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A/R Recovery (U.S.)

If you’re an expert in collecting A/R, self-directed and motivated, highly ethical, professional, and ready to be rewarded for your hard work, then A/R Recovery might be what you’re looking for. With opportunities to work from home and compensation tied to results, this job isn’t for everyone – it’s for the best – the cream of the crop. If that sounds like you, please email your resume. Visit: A/R Recovery


Accurapid as an independent translator-contractor. While in the past quarter century they have built up a crack team of translator-specialists in most common language/subject matter combinations, they’re always on the lookout for new talent. Please keep in mind, however, that they’re a technical translation company, and virtually all the work they do requires specialization, be it in microelectronics, labor law, or basketball. If you believe you got what it takes to be an Accurapid translator, complete the form found on their website. Visit: Accurapid

AdmissionsConsultants (U.S.)

Do you have a passion for education? Do you enjoy working with people? Have a background in college, MBA, law school, graduate school or medical school admissions? AdmissionsConsultants continues to grow and they are looking for talented, dedicated and detail-oriented individuals. If you possess admissions experience and excellent interpersonal skills, then they’d like to speak with you. Visit: AdmissionsConsultants

Alderson Court Reporting (U.S.)

Hires Court Reporters & Videographers. Alderson has a reputation for providing superior service to the legal industry. They are always looking for professional people to continue their high level of service to their clients. If you are a court reporter or videographer interested in working with Alderson, visit their website to submit your resume: Alderson Court Reporting

At Home Signings

At Home Signings, Inc. is a nationwide signing service company. They provide signing services for national, regional and local mortgage lenders, banks, finance, and title companies. They are always looking for knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated Signing Agent Notary Publics to perform witness signing services throughout the nation. Visit: At Home Signings, Inc.

Background Profiles (U.S. & Canada)

Court Researchers positions. Background Profiles is constantly looking for dedicated professionals who are experienced in records research in one or more counties. If you are a court researcher and would like to provide services to Background Profiles, contact them on their website. Visit: Background Profiles

Balance Your Books

Bookkeeper positions, would be responsible for providing A/P, A/R, payroll and general support for clients. They are looking for self-motivated candidates, who can provide superior and responsive bookkeeping services for clients via their home computer. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to prioritize multiple clients’ needs are a must. Visit: Balance Your Books

Bateman & Co., Inc.

Seeking “telecommuting” staff accountants. CPA required. Should have at least 3 years of prior public accounting experience. Must have own computer, including a modem. They will furnish necessary software. Will primarily prepare individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns, including reviewing accounting records and making adjustments necessary to prepare tax returns. Not necessary that you live in Houston, but would prefer Texas residents, if possible. Position is ideal for (a) moms or stay-at-home dads, who have their CPA certificate, and who left practice to raise children and now want to work part time at home, or (b) people who have retired from public accounting who want to continue to work some. Visit: Bateman & Co., Inc.

Brandon Hall Research

Positions: Analysts, Writers, Researchers. Are you: A researcher experienced with statistically based surveys or market analyses? A learning professional with special expertise or unique experience who writes well? An analyst or research report writer? Someone in career transition looking for new skills and experience? A student looking for an internship or research project to work on? Visit: Brandon Hall Research

Castle Branch (U.S.)

Court Researcher positions. Castle Branch Employment Screening provides employers with the tools to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly litigation, and enhance productivity. Visit: Castle Branch (U.S.)

Cherry Lane Music

Cherry Lane Music has freelance opportunities available for pop/rock guitar transcribers and piano arrangers. Freelance opportunities are available for educational music authors (particularly for drums, bass, and acoustic guitar) and editors (particularly for piano and guitar, all styles). Previous writing and editorial experience preferred. Attention to detail and ability to follow music and text style sheets a must. Visit: Cherry Lane Music


ClickNwork manages a unique service that allows experienced and home-based professionals to deliver business services to companies worldwide, including some of the global leaders. Assignments often need top-grade students, web searchers, trend spotters, mystery shoppers, translators, data entry skills, etc. Visit: ClickNwork


Independent Courthouse Researcher positions are available. Please read the description carefully to see iIf this is right for you. Visit: DeedCollector

EBI – Employment Background Investigations

EBI selects only top-echelon researchers who provide the highest level of quality information for their clientele. If you are interested in becoming part of their research network team and feel that you meet these standards, please complete the vendor application found on their website (currently towards bottom of page). Visit: EBI – Employment Background Investigations


