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CKA Group (U.S. and Canada)

CKA Group is an innovative business services organization that focuses on evaluating the customer experience at all levels and channels of an organization (both internal and external) to help our clients across all industries quickly analyze their customer service. With access to more than 5,000-experienced customer service evaluators, CKA Group can quickly mobilize its resources to gather crucial customer service data for our clients. Visit: CKA Group

Clear Evaluations

Clear Evaluations is seeking professional individuals with an eye for detail, excellent writing skills and a high degree of integrity. Offers video shops, phone shops and internet shops. Visit: Clear Evaluations


ClickNwork manages a unique service that allows experienced and home-based professionals to deliver business services to companies worldwide, including some of the global leaders. Assignments often need top-grade students, web searchers, trend spotters, mystery shoppers, translators, data entry skills, etc. Visit: ClickNwork

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Client First Associates, Inc.

CF believes in the apples to apples approach. One shopper is assigned to a bank and all its branches per evaluation. This ensures the bank that all of its branches are evaluated through the same looking glass, providing a fair comparison between branches. This also eliminates any guess work or percentage error associated with the results, when trying to justify different shoppers’ tendencies. Visit: Client First Associates, Inc.

Client Smart

They are a provider of web-based software for the mystery shopping industry. By registering on this site, you will be eligible for shops with their clients. Note that they will not be posting jobs on this site at this time. However, you will be notified if a client needs you for a shop. Visit: Client Smart

Cloud 10 Corp

Sure, working from home allows you to save time and money on commuting and clothing. But it’s not just the flexibility of schedule and location that Cloud 10 offers to its employees. High performers are given opportunities to Advance At Home, their career path for At Home Professionals. You’ll be working with customers via telephone, email or Web chat in order to provide information about products and services, to take orders or cancel accounts, or to obtain details of issues they might have. Visit: Cloud 10 Corp

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services (CTCSS)

Formed in 2001 to provide quality scheduling and editing support to Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, and Marketing companies worldwide. Visit: Coast to Coast Scheduling Services (CTCSS)


Constantly looking for dedicated freelance test shoppers, poller and questionnaire participants for the implementation of projects. Mystery research is a means of testing a company anonymously. Through real customer situations and points of contact, mystery research enables us to identify the weaker points of customer interaction. Visit: Concertare

Confero (U.S. and Canada)

Shoppers are teachers, doctors, firefighters, homemakers, secretaries, salespeople, etc. Most shoppers are employed full time elsewhere, but enjoy conducting assignments in their spare time. For Confero, they serve as independent contractors. Mystery shopping is not a full or part-time job. Assignments are occasional. Utilizes the SASSIE Mystery Shopping system. Visit: Confero

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Consumer Connection

It is important to not draw unnecessary attention to yourself while you are conducting Shops. You must always be polite, friendly and never take your service interaction personally. You are to record your experience objectively, never subjectively. This means your personal feelings and ideas are never included in the questionnaire. The information that you record on the questionnaire will be used at a managerial level to make important decisions. For this reason, you must be fair, accurate and consistent in your observations. Visit: Consumer Connection

Consumer Critique Inc.

As a Mystery shopper, you are asked to gather information from a customer’s perspective. As a shopper, you may be asked to do some acting. This is not to deceive anyone, but rather to assure that the information being gathered is representative. The first thing to remember is that we are on the side of the client. You are not hired to catch anyone “in the act” or trap the employee. Rather, it is your job to answer specific questions in an unbiased and constructive way. Visit: Consumer Critique Inc.

Consumer Impact Marketing (Canada)

CIM (Consumer Impact Marketing) is the leading provider of third party sales and marketing services. Recognized as one of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies”, CIM provides sales, merchandising, events and promotions management to some of the most recognized companies and brands in the world! Visit: Consumer Impact Marketing

Consumer Impressions

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn extra money, as well as impact the service at your local restaurants and other businesses. As a mystery shopper, we would ask you to visit a business as an average customer. You are provided with a detailed questionnaire to fill out concerning your visit. You are paid a fee for services in addition to reimbursement for expenses. Visit: Consumer Impressions

Consumer Research Group

Are you a conscientious individual with a desire to take a meaningful part in improving the quality of the services and products available to retail customers in your community? Many new listings available. Visit: Consumer Research Group

Continental Sales & Service, Inc. (U.S.)

