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Restaurant Evaluators, Inc.

Restaurant Evaluators Inc. provides customer feedback services that help hospitality organizations streamline operations. Our service allows these businesses to identify their most vulnerable areas and strengths to take action on these insights for improved business performance. Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. announces addition of service to Canada to expand upon an international service area that currently covers United States and Mexico. Visit: Restaurant Evaluators, Inc.

Retail Eyes

Retail Eyes is revolutionizing the mystery shopping industry with the most technologically advanced auditing and reporting system ever developed. We hire consumers, just like you, all over the world, to act as eyes and ears for our clients. You will visit locations as regular customers and evaluate the operation from a customer’s perspective. Visit: Retail Eyes for U.S. or Retail Eyes for U.K.

Retail Maxim (U.K.)

Our aim at Retail Maxim is to provide our Clients with access to a Mystery Shopping team from all walks of life who match their real customer profiles as closely as possible. Consequently we need a large number of shoppers from all corners of the UK with some time to spare, who wish to take part in this interesting and enjoyable activity. Visit: Retail Maxim

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Retail Rapport (U.K.)

We are the fastest expanding mystery shopping company in the United Kingdom and it is necessary for us to build up our personnel database. At first your assignments may be sporadic, depending upon our clients’ requests. Therefore, you may have to wait a while before you are given an assignment. Visit: Retail Rapport

Retail Track

RetailTrack Mystery Shopping Inc. is one of Canada’s first mystery shopping companies. RetailTrack has the earned a reputation as one of the premiere mystery shopping companies in the U.S. and Canada. A large part of this is due to the very hard work and professionalism of the people who shop for us. Visit: Retail Track

Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group

(Look under Frequently Asked Questions to find information to sign up as a mystery shopper). Visit: Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group

Ritter & Associates

Since 1974, Ritter & Associates has provided accurate, quantitative, and actionable customer measurement data that enable our clients to maximize their return on investment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ritter & Associates combines talent with technology to incorporate a greater degree of science in our research. This allows us to deliver the most effective customer service and satisfaction measurement programs to clients in all industries. Visit: Ritter & Associates

Satisfaction Services, Inc.

Satisfaction Services Inc. is constantly seeking Service Evaluators to perform our service audit reports. The kind of people we hire are reliable, observant, eloquent and able to follow precise instructions. Shoppers must provide clear, concise written comments along with responses. Visit: Satisfaction Services, Inc.

Second To None

Second To None seeks dependable, articulate, and detail-oriented consumers of all ages to join our international team of in-store and online researchers. Email and internet access are required for most assignments. Visit: Second To None

Secret Shopper

We have shopping opportunities in many parts of the United States. If you are a reliable, articulate, observant person, we invite you to join our thousands of shoppers by applying now. Questions? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for applicants section for answers. Visit: Secret Shopper

Secret Shopping Services

Professional and dependable shoppers are Secret Shopping Services greatest asset! We have many shops available in the retail and hospitality industries throughout the United States. Shoppers who prove their dependability end up getting all the work they can handle!! To be one of these shoppers you need to follow directions and complete your assignments by the due date given to you. Visit: Secret Shopping Services

Sensors Quality Management, Inc.

SQM seeks mature, reliable, detail oriented people with experience in customer service. Successful candidates will have a critical eye for detail, an excellent memory, a proven ability to follow instructions, work independently, and have a hospitality or business background. As an SQM shopper, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Post-secondary education would be an asset. Visit: Sensors Quality Management, Inc.

SensusShop (U.S. and Canada)

SensusShop is a service of Sensus Research Inc., a full-service market research firm located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada (about an hour east of Vancouver). Specializes in hospitality, automotive, traditional retail, and personal care. Shops in Canada and the United States. Visit: SensusShop

Sentry Marketing Group

The Sentry Marketing Group, LLC invites you to apply for assignments with our company. SMG, located in suburban Dallas, will serve companies nationwide in the automotive service, retail and restaurant industries. Visit: Sentry Marketing Group

Service Alliance Inc.

Mystery shopping is probably the most objective way to find “weak links” or superior service. Shoppers are not disgruntled customers who see only the negative, nor are they employees who tend to overlook some negatives, because they are sympathetic. Visit: Service Alliance Inc.

Service Check

Mystery Shopping is an effective method of gathering data concerning real customer service experiences. Quantifiable questioning enables Service Check to deliver customer service information that is both objective and reliable. Service Check customers then use this information to infuse resources and training on weak customer service areas. Visit: Service Check

Service Connections (U.S.)

While it sounds like fun, Mystery Shopping is a job to be taken seriously. Each assignment has a specific goal. The results are used to shape and improve the businesses you shop. A strong sense of business professionalism is required in all aspects of the job, from appearance, to timeliness, to being responsible for equipment, to shopping, to writing, to reporting, and communicating. Visit: Service Connections

Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC)

Our Professional Business Analysts (BA’s), typically known in the research industry as “Mystery Shoppers”, enhance businesses ability to prevent the loss of impact resulting from customer experience, affording them the competitive edge to expand market share. SEC enables any organization to inspect their front-line selling environment through the “Eyes of the Customer”. Visit: Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC)

Service Excellence Group, Inc.

We are looking for highly motivated, conscientious, quality people who understand the “ins and outs” of mystery shopping and recognize their critical importance to helping us keep our promise to our clients – delivering an exceptional product and delivering it on time. Visit: Service Excellence Group, Inc.

Service Impressions

Mystery shopping is fun, but it’s no joke! Mystery shopping can be an enjoyable way to enjoy a free meal, but it is serious business. With many of our clients, your reports are a key factor in reviewing and assessing employee performance and bonuses. Important decisions are made based on the data supplied by you, the mystery shopper. This input helps our clients improve their training programs and improve their level of customer service. Visit: Service Impressions

Service Intelligence – The Experience Exchange

Welcome SecretShopNet users! The Experience Exchange site is now your only access to certification and job selection. Moving forward with a single shopper site will allow us to add new features more quickly and improve your mystery shopping experience. Visit: Service Intelligence – The Experience Exchange

Service Performance Group

Established in 1992, Service Performance Group Inc. provides its clients a wide range of customer service solutions including mystery shopping, interactive voice response (IVR) and web based customer surveys. The development and refinement of our data collection techniques have been structured to provide our clients board room quality information ensuring their most important asset, the customer, returns for future purchases. Visit: Service Performance Group

Service Probe

ServiceProbe needs qualified shoppers to “Mystery Shop” apartment communities. “Shoppers” are hired from all occupations: business professionals, homemakers, construction workers, secretaries, waitresses, etc. Provides Phone Shops service as well. Visit: Service Probe

Service Quality Department

We have shops located throughout the United States. Less frequently, we have shops available throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, and South America. When a shop becomes available in your area, you will be notified by email. The email will give you a specific link to see what shops are available. Visit: Service Quality Department

Service Research

Mystery shopping provides a customer-oriented focus and is a major factor in influencing and managing customer perceptions. SRC has hundreds of trained mystery shoppers across the nation. We maintain a demographics profile of our shoppers and insist that they are objective, punctual and reliable. Our programs meet traditional needs in innovative environments. SRC clients are currently using walk-in, telephone, combination, competitive, and elite programs to meet the needs of their business. Visit: Service Research

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