Looking for skilled editors, proofreaders, writers. If you have the qualifications EditFast’s clients are looking for, and if you are patient, there may be projects for you in the future. You should be aware, however, that EditFast has no obligation to provide work for you now or at any time in the future. Completing the registration process and passing the EditFast review does not necessarily mean you will receive projects. It simply means you are eligible to receive projects and your Web page is available for EditFast’s clients to view and perhaps choose you as their editor. If you are selected for a project by a client or by the EditFast administration you will be notified and that project will be directed to you. Visit: EditFast

Expert Business Development, LLC (U.S. and Canada)

Looking for mature, articulate, accomplished individuals with extensive business and life experience to work as agents. Their agents work an average of 25 hours per week from their homes and are located around the United States and Canada. To join their team a candidate must have a minimum of 15 years of solid business experience, preferably in sales, management or ownership. A quiet well-equipped home workspace with a high-speed Internet connection is a necessity. Strong communication skills are needed to build rapport and connect with their clients’ prospects, typically small to mid-size business owners, senior management of corporations and senior partners of professional firms. They need individuals who are well organized, highly motivated and capable of working without physical supervision. Welcomes individuals in various stages of retirement, stay-at-home moms and dads, people with physical disabilities and others who can bring their talent, experience and professionalism to help their clients succeed. Visit: Expert Business Development, LLC

Gorge Warehouse

To be considered for telecommuting positions, you must have your own computer with Internet access and printer, and be willing to pay for long-distance calls, minimal postage and ink as needed. An allowance for necessary supplies is available. Data Entry, Customer Service Representative, Sales, Software Developer positions. Visit: Gorge Warehouse

Ifstudio Translations

Freelance translators: you will need to have a Translation Memory application, at least one year experience as a professional translator, and a university degree or proven industry experience. To apply, fill out the online application form on their website. Visit: Ifstudio Translations

Information Technologies Inc. (U.S.)

Currently in search of Court Abstractors/Data Collectors in various regions around the nation. This is an independent contractor position, and the pay is based on the quantity of records collected. Please complete their form to apply if you are currently collecting tax lien or judgment information from any regions. Visit: Information Technologies Inc.

Jellybean Services (U.S.)

Mock Juror, Court Researchers and Telemarketer positions available. Please visit their website for details. Visit: Jellybean Services

Josiah Mackenzie & Company

You can telecommute; No more having to show up in an office; Hours are flexible; Work when you want to. Of course there are deadlines, but you are free to manage your time as you choose. Need to go to class? Fine, you can work later. Pay is performance-based. If you’re a motivated person, you have the opportunity to earn much higher wage per hour than an hourly-wage employee earns. Work is on-demand You might receive a call saying, “Hey, want to work for 4 hours and earn $150?” Innovation is rewarded. Visit: Josiah Mackenzie & Company

LanguageLine Interpreters

If you have native, or near native proficiency in English and a non-English language, good customer service skills, and good memory retention, they can teach you the rest. You can join global centers in Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. Or, if you live in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the United Kingdom, become a “Work at Home” interpreter, providing quality interpreting services from the comfort of your own home. Visit: LanguageLine Interpreters

MarketMakers Group, Inc. (U.S.)

You’ll enjoy incredible flexibility including the ability to name your hours and work from home.Positions available are Callers: Their callers are friendly, personable, well organized and able to work independently. The candidates they seek are experienced business professionals who are comfortable dealing with complex technical and industrial products and services. They have the ability to deal competently with people in all levels within an organization and thrive on exceeding expectations. Proficiency in MS Office, Windows and the Internet is a must. Project Managers: are the link between their clients and the MarketMakers team. They seek individuals with experience in project preparation, call approach development, contact list preparation, reporting, training and database management. Most of all, they look for creative thinkers who aren’t afraid to apply their knowledge and experience in new ways. Visit their website to apply. Visit: MarketMakers Group, Inc.

Parameds (U.S.)

If you are a medical professional, underwriter, claims examiner, or have customer relations and administrative skills and are interested in learning more about how to become a Requirements Retrieval Specialist or a Risk Management Specialist or an Outsourced Remote Underwriter, they would look forward to hearing from you. Visit: Parameds

Pearson Flexible Scoring

Score essays on-line for Pearson Educational Measurement. Pearson is hiring professional scorers to score college entrance exam essays each academic year. They will have additional opportunities for scorers to score responses in subjects including reading, math, and K-9 writing. Pearson’s Scoring Network includes an Internet-based performance scoring system to transmit electronic images of student responses to trained scorers at individual IBM compatible workstations. Visit: Pearson Flexible Scoring

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