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imedgexperts, inc.

imedgexperts, inc. is looking for Experienced Shoppers to perform Mystery Shop Reports at a variety of businesses across the United States. If you are dependable, can follow directions and have good writing skills, you are encouraged to apply with our company. Visit: imedgexperts, inc.

Impact Resource Group (U.S.)

IMPACT Resource Group is not only the premier retail services company — we’re also a great place to work. We have openings nationally for people who care about their work and are dedicated to doing their best for our customers. Visit: Impact Resource Group


If you are interested in getting paid to shop at various locations and completing evaluations about the service you have received, we welcome you to register as a mystery shopper immediately, as imyst is always looking for qualified mystery shoppers throughout the United States to perform evaluations for our clients. Visit: IMYST

In-Touch Survey Systems (Canada)

In-Touch Survey Systems offers full service mystery shop programs in Canada in both English and French. With thousands of experienced shoppers available in every province and a rigorous recruitment and on-line training and testing program, In-Touch can accommodate programs of any size and complexity with limited lead times. Visit: In-Touch Survey Systems

InfoCision (U.S.)

InfoCision’s work-from-home program offers all the stability and professionalism of their call centers, which have been named among the top 10 best places to work in Ohio by the state Chamber of Commerce for two years in a row. If you have mobility issues that make it difficult for you to work outside the home, are a stay-at-home parent, live far from their locations or if you simply want to have a flexible schedule, InfoCision’s work-at-home program is what you’ve been looking for. No telemarketing experience is necessary – they provide extensive on-site training and coaching via the Internet. You will get paid for any time that you are logged into their system, including all time spent taking, making and waiting for calls. You are required to log in to an outbound campaign between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight. Any time between midnight and 8 a.m., you can log in to “inbound only”. You will also get paid for approved trainings. Visit: InfoCision

Informa Research Services

Mystery shoppers are screened and selected from localities in which shopping will take place so that their expectations will be similar to those of local customers. A biosketch for each shopper selected is developed outlining detailed background information, helping ensure that all parameters set by the client, such as age and education, are met. Along with the biosketch, a screening questionnaire to evaluate shopper habits and any pre-conceived tendencies is required, allowing us to better select qualified shoppers. Informa Research Services then provides comprehensive training materials to shoppers, outlining detailed procedures and guidelines for each phase of the interviewing process. Performance rating questions have detailed examples and operational definitions, so all shoppers are using the same definitions. Visit: Informa Research Services

Information Technologies Inc. (U.S.)

Currently in search of Court Abstractors/Data Collectors in various regions around the nation. This is an independent contractor position, and the pay is based on the quantity of records collected. Please complete their form to apply if you are currently collecting tax lien or judgment information from any regions. Visit: Information Technologies Inc.


Infotel seeks responsible, enthusiastic individuals interested in becoming mystery shoppers. As a mystery shopper, you will play a critical role in improving the level of customer service offered by businesses. Improved customer service begins with you, the shopper. Infotel works with a diverse client base, which guarantees our shoppers a fun and exciting work schedule. A shopper could visit a restaurant, receive a flower arrangement and a car wash all in the same week! Visit: INFOTEL

Innovative Retail Services (U.S. Florida & Georgia)

Become a merchandiser, submit form. Visit: Innovative Retail Services

Insight Market Research (U.K./Europe)

Address lending, Physical Mystery Shoppers and Telephone Shopping. Look under ‘Recruitment’. Visit: Insight Market Research

Insight Retail Consulting (U.K.)

Insight Retail Consulting (IRC) provides a professional consulting service to the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors tailoring their services to suit individual needs. Areas of expertise include retail and leisure property acquisitions, property management, shop fitting and store design, franchising & joint venture, mystery shopping programmes, market & consumer research and international expansion. Visit: Insight Retail Consulting

Instant Reply, Inc.

Our Mystery Shoppers are not marketing consultants or research & development advisors. We do not ask our shoppers for suggestions or solutions. Their job is simply to enlighten clients of their typical dining/shopping experience. Visit: Instant Reply, Inc.

Instore Focus Inc. (Canada)

InStore Focus, Inc. and Promo Detail in Quebec, along with our subsidiary, Display Potentials have been providing one-to-one brand experiences across Canada for over 22 years! We enjoy exclusive sampling contracts with major food retailers throughout Canada. In addition to sampling, we provide our clients with a full range of marketing services to meet their evolving needs. Our solid reputation and repeat clients are a result of the talented people we contract coast-to-coast! Visit: Instore Focus Inc.

