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Free Listings: Mystery Shopping Jobs

Video Eyes LLC

Want to become a Video Scout? We provide the detailed training needed to be successful with our program. Our standards begin with your total commitment to quality, ensuring award-winning results. Visit: Video Eyes LLC


Evaluators will be asked to test new services and give feedback so that we can improve the services for our customers. Evaluations usually take about an hour. We will provide compensation in the form of a Wal-Mart Gift Card or another form chosen by Walmart.com. Visit: Wal-Mart

Web Mystery Shoppers

We need people who are willing to shop on the Internet and tell us about their experiences. You don’t have to have ever shopped by computer before, or even know much about computers. You do need to have access to one, and know how to connect to the Internet from it. We’ll pay you similar rates to what you’d earn in standard mystery shopping jobs, but you won’t have to travel or deal with boring paperwork. Visit: Web Mystery Shoppers

Westcoast Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers will receive more work if they continually provide outstanding, quality, detailed reports and live in a highly populated area, or travel on a regular basis. You may receive an assignment for one store or for a variety of stores in your city. Mystery shopping assignments will vary in quantity depending upon how many assignments are in your geographical area. Visit: Westcoast Mystery Shopping

Wireless Store Shopper

Secretively shop client’s establishment and accurately and honestly document factual experience and report experiences to Corporation in a timely fashion (by deadline date established at time of schedule acceptance). Under no circumstances will Independent reveal that they are a Secret Shopper, Mystery Shopper, Customer Service Evaluator or anything of the like for Corporation. Visit: Wireless Store Shopper

Zanzis Pizza Mystery Customer (U.S.)

If you would like to apply to be a Zanzis mystery customer, visit their website to fill out your application and submit it. As new mystery customer positions become available they will contact you. Zanzis mystery customers provide feedback on a visit and also test products being considered to add to or take off the menu. Visit: Zanzis Pizza

Zoo People (U.K.)

Mystery Shopping, Mystery Dining and Mystery Calling, takes many forms but the main types of activity are site/venue visits, telephone, post and the Internet. Zoo have a substantial number of staff on their database who are based throughout the UK who have years of experience and have been trained to carry out covert or overt Mystery Shopping with the option of reveal or non-reveal conclusions. Visit: Zoo People

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