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Jellybean Services (U.S.)

Mock Juror, Court Researchers and Telemarketer positions available. Please visit their website for details. Visit: Jellybean Services


All JHTS transcription undergoes a two-stage process. Each recording is transcribed by a member of the team, and then a second member of the team goes through that transcript, with the original recording, and checks for accuracy and completeness, and does any necessary research to ensure accuracy of names, terminology, etc. They do not outsource any transcription at all to offshore ‘back-office’ companies. Visit: JHTS (U.K.).

Jireh Scheduling and Research

Jireh Scheduling and Research is not just another mystery shopping company or consumer research firm. Our goal is to provide customized marketing for evaluating customer relations. Visit: Jireh Scheduling and Research

JKS Inc.

JKS is a consumer market research company focusing on mystery shopping, focus groups and surveys. JKS Inc. concentrates solely on consumer market research and serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. Visit: JKS Inc.

JKS Mystery Shopping (U.K.)

The most important criteria is that you must be over 18 years of age, have a customer service background, whether that be in the licensed trade, shop floor, face to face or telephone, together with internet access and a reasonable level of computer literacy. They are looking for people who can accurately report on the service experience they receive, with empathy to front line staff and managers. Visit: JKS Mystery Shopping

JLG Medical Transcription Services (U.S.)

Medical Transcriptionist: If you meet their qualifications, are self-motivated to work from home, and would like to receive excellent compensation, please complete the on-line application for consideration. Only US based MTs need apply. Visit: JLG Medical Transcription Services.

Josiah Mackenzie & Company

You can telecommute; No more having to show up in an office; Hours are flexible; Work when you want to. Of course there are deadlines, but you are free to manage your time as you choose. Need to go to class? Fine, you can work later. Pay is performance-based. If you’re a motivated person, you have the opportunity to earn much higher wage per hour than an hourly-wage employee earns. Work is on-demand You might receive a call saying, “Hey, want to work for 4 hours and earn $150?” Innovation is rewarded. Visit: Josiah Mackenzie & Company

Kaiz Hospitality (India)

Kaiz Hospitality Services is a member of The Mystery Shopping Providers Association and only works with shoppers who comply with Shopper’s Code of Professional Standards. They are looking for individuals who would like to make a difference by sharing their experiences as customers. This company uses a proprietary system Third EYE to evaluate customer experiences. Visit: Kaiz Hospitality

Karla Kava Inc. – KKI (U.S.)

Data collection services include Field Interviewing; In-Store Audits; Mystery Shopping; In-Store Monitoring; Product Purchasing and Retrieval. Visit: Karla Kava Inc. (KKI)

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Kelly Career Network (U.S.)

Search for merchandising jobs listed with Kelly Services. Visit: Kelly Career Network

Kern Scheduling Services

Kern Scheduling Services is dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. A fundamental aim of our business is to ensure that the highest standards and ethics are maintained. Visit: Kern Scheduling Services

KeyForCash (U.S.)

KeyForCash is a website that enables you to earn money by typing at home. They are in the business of data entry services. Because of overwhelming interest, they limit the number of people who work for them. You can join the waiting list. Visit: KeyForCash

Keystone Marketing Solutions (U.S.)

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with the national major chains, regional chains, resellers, direct marketers and distributors. We know we are guests in their stores and offices — our job is to help them sell more and better – And We DO! (Job application info is under the Contact Us section). Visit: Keystone Marketing Solutions

Keystrokes Transcription Service, Inc.

Keystrokes began as a two-person home-based office and now employs a full clerical staff, sales team and 200+ transcriptionists. Keystrokes only hires top-quality transcriptionists. If you fit the following requirements, please feel free to apply. Visit: Keystrokes Transcription Service, Inc.

Kinesis (U.S.)

Working at Kinesis provides an opportunity to do great work in an industry that is exploring new boundaries every day. Our Customer Experience Management solution is allowing our customers to interact with their customers in creative ways and build relationships that are mutually beneficial. Visit: Kinesis

Landmark Transcription, Inc.

In general, applicants must have two or more years of recent work experience transcribing inpatient medical record reports: history and physicals, operative reports, consultations and discharge summaries. Offers both Employee and Contractor options. Full time employees enjoy a full range of benefits. Visit: Landmark Transcription, Inc.

LanguageLine Interpreters

If you have native, or near native proficiency in English and a non-English language, good customer service skills, and good memory retention, they can teach you the rest. You can join global centers in Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. Or, if you live in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the United Kingdom, become a “Work at Home” interpreter, providing quality interpreting services from the comfort of your own home. Visit: LanguageLine Interpreters

Lanla (International)

In becoming a mystery shopper you will participate in different service quality evaluation missions. According to your preferences, you will evaluate different activity sectors. Everything will be done in confidence, approximately once a month and you will get paid to do it! An example? Go to a restaurant. Evaluate the service following simple and precise guidelines. Connect yourself and input your results online. It’s that simple! Visit: Lanla

Lantis Merchandising Services (LMS) U.S.

A division of Lantis Eyewear Corporation – a full service, national merchandising company based in Secaucus, New Jersey. Visit: Lantis Merchandising Services (LMS)

LeBlanc & Associates

Our company hires independent contractors to mystery shop new home sales agents. If you enjoy visiting new home communities, now you’ll be paid for it! We seek individuals who have daytime flexibility, Monday through Friday. Working as a “mystery shopper,” the salesperson should believe you are a serious buyer for one of their homes. Of course, you don’t buy a home. Visit: LeBlanc & Associates

Lee Perfect Transcription

If you are an Independent Contractor and would like to work with Lee Perfect and have at least 3 years experience in transcription, email your resume (found towards the bottom of page). You will be asked to take a test via the Internet. Visit: Lee Perfect Transcription

Legendary Investigations (U.S.)

Legendary Investigations combines over 20 years of experience in private investigations and secret shopping with programs that are specially targeted to produce benefits in the areas companies need most. If you are a shopper and would like to fill out an application you can do so by visiting their site and filling out the Shopper Application. Visit: Legendary Investigations

Levy Home Entertainment (U.S.)

Levy Home Entertainment believes in the importance of defining our retailer’s and publisher’s objectives and meeting or exceeding them. We believe that in achieving our financial objective we secure the long-term future for the company and its employees. We will treat all employees fairly and with dignity. We will provide a work environment that is safe, pleasant and helps to develop personal growth. We will aggressively pursue a climate that treats employees equally. Visit: Levy Home Entertainment

Liberty Research Services

Liberty Research Services provides Mystery Shopping data collection in the Philadelphia area for Full-Service marketing research companies who are conducting service evaluations for their clients. We are a data collection field service that focuses on providing accurate in-store research data in a timely and affordable manner. We work with a wide variety of clients throughout the United States, most of whom are Full-Service Research Firms. Visit: Liberty Research Services


If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business, LiveOps is a great place to start. All you need is an Internet-enabled computer, a phone line, and competent communications and sales skills. With LiveOps you can earn up to $15/hour just for talking on the phone. And having a home based business saves big on commute time and dry-cleaning costs. Who can beat that?Visit: LiveOps

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