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Strategic Evaluations, Inc. (Canada)

Depending on the type of mystery shop, the time it takes to complete it can range from 15 minutes or longer. All mystery shoppers are hired as Independent Contractors which means you are responsible for submitting your income to the appropriate tax agencies. They allow you to select assignments that fit into your schedule and decline others that may be too far or may not fit into your schedule. As long as you’re above 19 years of age you are welcome to apply. If they offer you mystery shopping assignments, you would then receive a rate of pay for assignments completed to standards dependant upon the shop objectives. Some mystery shop assignments may include reimbursement for authorized purchases needed to fulfill objectives such as meals or merchandise that you get to keep! Visit: Strategic Evaluations, Inc.

Strategic Reflections

Strategic Reflections, Inc. is a mystery shopping company that provides retail stores, financial institutions, and restaurants a direct insight into customer experiences. The owner of the company has been in the mystery shopping business since 1988. Strategic Reflections, Inc. has utilized a plan of action based upon experience for accurate and efficient design, development, and implementation of each and every Mystery shopping program. Programs are designed to assess, address, and resolve all of the critical factors that directly impact the customer service experience. Visit: Strategic Reflections

Superior Product Pickup Service

Our field agents are “independent contractors” and are not our employees. They are compensated on a “per job” basis, with the “fee” advised prior to the beginning of most assignments. We base the compensation on the amount of time and effort needed to complete the job by the deadline. Visit: Superior Product Pickup Service

Sutter Marketing (U.S.)

Established in 1976, Sutter Marketing, Inc. provides clients a full range of services that allow us to work with you in a strategic partnership role. Our entire offering of services has been developed and organized in order to make the greatest impact on your marketing efforts. Visit: Sutter Marketing

Tenox Appraisal Systems (Canada)

Tenox Appraisal Systems (TAS) is a retail support and services organization, serving clients across Canada. Our services are based upon one simple principle, “Exceeding Client Satisfaction”. For more than 20 years we have been delivering on this promise by developing flexible and actionable programs for a diverse group of clients. Visit: Tenox Appraisal Systems

Tern Consultancy (U.K.)

(Application found on Recruitment page): We are always pleased to hear from people who might be interested in working with us.If we have vacancies in your area, we will contact you accordingly and invite you to move on to the next stage of the recruitment process. If there are no opportunities in your area, we will keep your application details on file for future reference. Visit: Tern Consultancy

Test Shopper

Mystery Shopping for business, customer service, cash handling, etiquette, and safety. Visit: Test Shopper

Test Track Research

Test Track Research provides market research information to the nation’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic testing companies and financial institutions. Includes retail sales research, customer intercepts, in-store testing, distribution and shelf studies, telephone surveys, internet surveys, mystery shopping and merchandising. Visit: Test Track Research

Texas Shoppers Network (TSN)

As a mystery shopper for TSN, you would be responsible for visiting our clients’ businesses and making a discreet evaluation of customer service, cleanliness, and other issues of importance to our clients. Objective observations are then recorded on the report form provided by TSN. Visit: Texas Shoppers Network (TSN)

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The Communicators

Since 1997 we have been helping organizations create a buzz and show the world what they do. A small but nimble firm, we can achieve quality results faster than larger agencies. Our Mystery Shoppers must have great attention for detail. You must be fair, honest, responsible and not biased in your opinions. Visit: The Communicators

The Corporate Research Group

*Canadian Residents Only* As a mystery shopper, you will anonymously and objectively observe and document the quality of service a store or business gives on any given day. All you need to do is remember the details of the visit and write them down on easy to follow report forms. After filling in the report you may be asked to write a short, concise description of your visit and any events that affected the quality of service you received. Visit: The Corporate Research Group

The Eleven Agency

An independently-owned Sales and Marketing agency committed to surpassing client’s expectations! Visit: The Eleven Agency

The Grass Roots Group UK Limited

The Grass Roots Group UK Limited (GRG) is a business services agency. GRG has been a major provider of Mystery Shopping services since the early 1980’s. We have a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors including Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food, Leisure, Finance, Automotive and Transport. We are always keen to expand our panel of Mystery Shoppers as our business is continually growing and evolving, both in terms of the number and the nature of projects we undertake. Visit: The Grass Roots Group UK Limited

The Hotel Shopping Network (HSN) – U.S.

