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Call Center Mystery Shopping

Many of these positions can be part-time and/or home based. Visit: Call Center Mystery Shopping

Cambridge Transcriptions

Applicants should be detail-oriented, good typists, be familiar with word processing packages, and have experience using manual and electronic transcription equipment. Experience in transcribing legal, medical or technical documents is especially useful. Also positions available for Stenographers…Electronic Reporters, Audio Technicians…Audio Technician/Reporters and more. Visit: Cambridge Transcriptions

Campaigners (U.S.)

Are you passionate about what you do and enjoy working in an upbeat, fast-paced atmosphere? If so, Campaigners is the place for you! Our performance culture offers talented individuals the opportunity to grow with the organization, as well as accomplish personal aspirations. Visit: Campaigners

Campus Consulting

We offer a mystery shopping service called Shop Audits to retail clients requiring an independent evaluation of customer service and store environment. We have an extensive network of highly qualified consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada ready to investigate stores for customer service, store environment and other factors important to companies. Visit: Campus Consulting

Capeesh! (Australia)

Capeesh! provides companies with Customer Satisfaction information and data through mystery shopping. Mystery Shopping is a market research tool that provides unbiased assessments of service, image, staff and products. Visit: Capeesh!

CAPITAL G Bank Limited (Bermuda)

As your trusted financial institution, CAPITAL G continuously strives to exceed your expectations and ensure that you are receiving the best service possible. That is why they are looking for customers who would like to earn money by providing feedback to them about the performance of their employees and the level of service you receive. They are seeking men and women of all ages who would be willing to visit CAPITAL G as a Mystery Shopper. Visit their website to apply. Visit: CAPITAL G Bank Limited


Transcribers work from places of their choosing (mostly at home) as independent contractors, completing same-day assignments in real time and “overnight” assignments for 24- and 48-hour delivery. They are a transcript production company based in Washington, D.C. Visit: Capitaltranscripts

Capstone Research, Inc.

Capstone Research is a full-service marketing research company specializing in all aspects of retail research, including custom sales audits, retail distribution and merchandising studies, controlled store testing, mystery shopper programs, and customer satisfaction research. Visit: Capstone Research, Inc.

Caption Colorado

Caption Colorado employs some of the best stenocaptioners in the industry, and they are looking to employ more as their company continues to grow. Stenocaptioners work from their home/office location, captioning remotely; therefore, there is no need for relocation. They offer flexible positions (full-time, part-time, or on an as-needed basis), providing excellent working conditions, benefits, and a competitive compensation plan. Captioning is a fast-paced performance job that requires a quick mind and the ability to make changes in the stenographic writing style to get clean, usable output for caption viewers. There is incredible job satisfaction with captioning, but there are also odd hours, weekend work, and work during emergencies or with short notice. If you are driven to do a top quality job and like a continual challenge, captioning could be for you. Visit: Caption Colorado

CASET Associates

Transcriber: At home position, full and part-time. Transcribers prepare verbatim transcripts from cassette tapes made by Caset reporters. Requires a good command of the English language, proper grammar, and an awareness of current events. Transcribers are paid by the page and most Caset transcribers earn $12-$16 per hour. You should have a computer typing speed of 80 wpm. For any position, e-mail or fax your resume to Caset. Visit: CASET Associates

Castle Branch (U.S.)

Court Researcher positions. Castle Branch Employment Screening provides employers with the tools to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly litigation, and enhance productivity. Visit: Castle Branch (U.S.)


