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Mystery Customer Pty Ltd. (NSW, AU)

Mystery customers are selected from a broad sector of the public, who have a desire to earn extra cash for posing as mystery customers. No formal qualifications are necessary however a background in customer service, hospitality or research is an advantage. Selects customers who are detail oriented, thorough, observant and objective. Visit: Mystery Customer Pty Ltd.

Mystery Guest Inc.

As a Mystery Guest Shopper, you could be contacted to perform customer service evaluations for various types of businesses. Registering with Mystery Guest, Inc. (MGI) does not obligate you in any way. You can choose to accept or decline any assignment offered to you. Visit: Mystery Guest Inc.

Mystery Shopper Pros

As a mystery shopper (or secret shopper), you will be an Independent Contractor for Mystery Shopper Pros. When we have work available in your area, we will e-mail you the job offer. Visit: Mystery Shopper Pros

Mystery Shoppers Inc. (U.S.)

We are currently accepting applications for Written Mystery Shoppers and Video Scouts across the country. Applications are held in our shopper database so that we can locate prospective shoppers when work becomes available in their area. Visit: Mystery Shoppers Inc.

Mystery Shoppers Ltd. (U.K.)

Some assignments are one-off, taking maybe an hour or so of your time, some are virtually full-time. Some will need only a written or telephone briefing, others will need you to attend a training session. For most assignments we will tell you in advance how much we will pay. Visit: Mystery Shoppers Ltd.


We provide businesses with more information than other mystery shopping companies through the use of questionnaires and detailed narratives. These questionnaires provide businesses with an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by the customer. Visit: Mystery-Shoppers

MysteryShopper.com.au (U.S., Australia, U.K.)

Note: Application processing and training fee of $5.00 will be deducted from the payment for your first successful mystery shopping job. Earn rewards and cash for posing as a shopper and answering questionnaires and giving feedback about customer service, sales skills, products, procedures, and facilities. Visit: MysteryShopper.com.au

Mystique Shopper

Mystique Shopper evaluates the performance of employees, customer service and products for the retail and service industries utilizing anonymous “Mystery Shoppers” like you. We conduct evaluations by personal visits and/or by phone. “Mystery Shoppers” are independent contractors that conduct “shops”, complete online evaluation forms and get paid “per assignment”. Visit: Mystique Shopper

National Shopping Service

National Shopping Service offers much more than any other mystery shopping company! NSS combines over 33 years of mystery shopping experience with industry leading technology to provide a suite of innovative customer and employee management services. Visit: National Shopping Service

National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN)

National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) is located in Denver, Colorado. Over 45,000 shoppers across the US, Canada and the UK have registered to shop for us. We invite you to submit an online application to be a mystery shopper. No city is too small. We are often looking for shoppers in small, out of the way places as well as large metropolitan areas. Visit: National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN)

Nationwide Services Group, Inc.

NSG currently serves some of the finest and largest corporations in America including many Fortune 500 companies. These companies are in many business types including retail chains, convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants, health clubs, and many other customer contact industries. Visit: Nationwide Services Group, Inc.

New Image Marketing, Ltd. (U.S.)

This company currently employs hundreds of individuals to perform Mystery Shops and Site Inspections throughout most of the United States. Assignments available in Automotive Service Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and other retail operations. A few clients include Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, LUKOil, Cumberland Farms, Gulf Oil, Wal-Mart, and Safeway. Positions and locations available for all ages. They also perform Tobacco and Alcohol Compliance Shops for individuals of ages 18 – 25. Visit: New Image Marketing, Ltd.

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC)

We serve companies in a range of industries including restaurant, retail, property management and hotel. From large national chains, to one-of-a kind boutique experiences, our expertise helps companies proactively reduce losses and guard their assets. Visit: Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC)

Nsite Inc.

We are seeking responsible individuals who have a good eye for detail and can effectively write non-judgmental descriptions of goods, services and locations that can be used to create important data for companies. Payments are often in cash but can also come in the form of products and services. Payments are made monthly using PayPal. Nsite will contact you via email when an opportunity is available in your area. Visit: Nsite Inc.

On-Site Research (U.S.)

Mystery shopping, audits, product tracking and recovery. Visit their website to fill out their form. You will be called when there is an opportunity in your area of operation. Visit: On-Site Research

Pacific Research Group, Inc.

PRG is the most technologically advanced mystery shop company in the industry and we are seeking to build relationships with the most conscientious and professional shoppers across the country. We serve major corporations across the country in many industries. Visit: Pacific Research Group, Inc.

Palm Scheduling Services

We provide a full range of services to mystery shopping, marketing, demo and merchandising companies in the areas of recruiting, scheduling, follow-up, shopper/auditor support and training. We are looking forward to keeping you busy in 2004 with many new shops. Visit: Palm Scheduling Services

PAN Research (Ireland)

Looking for honest and observant people who are capable of writing an online report based on their experience in a typical customer situation. Mystery Shopping is flexible and occasional work. Fluent, written and spoken English is a must. It is also essential that you have a Computer and a printer and access to email/internet at home. Visit: PAN Research

Peak Techniques

PTI was started with the goal of really helping the Market Research client. We work to understand their goals and then guide them to the proper types of research needed to meet those goals. Visit: Peak Techniques

Perception Strategies (U.S.)

Perception Strategies, Inc. is a leader in healthcare customer service, serving large and small healthcare organizations throughout the United States. We are looking for people who possess good observational skills, excellent writing ability, and are responsible and reliable. Visit: Perception Strategies

Perceptive Market Research

Since 1987, Perceptive Market Research has successfully conducted over a quarter-of-a-million mystery shops at a wide variety of organizations. We identify, quantify and measure the performance based upon client specified criteria. Every step of the process is conducted and managed in-house. We have a central nationwide telephone mystery shop call-in center which means clients can have preliminary data quickly. Visit: Perceptive Market Research

PerformaLogics Canada

PerformaLogics hires Mystery Shoppers for both urban and rural areas across Canada. They are looking for people of all ages and have a large number of mystery shops available. At the beginning of each month, PerformaLogics provides a list of available shops through their Shopper Services area on their website. This list details all the shops that need to be completed for the month. You are responsible for logging onto the site and selecting the shops as you like, however, there may be restrictions on which shops you can do (for example you might not be able to shop the same location two consecutive months in a row). Visit: PerformaLogics

Performance In People

Mystery shopping is not a new development; it evolved over 50 years ago, primarily in the financial services sector as a means of checking employee integrity and minimising theft. Today the process has matured and Performance In People is able to offer a range of mystery shopping services, from email/internet enquiries through to recorded telephone calls and mail-outs. We are now the UK’s leading provider of the industry’s fastest growing sector, visual mystery shopping. Visit: Performance In People

Person To Person Quality

Person To Person Quality is an experienced mystery shopping firm. We conduct mystery shopping projects throughout the country for clients in all industries. Many of our projects have been for banks, mortgage companies, and insurers. The people who do mystery shopping for us are able to demonstrate high standards of professionalism, diligence, and reliability. We welcome your application. Visit: Person To Person Quality

Phantom Shoppers

We are a professional mystery shopping service for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competition by providing the highest quality product at all times to their customers. Visit: Phantom Shoppers

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