Insula Research

Insula Research is a market research company specializing in mystery shops, audits, and custom research studies such as the QSR Drive-Thru Time Study. Visit: Insula Research

Intelligent Marketing Solutions (IMS) – U.K.

(Check the Field Vacancies page): The IMS Field Team is made up of self-employed people who complete the field marketing activities on behalf of IMS clients. Many of our Field Team members will use field marketing as their main source of income, however a small percentage of members will use field marketing just as a flexible way to earn extra income in addition to their other full or part time commitments. Visit: Intelligent Marketing Solutions


We work hard to create an atmosphere for our shoppers that motivates them to do outstanding work on behalf of our clients. We achieve this by always dealing with you in friendly but professional terms, making our programs as efficient as possible for you to complete your work, paying you fairly and quickly following completion of an assignment, and providing you with constructive feedback on your work with us. Visit: IntelliShop

International Service Check

They are a market research company offering mystery shopping to retailers and manufactures. Founded in 1996, this worldwide field force of over 100,000 service checkers enables them to serve any location in a short period of time. This provides clients with the benefit of timely information for all of the locations they serve. Visit: International Service Check


Intrep is a B2B outbound telemarketing company. They are looking for experienced Appointment Setters to schedule appointments for fortune 1000 clients. It is essential to have a home office including a computer system (Windows XP), internet access through DSL or Cable, quiet work environment and unlimited long distance. Intrep has the ability to monitor calls through our web-based database and phone system. Professionalism at all times is a must. Visit: Intrep

Intrep Auto Club Renewals (U.S.)

Tired of work-at-home opportunities that are NOT legitimate? Would you love to work at home but do NOT want to be an independent contractor? Would you like to eliminate paying your own quarterly taxes, and be an actual employee instead? Read on…Auto Club Renewals is looking for experienced Renewal Specialists to call existing members for a fortune 500 company. Individuals with previous work-at-home sales experience will be strongly considered. It is essential to have a home office including a computer system (Minimum of Windows XP or Vista), internet access through DSL or Cable, quiet work environment and unlimited long distance. No cell phones…you must have a land line for this job. Should you have the dedication to work from home as an employee, and would like to be considered for this tremendous opportunity, apply by visiting their website. Visit: Intrep Auto Club Renewals

ITS Incognito

We are currently looking for Incognito Assessors who are based in the UK and have good Excel & keyboard skills, excellent written English and good attention to detail. Visit: ITS Incognito

J. M. Ridgway Co., Inc.

JMR provides market research through Mystery Shopping for any retail or service oriented business. We service hundreds of clients and perform numerous mystery shops across the continental United States. If you have ever received poor customer service, then you know there is demand for our service and your Mystery Shopping skills. Visit: J. M. Ridgway Co., Inc.

J.C. & Associates LLC

J.C. & Associates LLC began business in 1999, with its mission to help businesses achieve and maintain the highest levels of Customer Service and Quality. Since our beginning, we understood that there was a desperate need for quality Customer Service Evaluating and Consulting in the retail service industry. Therefore, our vision at J.C. & Associates LLC is to set the first “Standard” throughout the retail service industry in providing expert Customer Service Evaluating and Reporting in the form of “Mystery Shopping Reports”. Visit: JC & Associates LLC


All qualified J.Lodge Analysts work from their home offices but work closely with their virtual team members. Initial and ongoing training is provided via webinars, conference calls and daily contact with your team lead. Virtual team meetings are held daily and you work closely with other team members across the US to solve customer issues. Physically disabled Americans preferred. The call monitoring profession is perfect for the person who has lost their position in our work force due to a physical disability caused by disease or accident but still has a lot to offer the world wide call center based customer service industry. J.Lodge is committed to this business model. It is a true win-win for everyone. Visit: J.Lodge

J.R. Demos and Merchandising (U.S.)

Merchandising and demo services. Visit: J.R. Demos and Merchandising


Have you ever wanted to enjoy your work as much as you enjoy shopping? Being a mystery shopper unites the best of both worlds. Exciting and rewarding, mystery shopping serves the very important function of gathering the information necessary to keep America’s businesses growing strong. By becoming a Jancyn shopper you will be joining an elite group that is the eyes and ears of the business community. Visit: Jancyn

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