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Transolutions’ employees have more control over their lives through home-based employment. Ensures that employees feel valued and that the work they do is meaningful. They pay all telephone, dictation equipment and software costs associated with home-based employment. Visit: Transolutions

TypeTypeType (U.S.)

Transcription Service has been serving the California Bay Area for over 15 years. They assist with overload work, homework and projects that require a quality transcription service at a reasonable price. Does not have any openings at this time but they keep all submissions on file for 18 months. They do not outsource their services to overseas companies. Visit: TypeTypeType.

U.S. Transcription, Inc. (U.S.)

To be considered for employment with UST, they have setup an online testing section where you may answer questions as well as take a sample dictation. Visit: U.S. Transcription, Inc.

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Positions offered include Verbatim Transcriptionist, Medical Transcriptionist, Summary Writer, Medical Summary Writer, Translator, Interpreter, Foreign Language Transcriptionist, Audio Technician. Visit: Ubiqus

Unlimited Transcription (U.S.)

Unlimited Transcription is an Internet Transcription Company. They transfer digitally recorded dictation voice .wav files using the Internet and their Internet Transfer Software. They loan their family of Medical Transcriptionists their software to enable them to connect, transfer files and communicate over the Internet. Visit: Unlimited Transcription

Viable Technologies (VTI) U.S.

Founded in July 2001, Viable Technologies (VTI) specializes in remote realtime transcription for the educational setting. Using specialized transcribers who listen to the spoken words and produce text using state of the art technology, they help students with hearing loss access the spoken word in realtime. Visit: Viable Technologies (VTI).


Positions include Realtime Captioners, Production Coordinators, Offline Captioners, Translators and multi-language quality control editors. Visit: VITAC

Voss Transcription

Requires that you have digital and tape transcription equipment available to you, previous experience, high speed Internet service, and a minimum 75 wpm. You will be required to pass an English skills test. If you have the requirements and want to join their team, please send a resume. Visit: Voss Transcription

Webmedx Medical Transcription

You’ll stay connected to the pulse of the company through their one-of-a-kind transcriptionist website. You can take pride in knowing that your hard work is being rewarded and that you’re truly valued as an employee. Visit: Webmedx Medical Transcription

wordZXpressed, Inc.

To request information on employment opportunities, visit the contact page for instruction. wordZXpressed, Inc.

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