Continental Sales and Service, Inc. is a sales and service group committed to providing the necessary sales representation and in-store services which maximize sales for the retailer and the manufacturer. Our company mission is to successfully implement the sales program, support the program through in-store merchandising services, monitor inventory control, and conduct product knowledge training thereby increasing the movement of products through the stores. We strive to be the “go-to” guys for the merchant and to represent our manufacturers in the best light possible while practicing ethical business standards. Visit: Continental Sales & Service, Inc.

ContractXchange (U.S. & Canada)

You answer incoming client calls for your contact center clients. Some clients also contract for outgoing calls. As a Contract Agent you can earn on average $14 to $16 an hour. It’s a good job that certainly pays more than you would earn working inside a call center. What’s more it’s a job you have a great deal of control over because you can decide how many clients you wish to work for and to a large extent when and how long your work shifts are. If you want to work part-time it’s a job that offers you almost perfect flexibility. Visit: ContractXchange

Convergence Marketing (U.S.)

Successful applicants will have access to the Convergence Marketing Job Bank and begin receiving email notices for new project opportunities in your area. Located in Northern MD, has assigments from NY to Fla. Visit: Convergence Marketing

Corporate Research International

Mystery-auditors are independently contracted persons for Corporate Research International who conduct telephone & on-site evaluations of properties owned by our clients. As a mystery-auditor, you are responsible for thoroughly and accurately evaluating the performance of any accepted assignment and sending your report back into Corporate Research International for processing. After each completed assignment, you are compensated by Corporate Research International according to the prior agreement for that job. Visit: Corporate Research International

Count On Us

Count On Us is a Secret Shopper / Mystery Shopper service specializing in customer satisfaction reporting. We have been in business since 1988 and our clients range from major chains to independent “mom and pop” type operations. Count On Us is a licensed private investigation firm which exclusively does Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper. Visit: Count On Us

Courtland Associates, Inc. (U.S. & Canada)

Courtland Associates Inc. pledges to its business partners to provide only excellence in merchandising and workmanship, to grow the business with professionalism and integrity and to accept no compromise in the process. Visit: Courtland Associates, Inc.

Coyle Hospitality Group

Coyle Hospitality Group specializes in hotel and restaurant quality consulting. Our proprietary systems for evaluating hospitality services and accurately reporting on their advantages and areas of need are based upon our experience in hospitality consulting and as a mystery shopping business. Visit: Coyle Hospitality Group

CPR Technologies (U.S.)

CPR Technologies is always looking for dedicated, dependable transcriptionists to join their team. They require a minimum of 2 years recent acute care hospital transcription experience with ESL Doctors experience (school time and cert training NOT included). As an established front-runner in cutting-edge technology for the medical industry, they provide an MT-Friendly software interface and terrific 24-hour technical support. CPR Technologies offers their Team of transcriptionists competitive salaries with room for growth, shift differential pay for the weekends, payroll direct deposit, and colleague referral bonuses. MTs are assigned to One hospital account, so they have the opportunity to grow and learn the dictators on the account. Pre-employment screening tests are required. Visit: CPR Technologies

Creative Channel Services (CSS) – U.S.

Field sales, marketing, merchandising, secret shopper openings around the U.S. Both Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities available. View jobs available by region or submit a resume. Visit: Creative Channel Services (CSS)

Creative Homeowner

Partner with Creative Homeowner: Believes in a strong partnership with booksellers is essential for their success. In turn, booksellers can benefit from carrying Creative Homeowner titles. Creative Homeowner, the lifestyle publisher for home and garden, is the premier source for the largest selection of high quality and excellent value home improvement, gardening, and decorating books. They also publish an extensive library of booklets and project plans. Visit: Creative Homeowner

Creative Image Associates (U.S.)

We are looking for detail oriented individuals who are observant, objective, and reliable. Shoppers must have excellent writing skills and be both computer literate and able to send and receive emails. The ability to open PDF files is a must! Visit: Creative Image Associates

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