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Service Excellence Group, Inc.

We are looking for highly motivated, conscientious, quality people who understand the “ins and outs” of mystery shopping and recognize their critical importance to helping us keep our promise to our clients – delivering an exceptional product and delivering it on time. Visit: Service Excellence Group, Inc.

Service Impressions

Mystery shopping is fun, but it’s no joke! Mystery shopping can be an enjoyable way to enjoy a free meal, but it is serious business. With many of our clients, your reports are a key factor in reviewing and assessing employee performance and bonuses. Important decisions are made based on the data supplied by you, the mystery shopper. This input helps our clients improve their training programs and improve their level of customer service. Visit: Service Impressions

Service Intelligence – The Experience Exchange

Welcome SecretShopNet users! The Experience Exchange site is now your only access to certification and job selection. Moving forward with a single shopper site will allow us to add new features more quickly and improve your mystery shopping experience. Visit: Service Intelligence – The Experience Exchange

Service Performance Group

Established in 1992, Service Performance Group Inc. provides its clients a wide range of customer service solutions including mystery shopping, interactive voice response (IVR) and web based customer surveys. The development and refinement of our data collection techniques have been structured to provide our clients board room quality information ensuring their most important asset, the customer, returns for future purchases. Visit: Service Performance Group

Service Probe

ServiceProbe needs qualified shoppers to “Mystery Shop” apartment communities. “Shoppers” are hired from all occupations: business professionals, homemakers, construction workers, secretaries, waitresses, etc. Provides Phone Shops service as well. Visit: Service Probe

Service Quality Department

We have shops located throughout the United States. Less frequently, we have shops available throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, and South America. When a shop becomes available in your area, you will be notified by email. The email will give you a specific link to see what shops are available. Visit: Service Quality Department

Service Research

Mystery shopping provides a customer-oriented focus and is a major factor in influencing and managing customer perceptions. SRC has hundreds of trained mystery shoppers across the nation. We maintain a demographics profile of our shoppers and insist that they are objective, punctual and reliable. Our programs meet traditional needs in innovative environments. SRC clients are currently using walk-in, telephone, combination, competitive, and elite programs to meet the needs of their business. Visit: Service Research

Service Savvy

Service Savvy works with detail oriented, reliable and articulate people to provide our clients with valuable feedback. Some of the assignments that we work on pay a fee while others provide reimbursement for services and dining. Once you apply, we will contact you by phone or email when we have an assignment that meets your eligibility. Visit: Service Savvy

Service Scan Evaluations (U.K.)

Service Scan Evaluations was launched in 1996 by the founder directors of its sister company Progressive Training – a leading provider of technical and professional training to the UK service and hospitality industries. Visit: Service Scan Evaluations

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Service Science (U.K.)

If you have a strong interest in good service, please contact us. We are currently looking for people to visit a variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. We pay your expenses and a fee for completing a questionaire. If you have an eye for detail, a good memory, a passion for good service and a positive, constructive way of communicating, then you’re just the person we’re looking for. Visit: Service Science

Service Sense

It’s our strong belief that our evaluators are the most important link in the service evaluation process. While we hold our evaluators to the highest standard, we are uncompromising in our commitment to treating evaluators ethically, professionally and with respect. Visit: Service Sense

Service With Style (SWS)

Looking For People Who: Have a strong background in Hospitality or Retail; Are observant, detailed & professional; Experienced with computers; Good writing/grammar skills. Visit: Service With Style (SWS)


We specialize in the senior housing market, and are therefore looking for individuals over the age of 50 with Internet and computer skills. If you qualify, and are selected as a mystery shopper, you will visit or call a business as a customer. ServiceTRAC will reimburse you for your call or visit, and you will complete an online survey about your shopping experience with that business. Visit: ServiceTRAC

Set & Service Resources Corporation (U.S.)

