $50.00). Visit: CVS/pharmacy


Positions for Freelance Resume Writers and Freelance Admissions Essay Editors. Visit their website for more details and to apply. Visit: CyberEdit.com


YOU are invited to join an international advisory panel. As members of the panel, you’ll be asked to give your opinions on various fun and interesting subjects. We will inform panel members about new surveys once or twice a month via email. In exchange for your participation, we conduct drawings for 10 $100 awards for every topic about once a month. Only those who complete surveys are eligible for prizes. Visit: CyberPulse

Datatelligence Online

Datatelligence is an online community of individuals who agree to voice their opinions regarding products and services they use on a daily basis. Panelists are invited to participate in a variety of research studies – Online surveys, focus groups, fragrance testing and in-home product use tests. The feedback we gather from our panel members will influence companies to develop and improve products and services that meet the needs of consumers like you. Visit: Datatelligence Online

Decima eVox

To show appreciation for your participation in this survey process, every time you complete a survey, you will receive one entry into a monthly draw of $1,000 cash. As well, many surveys will give all panel members the opportunity to receive honorariums consisting of cash awards, gift certificates or coupons. Surveys that include these types of prizes will be identified as such in the email invitation to participate. Visit: Decima


Delve® is a global data collection firm that invites consumers to participate in surveys sponsored by local, national and international companies wanting to conduct market research. Unlike telemarketing or sales companies, Delve will never attempt to sell you any product or service at any time. Visit: Delve

Digital Journal

If you want a to get paid, submit a few samples of your writing through a quick application and you could earn cash to write articles as an official Digital Journal Citizen Journalist, plus you get all of the features of a regular Citizen. All bloggers (professional or amateur) and writers are welcome to apply! Visit: Digital Journal

Digital Research

As a Panel Member, you and the other members of your household will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and interesting opinion polls and product tests. Visit: Digital Research

Directive Analytics

Directive Analytics is currently building several research panels within specialty areas to help clients understand what consumers are looking for. If you are interested in sharing opinions which may help to define new products, services or possibly change existing ones consider joining one of our online panels! Visit: Directive Analytics

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