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Examine Your Practice

Examine Your Practice is a Mystery Shopping service specializing in healthcare, with a focus on small to large practices, managed care groups and extended care facilities. Mystery Patients are experienced, trained mystery shoppers with excellent observation skills. They have a clear understanding of objectives before entering a practice as a “Mystery Patient”. Visit: Examine Your Practice

Excel Shopping & Consulting (U.S. and Canada)

Want to get paid for looking at apartments? The shops consist of a telephone call and visit to the apartment community. You will need Microsoft Excel or access to a fax to complete assignments. We are looking for dependable, detail oriented shoppers for all areas (nationwide). You must have good writing skills and be able to notice details and express them in your comments(narratives) about your experience. You must complete the shops by the due date and submit a complete and accurate report within 24 hours of the shop. Visit: Excel Shopping & Consulting

Eye Spy Spotter (Arizona, U.S.)

Eye Spy Spotter Service is a Phoenix based bar spotter, mystery restaurant shopping, and service evaluation company specializing in Arizona’s hospitality industry. Visit: Eye Spy Spotter

EyeSpy Critiquing and Consulting (U.S.)

If you are interested in eating at some of the best restaurants in your area, then dine for EyeSpy clients. EyeSpy enables restaurant owners and managers to experience their business like their customers do. If you are interested in being a part of this Evaluator team and supporting restaurants in achieving this, or if you would like more information about becoming an EyeSpy Evaluator, please fill out the application by clicking the link below. Visit: EyeSpy Critiquing and Consulting

Feedback Plus, Inc.

Better-managed businesses, whether large or small, perform regular mystery shopping programs. These programs assist management in determining if their actions provide the best in customer satisfaction and attention to consumer needs. Shoppers play a vital role in this process if they have the necessary skills and desire to make a difference. Visit: Feedback Plus, Inc.

FieldNet (Australia/NZ)

Payment for each project varies. The coordinator will discuss payment prior to your acceptance of the project (see item 2 in the Terms and conditions). If you have to buy a product we will reimburse you. Payment is made by cheque on a monthly basis and will be sent to the address recorded on the registration form. Visit: FieldNet

Focus On Service

Our company runs the secret shopper program to evaluate the service and food at Bertucci’s, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, and Longhorn Steakhouse. We are looking for people (ages 18 and over) to visit these restaurants and report back to us on their experience. You will be required to fill out a simple on-line survey about the food and service you have received at the restaurant. Visit: Focus On Service

Franchise Compliance, Inc.

Our nationwide team of franchise auditors conduct scheduled “behind the counter” visits with franchisees. Each audit includes a customized on-line questionnaire, a full range of reporting options as well as digital photographs. Visit: Franchise Compliance, Inc.

FreemanGroup Measurement

No information available at this time. Visit: FreemanGroup Measurement

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Frontline Shoppers (Canada)

Thank you for your interest in joining our national team of mystery shopper researchers. Mystery shoppers perform customer service assessments for a variety of businesses / organizations. Flexible hours with compensation range of $10.00 to $15.00 per shop assignment. Visit: Frontline Shoppers

GAPbuster Worldwide

The feedback provided by GAPbuster Worldwide’s eXperience Evaluators (XEs) is often the key ingredient in business’ ongoing effort to improve their standard of customer service. If you feel you have something to contribute to the ongoing improvement of customer service and like the idea of being paid to shop, customer service evaluation could be perfect for you. Become a GAPbuster Worldwide eXperience Evaluator today! Visit: GAPbuster Worldwide

GfK Mystery Shopping (U.S. and Canada)

As a Mystery Shopper you will visit, make phone calls or Internet enquiries to various establishments, posing as a prospective customer or purchaser of some product or service. You will be asked to report on various details of your ‘shop’. This will be done via a questionnaire, which will ask you to report on many things, such as the quality of the service you received, the interior appearance of a shop, etc. All the details that you will need for your role as a Mystery Shopper will be available on the GfK web site. Visit: GfK Mystery Shopping

Global Compliance Services (formerly Pinkerton Compliance Services)

Global Compliance Services has been conducting compliance auditing, mystery shopping, and data collection services for decades. In response to clients’ requests for consistent high-quality field research, GCS Field Research (formerly known as Pinkerton Field Research), the business unit dedicated to conducting these services, was established in 1992. Visit: Global Compliance Services

Goodwin & Associates

Provide valuable feedback to our great clients regarding customer service, food quality and value, cleanliness and more. Companies use this information to improve training, recognize outstanding operations and employees, measure their quality of operations, and see how they can better serve their guests and gain a competitive edge. Visit: Goodwin & Associates

Graymark Security Group

Graymark Security Group provides Shopping Services to a broad spectrum of businesses ranging from retail stores and restaurants to nightclubs, hotels, cruise lines and other customer oriented companies. Visit: Graymark Security Group

Green & Associates

Green & Associates is a “Mystery Shopping” company involved in providing service evaluations for the hospitality industry. The company specializes in hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars. We also perform retail evaluations. Green and Associates currently performs evaluations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Visit: Green & Associates

Greet America

We are looking for objective, energetic individuals to conduct Mystery Shops throughout the United States. Our Mystery Shoppers assess customer service, sales techniques, site appearance, etc., for our clients. Visit: Greet America

Guest Check (U.S.)

Guest Check is a leading provider of mystery shopping services and is one of the only companies in the nation that specializes specifically and solely in hotels and restaurants. People who make good Mystery Shoppers are people who appreciate good service and likewise who like to feel that their business is appreciated. A good Mystery Shopper looks upon Mystery Shopping as an opportunity to help improve service levels at the places they like to visit. Visit: Guest Check

Handleman Company (International)

Some responsibilities of a merchandiser include customer contact, service calls, online data collection, modular resets and maintenance, new product cut-ins, Point of Purchase placement, as well as communication with the Handleman Field Sales Team. Daily travel to your stores is required so you must have reliable transportation. Visit: Handleman Company

Harland Educational Services

Harland Educational Services was founded in 1985 in Boulder City, Nevada as MyDAS, Inc. to provide consulting to the financial services industry. We specialize in customized, award winning training, research and integrated services. Visit: Harland Educational Services

Harris Teeter

Supermarket chain with stores in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN and VA. Utilizes the Sassie Shop System. Visit: Harris Teeter

Hidden Concepts Inc.

HIDDEN CONCEPTS Inc. looks for detail oriented people. You must be reliable, and have a critical eye for detail. Your rating as an evaluator will be based partially on your ability to follow instructions. A detailed memory helps as well. You must be able to speak your local language fluently, and have a high school diploma. Post-secondary education is an asset. Visit: Hidden Concepts Inc.

Hilli Dunlap

Utilizes the Sassie Shop System. Visit: Hilli Dunlap


Hindsight Mystery Shopping has an established reputation of quality, timely, and objective information. We have over eleven years of customer service information collection experience! We deal with only reputable shoppers and clients. Hindsight trys to give everyone a good value for their time and money. Visit: Hindsight

HR and Associates (U.S.)

HR and Associates is a full-service marketing, real estate, and information services research and consulting firm. Visit: HR and Associates

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