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Free Listings: Transcription Opportunities

2Scribe Transcription

2Scribe utilizes a network of independent contractor transcriptionists for the production of medical reports. As a member of the 2Scribe Network, you will receive a steady flow of dictation, according to your schedule. They will team you with individual physicians to help you be as efficient and successful as possible. 2Scribe pays you for your work on a 65-character line basis. Visit: 2Scribe Transcription

Absolute Document Services (U.S.)

ADS screens and tests its employees to ensure the highest level of competency when producing transcripts. The company follows the Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI) Industry Production Standards to protect its clients from the penalty of overpaying due to production deficiency. Positions are available for work-at-home and internal, unless otherwise noted. Corporate, Medical and Legal transcription services. Visit: Absolute Document Services


Looking for good typists who can work from home, to produce written transcripts of various recordings. They include recorded statements, psychotherapy sessions, conference calls, meetings, focus groups, webcasts, speeches, in-person interviews, legal proceedings, and more. They involve a variety of business, nonprofit, academic, legal, and medical-related topics and other topics. Watch employment page for openings, currently looking for U.K. And Africa personnel. Visit: Accentance

AccuTran Global

Forward your resume for telecommute positions. Applicants are welcome from any location worldwide. They will keep your information on file and contact qualified applications when they are hiring. They will also post in-office positions or special project positions on this page. Visit: AccuTran Global

Administrative Advantage

Administrative Advantage hires onsite or home-based medical transcriptionists/editors. If you are an experienced MT or Editor and wish to apply for future positions at Administrative Advantage, apply by email. Visit: Administrative Advantage

All Type (U.S.)

ALL TYPE transcriptionists enjoy the flexibility of being in an at-home environment as full-time employees or if you prefer, as independent contractors. ALL TYPE has been providing hospitals, clinics and physician practices with dictation capture, quality medical transcription, and document distribution services since 1990. Visit: All Type

All Type Services

All Type Services provides quality, professional transcription and administrative support to individuals and companies. They offer transcription of audio and video tapes as well as audio & video files in a variety of digital formats. Look in the bottom left corner for how to apply. Visit: All Type Services

American High-Tech Transcription, Inc.

Hiring Spanish Translators immediately. Will accept new inquiries for regular transcriptionists beginning 06/01/07. Transcriptionists must be experienced and have excellent English skills. You must be a U.S. citizen. You must be a native English speaker, unless you are applying for Spanish translation work and then you must also be a U.S. citizen and be completely fluent in both Spanish and English. Visit: American High-Tech Transcription, Inc.

American Transcription Solutions Incorporated (ATSI)

ATSI uses the latest in transcription software technology to help increase your production and accuracy of the reports you type. If used correctly, your hands may never leave the keyboard. Visit: American Transcription Solutions Incorporated

Amphion Medical Solutions (U.S.)

Coders, Medical Transcriptionists. It’s time you experienced a whole new level of challenge and excitement at work! Amphion offers you a chance to design your own part-time (20+ hours weekly) or full-time (with benefits) work schedule PLUS the convenience of working out of your home. Enjoy working with THE BEST medical coders and medical transcriptionists in the Midwest who approach their work with a passion for quality like no other. Leave the commute, office politics and downsizing upheavals behind. Visit: Amphion Medical Solutions

AMR Choice Solutions

Always on the look out for experienced transcribers with general, legal and medical experience who meet the following criteria: An excellent comand of the English language; Excellent spelling and grammar; A keen ear and attention to detail; Typing speeds of 60 wpm; Trained audio typist; Able to work to deadlines; Have your own transcription equipment; Broadband connection to receive sound files; Experience of digital transcription. Telephone Operator positions: Home based telephone operators are required to answer incoming calls and take messages on behalf of companies. You will be working for AMR Choice Solutions on a freelance basis, this means that you are responsbile for your own tax and national insurance contributions. Company is in the U.K. Visit: AMR Choice Solutions

ANP Transcriptions

Career opportunities abound at ANP: General Transcriber, Medical Transcriber, Legal Transcriber, Financial Transcriber, Foreign Language Transcriber, Focus Group, Summary Writer, Medical Summary Writer, Translator, Interpreter, Audio Technician. Visit: ANP Transcriptions

Applied Medical Services

Home based opportunities include Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Coding. For over 25 years Applied Medical Services has worked to establish its excellent reputation and high client satisfaction rating. Visit: Applied Medical Services

Ascend Healthcare Systems (U.S.)