Commission Only earnings. They recommend that you start part-time (like many other associates), until this secondary income matches your current income or has increased to your comfort level, for at least six (6) consecutive months. Over time, many have gone full-time and are now making substantial high six figure incomes. They do not set your hours. You determine what your hours will be. You will truly be an Independent Contractor/Subcontractor. CCAC Company is certified to market Employee-Paid Group Benefits, Small Business Plans, Life Events Legal Plans and Identity Theft Protection in all of the United States*** and Canada. (***Ask Us About The “License” Exception States). Visit: CCAC-Company

CCI Call Center International

A US-based inbound and outbound telemarketing company that provides multilingual outsourcing solutions for a variety of business needs. Their custom created call center solutions are targeted to meet the unique sales and marketing goals of each organization. Visit: CCI Call Center International

CCS Transcription – Medical Transcription

Rate per line is based on the dollar amount contracted for with the client. Pay rates differ between clients, so you may be paid one rate for one of your clients and a totally different rate for the other. Contractors increase their income by increasing their production. Working from home independently does not carry the benefits or perks of an office employee, nor are there merit increases. However, since it’s your business, you qualify for all business tax deductions and you no longer have the expense of traveling to and from work or the wardrobe required for outside jobs. These facts directly increase your income. Your motor vehicle insurance premiums should also be affected positively. Visit: CCS Transcription – Medical Transcription.

Certified Field Associate

Certified is a full-service, national field organization providing in-store merchandising services, in-theatre checking and material installation services, auditing, mystery shopping, and other on-site services. Certified engages independent contractors (Certified Field Associates) to conduct services in retail outlets and theatres. Visit: Certified Field Associate


If you are, honest, smart, detail oriented, and enthusiastic, Channel Watch invites you to become a Channel Watch field agent — an extension of their company. If you enjoy mystery shopping, conducting surveys and interacting with people, become a part of their driven and results oriented team. Visit: ChannelWatch

Check Mark, Inc.

Check Mark, Inc. retains shoppers to assist in gathering information regarding levels of customer service, sales skills, and product knowledge. Nice, helpful forum for mystery shoppers on site too. Visit: Check Mark, Inc.

CheckOut (U.K.)

Location Based Mystery Shopping – Secret shoppers will physically visit specified locations to observe and interact, posing as a typical shopper. Telephone Based mystery shopping – Secret shoppers will call specified locations. Website Based mystery shopping – Secret shoppers will visit targeted websites to observe and interact in a manner specified by the Client. Visit: CheckOut (U.K.)

CheckUp Marketing

Scheduled shops vary in frequency and number. Clients may have their establishments shopped monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or on an “as-needed” basis. We rotate our shoppers, so shoppers do not repetitively shop the same establishments. Visit: CheckUp Marketing

Cherry Lane Music

Cherry Lane Music has freelance opportunities available for pop/rock guitar transcribers and piano arrangers. Freelance opportunities are available for educational music authors (particularly for drums, bass, and acoustic guitar) and editors (particularly for piano and guitar, all styles). Previous writing and editorial experience preferred. Attention to detail and ability to follow music and text style sheets a must. Visit: Cherry Lane Music

Chromolume, Inc.

Chromolume, Inc. is always looking for Transcribers to work on an independent contractor basis. Chromolume, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Transcription company based in Los Angeles and looking for a few typists who have good grammar and spelling skills, as well as an ear for transcription (it’s not as simple as it sounds). If you already do transcription (or have done so in the past), then this might be the job for you. This is definitely NOT full-time work, as there are down times when work does not come in on a steady basis. Visit: Chromolume, Inc.

Chronicle Transcripts

Chronicle Transcripts, based in Irvine, California, has provided medical transcription with unparalleled service to the healthcare industry since 1992. An American company with a dedicated U.S. workforce. Visit: Chronicle Transcripts

Chuck Latham Associates, Inc. (U.S. & Canada)

We are committed to providing our associates with a working environment in which they can excel, find professional satisfaction and accomplish their goals while maintaining the highest level of integrity. We are a success-driven company with high expectations. Our employees enjoy competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefit plan including profit sharing, as well as other incentives based on performance and job level. Visit: Chuck Latham Associates, Inc.

Circle Of Service

Click the ‘Be A Shopper’ button in the menu – bottom right. Visit: Circle Of Service

Cirrus Marketing Consultants

Cirrus Marketing Consultants is looking for responsible and observant people who are interested in supplementing their income. We are looking for shoppers with good writing and communication skills, and can objectively provide insight into the “customer’s perspective”. Visit: Cirrus Marketing Consultants

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