SASR’s nationwide network of Retail Service industry customers are constantly on the lookout for professional, dependable workers who can service manufacturing and retail clients. Their job is to match workers like you with opportunities where your specialty is needed. Their only demands are that you have experience in the jobs you perform and that your work is completed correctly – in a timely and professional manner. Visit: Set & Service Resources Corporation

Set And Service Resources (SASR)

As a SASR employee, you have the ability to create your own schedule by choosing from projects as they become available, based on client requests. You have the option to work as much or as little as you want; for example, one week you can choose to work 10 hours, and the next week you can choose to work 40 hours. You also have the flexibility to work another job, taking on SASR projects as they become available — or to work with SASR full-time. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity that meets your employment needs. Visit: Set And Service Resources (SASR)

Shelf Tech (U.S.)

Experienced retail merchandiser positions for NY, NJ, CT, DE, PA, MD, MA, RI. Visit: Shelf Tech (U.S.)

Shop Incognito

We work closely with companies who are looking to develop or expand their own shopping program, and routinely refer good shoppers to those who are in need. We offer a monthly update regarding the business of shopping as well as training materials to our shoppers, and those looking to get into the industry. Visit: Shop Incognito

Shopper Anonymous (Australia, NZ)

Shopper Anonymous is one of Australia’s leading mystery shopping organizations. With an active field-force visiting over 400 retail outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand each month, Shopper Anonymous is pre-eminent not only as a provider of detailed, actionable reports, but also as a full-service partner to retailers wanting to improve their service experience – and thereby increase their profits. Visit: Shopper Anonymous

Shoppers Anon (New Zealand)

Their Mystery Shoppers assess store presentation, customer service and sales techniques for some of New Zealand’s biggest retailers. The assignment involves a person assuming the identity of a customer to gather information about a business. This information is then used to provide valuable feedback to the business so that they can improve their customer service. Visit their website to apply. Visit: Shoppers Anon

Shoppers Confidential (U.S. and Canada)

You may apply online via their website. Please click on the ‘Shoppers” link, and then click “Apply Now.’ Once you have succeessfully passed their certification quiz (10 questions) you will be directed to complete your profile. You may then login and search for shops in your area. Visit: Shoppers Confidential

Shoppers, Inc.

Most of our work is offered to shoppers who are on call for assignments, although we do have some jobs that occur monthly. Jobs are sent with a deadline, normally 2-4 weeks. Shoppers complete the job at their own convenience within any specified rules on that particular job, and send us the report by the given deadline. Shoppers are paid per completed report. The rate varies, according to the type of job completed. Visit: Shoppers, Inc.

Shoppers’ Critique International

Shoppers’ Critique International is always looking for qualified mystery shoppers who fit our client’s typical customer profile and live close to the locations being evaluated. Qualified shoppers must meet the following criteria; conscientious, responsible, details oriented and good written communication skills. Visit: Shoppers’ Critique International

Shoppers’ View

Yes, you can get paid to shop. If you have internet access, solid reporting skills, excellent attention to detail, and the desire to help companies and organizations improve customer service and sales skills, you will enjoy this work. Visit: Shoppers’ View

Shopping by Mystery (U.S.)

Shopping by Mystery was established in 1999 with the goal of helping to improve customer service. Both shoppers and Clients alike have commented that service level improves over the course of a mystery shop. The company is a member of both the Boise Metro and Meridian Chamber of Commerce’s, and now belong to the Mystery Shopper’s Provider Association. Their goal is to help improve customer service as Shopping by Mystery continues to grow as various business types discover what an asset having a secret shopping program is. Visit: Shopping by Mystery Apply Here: Mystery Shopper Application

Shoptalk Service Evaluations (U.S.)

Shoptalk conducts evaluations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Most of the work involves shopping property management employees to evaluate their performance on the phone, in person and via the internet. They also report on the appearance and condition of the community, as well as the apartments. In order to be considered for work as a Shoptalk shopper, each applicant must complete and PASS a test report process and go through a training program. Visit: Shoptalk Service Evaluations

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