Medical Transcriptionist to work from home. Minimum of three years of acute care facilities experience. CMT preferred. Required experience with Windows 2000 or Windows XP and proficient with Internet – FTP, https://, pcAnywhere and other protocols. Also required is proficiency in WordPerfect 9.X or Word 2002/2003. Highly competitive production based compensation plus other benefits. Positions available in all states. Visit: Ascend Healthcare Systems


They recruit work-at-home medical transcription professionals to become full-time or part-time employees. If you possess at least three years of hospital or two years of multi-specialty clinic medical transcription experience and want to become part of a top-rate team, please visit their website for details on how to apply. You can also view a brief overview of the benefits you’ll enjoy working at Axolotl on this page. Visit: Axolotl

B. Krultz & Associates (U.S. – Wisconsin)

Subcontractor opportunities: Word processing, general transcription, medical transcription. At this time they are only seeking subcontractors within a 40 mile radius of Greenwood, Wisconsin. Visit: B. Krultz & Associates.

Cambridge Transcriptions

Applicants should be detail-oriented, good typists, be familiar with word processing packages, and have experience using manual and electronic transcription equipment. Experience in transcribing legal, medical or technical documents is especially useful. Also positions available for Stenographers…Electronic Reporters, Audio Technicians…Audio Technician/Reporters and more. Visit: Cambridge Transcriptions


Transcribers work from places of their choosing (mostly at home) as independent contractors, completing same-day assignments in real time and “overnight” assignments for 24- and 48-hour delivery. They are a transcript production company based in Washington, D.C. Visit: Capitaltranscripts

Caption Colorado

Caption Colorado employs some of the best stenocaptioners in the industry, and they are looking to employ more as their company continues to grow. Stenocaptioners work from their home/office location, captioning remotely; therefore, there is no need for relocation. They offer flexible positions (full-time, part-time, or on an as-needed basis), providing excellent working conditions, benefits, and a competitive compensation plan. Captioning is a fast-paced performance job that requires a quick mind and the ability to make changes in the stenographic writing style to get clean, usable output for caption viewers. There is incredible job satisfaction with captioning, but there are also odd hours, weekend work, and work during emergencies or with short notice. If you are driven to do a top quality job and like a continual challenge, captioning could be for you. Visit: Caption Colorado

CASET Associates

Transcriber: At home position, full and part-time. Transcribers prepare verbatim transcripts from cassette tapes made by Caset reporters. Requires a good command of the English language, proper grammar, and an awareness of current events. Transcribers are paid by the page and most Caset transcribers earn $12-$16 per hour. You should have a computer typing speed of 80 wpm. For any position, e-mail or fax your resume to Caset. Visit: CASET Associates

CCS Transcription – Medical Transcription

Rate per line is based on the dollar amount contracted for with the client. Pay rates differ between clients, so you may be paid one rate for one of your clients and a totally different rate for the other. Contractors increase their income by increasing their production. Working from home independently does not carry the benefits or perks of an office employee, nor are there merit increases. However, since it’s your business, you qualify for all business tax deductions and you no longer have the expense of traveling to and from work or the wardrobe required for outside jobs. These facts directly increase your income. Your motor vehicle insurance premiums should also be affected positively. Visit: CCS Transcription – Medical Transcription.

Chromolume, Inc.

Chromolume, Inc. is always looking for Transcribers to work on an independent contractor basis. Chromolume, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Transcription company based in Los Angeles and looking for a few typists who have good grammar and spelling skills, as well as an ear for transcription (it’s not as simple as it sounds). If you already do transcription (or have done so in the past), then this might be the job for you. This is definitely NOT full-time work, as there are down times when work does not come in on a steady basis. Visit: Chromolume, Inc.

Chronicle Transcripts

Chronicle Transcripts, based in Irvine, California, has provided medical transcription with unparalleled service to the healthcare industry since 1992. An American company with a dedicated U.S. workforce. Visit: Chronicle Transcripts

CPR Technologies (U.S.)

CPR Technologies is always looking for dedicated, dependable transcriptionists to join their team. They require a minimum of 2 years recent acute care hospital transcription experience with ESL Doctors experience (school time and cert training NOT included). As an established front-runner in cutting-edge technology for the medical industry, they provide an MT-Friendly software interface and terrific 24-hour technical support. CPR Technologies offers their Team of transcriptionists competitive salaries with room for growth, shift differential pay for the weekends, payroll direct deposit, and colleague referral bonuses. MTs are assigned to One hospital account, so they have the opportunity to grow and learn the dictators on the account. Pre-employment screening tests are required. Visit: CPR Technologies


CyberDictate is continually recruiting the most experienced and integrity-driven individuals to provide superior transcription services to their clientele. These individuals are US-based and are required to sign Independent Contractor Agreements, inclusive of Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure terms, and are expected to abide by all Federal and State laws and regulations. Visit: CyberDictate

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