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Company Suggestion Information

If you have a website or company to suggest or would like the details updated on a current listing, please include the following information:

Website Address
Company Name
Category: Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, etc.
Description: Around five sentences
Countries Served: (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, International, etc.)

If your company is listed but would like the details updated, feel free to send the info.

Listings are free for companies in the Free Listings and Work At Home Jobs sections.

Please use the contact form to send me the details.

Companies may be listed in as many categories that apply. Please use the search feature to look for your company, the results will show which categories the company is listed in. For best results, just search the top level domain name without the www. For example: walletboosters rather than www.walletboosters.com/listings/cool-swag/

Only inclusion requests for actual company websites will be accepted, no free survey lists or paid lists.

Websites That Won’t Be Accepted: Any company that charges a fee to apply, charges a fee to be paid or has a payout minimum I consider too high.

Due to poor reward results, industry instability or questionable legality in some cases, listings will not be accepted and will be avoided in most cases for Get Paid To Try (GPTT or GPT), Get Paid To Read (GPTR or PTR), Get Paid To Search (GPTS or PTS), Get Paid To Promote (GPTP or PTP), Traffic Exchanges, High Yield Investments (HYIPs), Pyramid Schemes, Gambling sites, Adult content in nature or any program I am not confident about for any reason.

Commercial Products

At this time WalletBoosters is no longer accepting requests for listing commercial tools or products charging a fee. If you would like to purchase permanent placement, please use the contact form and include the website address describing the product. If approved, placement costs are $100 PayPal (U.S.). If you have an affiliate program, please provide the details and I’ll consider it.