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YouGov (U.K.)

As a member of the YouGov Panel you will be invited from time-to-time to participate in surveys on topics ranging from from politics to painkillers to pensions. Each time you take part in a survey, you will have your virtual YouGov account credited with cash amounts depending on the survey’s length, or you may be entered into a prize draw. Visit: YouGov

Your 2 Cents

Your2Cents.com rewards nearly every respondent, every time! All you need do is qualify and participate in a client-sponsored survey. In fact, it usually takes no more than 10-minutes to complete a survey once or twice a month. Visit: Your 2 Cents

Your Say

Your input is valuable because it helps companies understand what consumers want. Imagine how much they could lose if they didn’t research consumers’ opinions first. So get rewarded for your opinions and help companies develop better products! Join YourSay for FREE! We accept members worldwide. Visit: Your Say

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Your Voice (Australia)

Your Voice Online Panel is run by ACNielsen. ACNielsen is the world’s leading provider of information and research to the consumer products and services industries. If you join this panel your input and that of other panel members will influence the way manufacturers and retailers deliver the quality, presentation, selection and pricing of their goods to consumers. And you will be rewarded for your time. Visit: Your Voice

Zogby Online Polls (U.S.)

Zogby Interactive Survey (ZIS) will allow you to voice your opinions from anywhere within the United States, online. ZIS combines the latest trends in technology with Zogby International’s record of success and technical expertise in the field of public opinion research. Visit: Zogby Online Polls

Zooles (U.S. & Canada)

If you love music and want to win great prizes, you’re in the right place. Zooles.com is where you can help promote your favorite music and collect points (called Zooles) that you can trade in for CDs, electronics, and a lot more. Visit: Zooles


The ZoomPanel is a very diverse group of people living all over the world. We make every effort to include men and women from different geographies who hold many different types of jobs. We want people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We highly value what everybody has to say! Visit: ZoomPanel

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