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Opinionate (Worldwide)

A fresh concept in Online Opinion Polls. We believe you, the respondent, are key to our success. Our focus is on keeping you happy. We offer a wide range of interesting surveys. Visit: Opinionate


If you like telling people what you think about diverse range of subjects, you can join our panel. As an OpinionMart panel member, you’ll periodically receive surveys that match your profile. For each survey you enter, you’ll automatically be eligible to win the prizes associated with that survey – from cash to merchandise worth thousands of dollars! Visit: OpinionMart

Opinionpanel Research (U.K.)

Opinionpanel is the independent research business set up to represent the views of UK students and graduates to social and market researchers. Visit: Opinionpanel Research

Opinions Paid

OpinionsPaid.com conducts professional surveys over the Internet & tests a wide range of products & services. Your input can shape the way companies develop products, policies & services. By participating in our surveys & product testings, you will have a direct influence on the way companies develop their products & services. Visit: Opinions Paid

Opinions@Trone (U.S. and Canada)

Marketing specialists since 1982, we frequently need opinions on new ideas. When panelists participate in our surveys, we will either compensate them or enter them in a sweepstakes. Rest assured that we will never try to sell you anything and all information you give us will remain confidential, as explained in our Privacy Policy. Visit: Opinions@Trone

OsMoz Club

You may participate in the elaboration of new perfumes by giving your opinion on all the creative aspects. (Bottle, perfume, advertising). You will be informed of upcoming game contests with a chance to win gifts. You will have the opportunity to participate in perfume tests. You will have the opportunity to attend consumers’ meetings (held at a location near you). Visit: OsMoz Club

Osterman Research Inc.

We are continually looking for IT professionals and end-users of technology systems to join our panel of people who periodically take Web-based surveys. For our standard surveys, which take about 15 minutes to complete, we will pay you $20 in the form of an Amazon.com gift certificate, or we will make a $20 donation to a charitable organization of your choice. For our “mini” surveys, which take no more than two minutes to complete, we instead provide you with the complete survey results before anyone else receives them. We always let you know what the incentive is before you take the survey. Visit: Osterman Research Inc.

OTX Survey Exchange

Have you ever wondered how new products, advertising, movies, music and television programs are created? Companies who make them want to understand what their customers think, and they are prepared to reward you for your time. Visit: OTX Survey Exchange

Oxygen Opinion Panel

The Oxygen Opinion Panel is an ongoing research project in which qualified volunteers take a series of surveys online. Survey topics may range from current events and important social issues, to TV shows and networks, to brands and products. As a panel member, you’ll be eligible for sweepstakes every time you take a new survey. Visit: Oxygen Opinion Panel

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Participants Online

Participants Online offers you the chance to take part in important social research while earning unparalleled incentives like cash for participation in studies or odds of winning cash that have been as low as 1 in 9. Participants Online gives you a REAL chance of winning money, unlike sweepstakes sites where one’s odds are essentially zero. All that is asked in return is that you participate in an interesting scientific study online, from the comfort of your own home. Your privacy will be protected and nobody here will ever try to sell you anything. Visit: Participants Online

Partnership-Plus (U.S.)

We pay you to tell us about your new clothing! At the beginning of each month you’ll be invited to our site to tell us about the clothing you got the month before. It’s that easy. We will never try to sell you anything; we’re only interested in your opinions. That’s right, for this simple monthly task, you’ll receive 200 Partner-Points, which can be used to buy great rewards. Visit: Partnership-Plus

People Panel (U.S.)

The People Panel would like to give you the opportunity to share your opinions about celebrities, sports/sports personalities, consumer brands, and more. Your opinions help influence the products and services you buy and the programs you watch. Once your membership is complete, you can start looking out for surveys in the mail from them. There is never any cost to you as they pay for all postage. Each household is randomly selected, so it is important to keep they updated of any changes in your household. Visit their website to apply. Visit: People Panel


PermissionResearch is part of an online market research community with over 2 million members worldwide. PermissionResearch relies on its members to gain valuable insight into Internet trends and behavior. In exchange for having their Internet browsing and purchasing activity monitored, members have access to free software downloads and a variety of other benefits. Beside the free stuff available to members, PermissionResearch is in the business of improving the Internet…for everyone. It’s 100% optional, and a great way to win prizes! Visit: PermissionResearch

Persuadable Research

Being on our online survey panel has its rewards. Every time you respond to one of our online surveys you are entered in a drawing for a prize (usually cash). The number of prizes varies from survey to survey. Visit: Persuadable Research

Pet Buddies (U.S.)