The Hotel Shopping Network™ was formed in 1994 by Janis Mitchell, a hotelier with over 28 years in the hospitality industry. Janis saw the importance of the points-of-sale from her sales and marketing background, and mystery shopped her own corporate assigned hotels regularly. HSN provides front office and sales department mystery shopping. Visit: The Hotel Shopping Network (HSN)

The Kirandt Group (U.S.)

The scope and nature of our very specialized programs for our casino clients require that the members of our firm all have extensive backgrounds in several different facets of the gaming industry. That said, The Kirandt Group continues to grow rapidly and we welcome resumes from individuals who have a minimum of four years of casino industry employment. Managerial experience and/or a four-year related degree are preferred. Visit: The Kirandt Group

The Mershimer Group, Inc. (U.S.)

Has positions that are ideal for loss prevention and audit professionals who are recently retired, currently on sabbatical, looking for contract work, fulltime, or part time. The work involves conducting audits, mystery shops, business inspections, investigations and other typical loss prevention activities. Especially interested in candidates who possess a valid Private Investigator license. Those who do, should let them know which states they currently hold licenses in. Visit: The Mershimer Group, Inc.

The Pat Henry Group (U.S.)

Merchandising and Mystery Shopping position plus Pat Henry Market Research is looking for respondents, males and females to participate in market research projects that will offer you the opportunity to share your opinions and views. Visit: The Pat Henry Group

The Performance Edge

Shoppers are assigned to visit a specific client (i.e. a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, etc.) and complete an evaluation form which we provide which often includes a detailed chronological narrative of your observations. Good observation and writing skills are essential. Visit: The Performance Edge

The Shadow Agency

We specialize in a variety of valuable services which anonymously monitor the sales representative and/or the customer service representative of business patrons. The Shadow Agency – Newmark provides the opportunity to monitor not only the personal contacts but telephone contacts as well. (See the contact form to enquire about becoming a shopper). Visit: The Shadow Agency

The Shadow Shopper of Georgia (U.S.)

A video mystery shopping company, The Shadow Shopper of Georgia, Inc. is committed to providing clients with a clear and undisputed view of their business. This allows the client to evaluate their training programs and increase sales. Visit: The Shadow Shopper of Georgia

The Solomon Group

We take great pride in our secret shoppers. We only hire the most qualified individuals in the industry. Because we expect only the best from our evaluators we only select those individuals who have been referred to us by schedulers or other evaluation companies. If you have been referred to us, you have been provided a link to our registration page where you can register to become a secret shopper for our company. If you have not been referred to us and are interested in becoming a secret shopper for The Solomon Group we offer a special training program. Visit: The Solomon Group

The Woods Group Inc. (U.S. & Canada)

In order to apply to become a mystery shopper, you must know exactly what mystery shopping entails which you may or may not already know. After you have filled out an online application, you will be given a 15 question quiz which you must pass with 100% in addition to 2 short writing samples in order to become one of their shoppers. You must carefully read all of the following in order to successfully pass the quiz. Visit their website to apply. Visit: The Woods Group Inc.

The Zellman Group, LLC

The Zellman Group’s Customer Service Shopping program takes the mystery out of retail customer interactions. Utilizes the Sassy Shop system. Visit: The Zellman Group, LLC

TNS Market Research (MysteryClicks)

With over 25 years of conducting domestic and international mystery shopping programs, TNS provides worldwide mystery shopping coverage and offers many different opportunities to our shoppers. In addition to our traditional Mystery Shopping programs, we offer opportunities to work in merchandising, POS audits, inventory and appearance audits, and online panel studies. Visit: TNS Market Research (MysteryClicks)


A leader and innovator in the industry since 1989, TrendSource® is one of the world’s premier information gathering and evaluation firms. TrendSource® offers customer service evaluations (mystery shops), market research, compliance audits, reward programs and competitor shops. Visit: TrendSource

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