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Phantom Shoppers

We are a professional mystery shopping service for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competition by providing the highest quality product at all times to their customers. Visit: Phantom Shoppers

Phoenix MedCom, Inc. (U.S.)

Requires a minimum of 600 lines per day. They have never experienced a prolonged work shortage, so you can type to whatever limits you set for yourself over their required 600 lines/day, Monday-Friday. They have work 24/7. Weekends are not required. They do not overstaff an account, so there’s no fighting to get your committed lines. You are assigned specific accounts and you will stay with these accounts. You don’t bounce from account to account on a daily or weekly basis. However, to achieve a significantly high volume, you will need to type more than one account. Visit the contact page for the Human Resources email address to send resumes. Visit: Phoenix MedCom, Inc.

Pierce Promotions (U.S.)

Pierce Promotions & event management is a top-ranked, national event marketing agency specializing in integrated, experiential marketing across multiple media and channels. Our capabilities include retailtainment events, mobile marketing, sampling, mall marketing, trade show management, sports marketing, and guerrilla marketing. Visit: Pierce Promotions

Plant Essentials

Merchandising job applications for Plant Essentials Inc. Visit: Plant Essentials

PMI Virtual Staffing Center

At PMI you have a beautiful opportunity as a tele-commuter to earn decent money while working at home at your convenience. You make your own hours, set your own schedule and earn as much as you want to. At the same time you will be helping PMI and your client grow their business. Visit: PMI Virtual Staffing Center

PMR Research

PMR Research mystery shopping has also proved to be an effective motivational tool, which encourages employees to always work hard at keeping existing customers happy, as well as attracting new ones. Branches and employees may be tracked and, based on levels of performance, rewarded for jobs well-done. Visit: PMR Research

Precyse Solutions

Working at Precyse Solutions means being part of the rare breed of companies that values an employee team as its most important asset. Precyse is a community of dedicated and experienced professionals providing the highest quality Health Information Management and Transcription services. Proud to employ colleagues who are equally committed to values of respect, integrity, quality and commitment. Visit: Precyse Solutions

Premier Service

At Premier Service, we assign our Mystery Shopping Assignments to the brightest and best mystery shoppers. We want all our shoppers to take complete pride in their work, writing intelligent reports that are clear, honest and observant. Visit: Premier Service

Premium Retail Services (U.S.)

Premium Retail Services employs thousands of people throughout the United States in a variety of flextime, part-time and full time positions as retail merchandisers and field managers. Even if there is not a position open in your area, feel free to fill out the Online Application and submit to us. All applications will be kept on file for 90 days and if a position becomes available in your area you will be contacted by a Premium Manager. Visit: Premium Retail Services

FusionCash pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. It's completely FREE to join. Sign up now and get $5 deposited into your account instantly. You've got nothing to lose and FREE cash to gain!

Présence (International)

Présence is the founding member of Excellence Mystery Shopping International, a programme involving 20 independent agencies operating in over 45 countries, enabling you to apply your barometer worldwide. Visit: Présence

Prism Retail Services (U.S.)

Prism was one of the pioneers in developing the retail merchandising services business model over a decade ago. As such, we have continued to be instrumental in shaping this industry’s growth and evolution. Today, Prism represents the performance benchmark with comprehensive experience and a track record second-to-none. A nationwide presence . . . 2,500 strong. Visit: Prism Retail Services

Probate.com (U.S.)

As a researcher, you will visit courts to check probate cases in which the heirs or their addresses are unknown. Set your own hours and schedule. Work either full- or part-time, whenever you find it personally convenient. As a researcher, your function is to visit your local Probate Court, to examine the most recently filed cases to see if the Petition discloses that any of the heirs are missing or unknown. You set your own hours, time and schedule. Visit: Probate.com

Production Transcripts

Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced transcribers. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. Prior to employment there will be a test. Please indicate your previous transcription experience, your current WPM, and your current employment situation. No beginners, no students. Visit: Production Transcripts

Professional Legal Services

Offers real work at home opportunities for individuals who can perform transcription work. In order to work from home you must have a computer with a fast access internet connection (DSL, cable modem, etc.). Digital transcription also requires an Infinity foot pedal and transcription software. Express Scribe is offered as a free download and works with multiple types of audio files. Other options are Olympus ditation software, SpeechCAT, ProCat, Panasonic software, Sony software, ByteScribe, etc. Does not currently need transcriptionists but willing to accept your resume to keep on file. Visit: Professional Legal Services

Professional Support Service

Positions for general/corporate transcriptionists. You will work from your home. The position will consist of logging into the server, downloading audio, typing that audio, sending the completed transcript to a QA (proofreader) and then immediately downloading another audio to begin typing again. Audio lengths may vary. Also offers proofreading positions. Visit: Professional Support Service

Profit Strategies And Solutions

Customer Service has become the difference between the success or failure for many companies in the new Millennium. As service becomes more and more important to the educated consumer, companies are evaluating, documenting and measuring the level of service the customers are receiving, and how their employees are performing. Visit: Profit Strategies And Solutions

Programmer Meet Designer

This is a site for programmers, web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and writers to find each other and work together to create websites that look and function great. It’s free to join. Visit: Programmer Meet Designer

Promotion Network, Inc. (U.S.)

Promotion Network, Inc. appreciates that to survive in today’s ever changing business environment, our clients need attentive, dedicated partners to understand their challenges and share in their successes. Visit: Promotion Network, Inc.


From time to time, they seek Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese proofreaders. Requires that you have reliable Internet connectivity (preferably cable or DSL or T1), and up-to-date software tools, including MS Word and/or Adobe Acrobat V6 (not the free reader). Visit: ProofreadNOW

Public Opinion Research

You will be working as a telephone interviewer doing direct research by calling individuals and asking them to participate in a telephone survey. You will then read them the questions and fill in their responses on-line through the Public Opinion Research website. The list of people you will call, as well the questionnaire will all be handled through their site. Visit: Public Opinion Research


PulseBack prides itself in having a superior field force. Our field evaluators are held to a stringent level of professionalism and are rewarded for their performance. Working as a PulseBack field evaluator is a great way to earn extra spending money in your spare time. Hours are generally flexible and won’t infringe upon your normal job. Payment varies depending on the job and the time need to complete it. Visit: PulseBack

Purkfect Resources (U.S.)

Anonymous “Point of Sale”; Telephone Service Evaluations; Award Programs; Competitor/Comparative Shops; On Site Surveys and more. Visit their website to apply. Visit: Purkfect Resources


QMG provides local, regional and national field personnel for in-store promotions, trade shows and special events. QMG employs a staff of permanent employees; we do not use independent contractors or third party companies. Visit: QMG

Quality Approach, Inc.

Our mystery shoppers are independent contractors who enter our clients locations anonymously, evaluate on a variety of criteria, and then fill out a questionnaire which is passed on to our client. Reimbursement to you will vary depending on the complexity of the evaluation, but as an independent contractor you can always accept or decline an assignment. Visit: Quality Approach, Inc.

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC welcomes you to submit your contact information to become a contract shopper for us. Mystery Shopping is enjoyable, and assists companies to grow and provide the best customer service and quality possible! Of course, it is also a source of additional income for you. We do not charge you a fee, but pay a contract shopper fee for completing quality assessments online. Visit: Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC

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