PetBuddies.org is an Internet network for pet owners. As a member of Pet Buddies you will have the opportunity to participate in surveys regarding your favorite four legged friends! Pet Buddies values your interest and input, and we appreciate the time you take to complete our surveys. You must be a member of Pet Buddies to participate in our surveys, in home tests, focus groups and other projects. You will be rewarded for your time with cash and/or valuable merchandise. We hope that you join us. Membership is free, and there’s no commitment. If you change your mind about participating in Pet Buddies, you can cancel at any time – but we don’t think that you’ll want to. Visit: Pet Buddies

PhorTech International

If you are active in life science research, and would like to make your views and experiences known, we invite you to register to take part in future survey questionnaires. We are currently conducting surveys on a wide variety of areas in use in bioresearch. Our studies have included sequencing, amplification, bioassays, detection, proteomics, bioinformatics, cell biology, tissue culture, immunology, and many other similar fields. We also conduct numerous custom studies for individual clients on a variety of topics such as high throughput screening, biochips, new separation methodologies, and evaluating new product concepts. Usually, we offer a variety of gifts to thank you for taking part in our surveys. These range from flashlights, boxes of chocolates, Blockbuster gift cards, Barnes & Noble gift certificates, packages of Starbucks coffee, or jelly beans. Visit: PhorTech International

Pinecone Research

As a PineCone Research panelist, you are part of an elite group that represents consumers nationwide. As such, your opinion is very important to manufacturers who count on people like yourself to help predict which product ideas are winners and which are losers. Your opinion is always worth something to us. We are happy to pay you each time you evaluate a product. You can expect to be called upon to answer a survey once or twice a month. **Side Note** Presently, we do not recruit new members through our website or take unsolicited referrals. However, we will be posting recruitment opportunities through banner ads on various websites from time to time throughout the year. If you see one of these ads, please feel free to sign up with us. Visit: Pinecone Research

Pink Panel (U.S.)

*Note: This Is Not For Personal Reimbursement, But For Charity
You can join thousands of other women on what is known as the Pink Panel.™ When you participate in a survey (only have four per year), they donate $5 to the Pink Panel™ Scholarship, which helps send orphaned teenage girls to college. Just a small amount of your time makes a BIG difference in the life of a teenage girl. Visit: Pink Panel

Planet Panel

PlanetPanel is a worldwide community of consumers like you who have agreed to participate in surveys for informational purposes only. Nearly 200,000 consumers from 21 different countries are making their opinions known on PlanetPanel. For every survey you choose to complete, you earn the chance to win valuable cash prizes in our monthly drawings. Visit: Planet Panel

Planet Pulse

Planet Pulse helps companies to find out what you think about them, their products and services. It is created solely for the purpose of getting your feedback via surveys. Your answers to these surveys will give insights to these companies so that they can develop products and services that meet your expectations. Visit: Planet Pulse

PollingPoint (U.S.)

PollingPoint, operated by Polimetrix, Inc., conducts polls on the Internet about public affairs and other topics of general interest. PollingPoint polls are taken by people from all over the nation who have agreed to share their thoughts on social and political issues. Visit: PollingPoint

Pragmatic-Research (U.S. and Canada)

Pragmatic Research, Inc. is a full-service custom research company that provides qualitative and quantitative research services since 1985. We have designed and conducted custom research for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries, from the largest Fortune 500 industries to regional banks, statewide government agencies, national organizations and international pharmaceuticals. Visit: Pragmatic Research

Primedia Scrapbook Panel (U.S.)

The Primedia scrapbook panel is a volunteer group of people who answer scrapbooking surveys in exchange for free scrapbooking items mailed to them monthly. Panel members participate by answering a short survey (usually takes 5 to 7 minutes) each week. Visit: Primedia Scrapbook Panel

Product Testing Services

It is free to join the Product Testing Services web panel. You will have opportunities to receive products, cash or other incentives in exchange for your participation in online surveys. It is free to join our panel. Plus, you will have your chance to help companies create better and more useful products for yourself and others. Visit: Product Testing Services


Play a part in the music industry’s leading song testing company. Our members make a real difference every day by rating new songs and giving their feedback in our polls. All the while they are getting rewarded with free stuff like CDs, DVDs, electronics, and “insider” prizes like autographed merchandise directly from labels and artists! Visit: PromoSquad

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