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Send a fax for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. I haven’t tried this since I have my own fax setup, but maybe some could use it, possible long distance savings. Great option for faxing reports when needed. Visit: faxZERO

Merchandising Training Manual – Free

Free online training manual for those interested in merchandising. Visit: NARMS

RoboForm: Free Password Manager & Form Filler

(This is a Must Have!) Store all your information into your Roboform Identity and use it to autofill your applications for Mystery Shopping, Surveys, Sweeps & Contest and everything else you can think of. This is a tool that will no doubt save you huge amounts of time! Once you work with it a bit and realize its full potential, you’ll be using it online 24/7 for all your activities, not just the Get Paid stuff. Visit: Roboform

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