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Free Listings: Data Entry Positions

Axion Data Services

All data entry operators work from home and are independent contractors. Contractors provide their own computer equipment and software, pay their own taxes, and bill Axion for the work performed. There are currently no openings for data entry operators; however, you may choose to register your information if you meet the minimum requirements. Visit: Axion

Cypher Services, Inc.

Cypher Services, Inc. is a litigation document coding company based in Chicago that creates searchable databases used to organize documents in preparation for discovery and trial. Candidates must have an IBM-compatible computer, high-speed Internet connection, printer, and at least one year experience in the legal industry or field in order to apply. The Remote Document Coding position is a Work from Home opportunity. As an Independent Contractor, individuals have a full- or part-time opportunity to work from their homes, with complete flexibility as to the times and hours that allow balance between family, work, education and the demands of everyday life. Visit: Cypher Services, Inc.


eCallogy is a full service contact center. They do several types of projects, including outbound calls, inbound calls, and data entry. Some projects are handled in house and some they bid out to others on a temporary basis. All of the current projects are available for bidding to private businesses and individuals (Independent Contractors). All current projects are paid at a per-talk-minute rate. You will be asked in your bid what rate you require for the project. You will submit an invoice to eCallogy bi-weekly for your work completed on that project and a check will be mailed to you the following week. Visit: eCallogy

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Gorge Warehouse

To be considered for telecommuting positions, you must have your own computer with Internet access and printer, and be willing to pay for long-distance calls, minimal postage and ink as needed. An allowance for necessary supplies is available. Data Entry, Customer Service Representative, Sales, Software Developer positions. Visit: Gorge Warehouse

Josiah Mackenzie & Company

You can telecommute; No more having to show up in an office; Hours are flexible; Work when you want to. Of course there are deadlines, but you are free to manage your time as you choose. Need to go to class? Fine, you can work later. Pay is performance-based. If you’re a motivated person, you have the opportunity to earn much higher wage per hour than an hourly-wage employee earns. Work is on-demand You might receive a call saying, “Hey, want to work for 4 hours and earn $150?” Innovation is rewarded. Visit: Josiah Mackenzie & Company

KeyForCash (U.S.)

KeyForCash is a website that enables you to earn money by typing at home. They are in the business of data entry services. Because of overwhelming interest, they limit the number of people who work for them. You can join the waiting list. Visit: KeyForCash

Palm Coast Data

Only Palm Coast residents west of the toll bridge are considered for Off-Site positions. Data Entry Home-Keyers work from home on their own personal computer linked directly to Palm Coast Data by telephone line. Input customer information, like names and addresses, or revise information already in their database, such as a customer’s change of address. Visit: Palm Coast Data

Working Solutions

Working Solutions was created in 1996, to provide more legitimate work-at-home opportunities for those caring for family members, looking for supplemental income, and wanting or needing to work from home. What started as a very small in-house operation has grown steadily and solidly ever since. The Working Solutions process is very similar to that of a bricks and mortar temporary agency, but our agent workforce is made up of highly qualified independent contractors who work solely from their homes. We partner with clients from many different lines of business, providing them with a very capable and flexible supplemental workforce, as well as a talented project management team. Rest assured, Working Solutions Agents are NEVER CHARGED ANY FEES to apply or work with. Visit: Working Solutions

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