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Contests & Sweepstakes Info

Entering contests and sweepstakes is not a guaranteed wallet booster, but it sure is fun if you do win! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of contest and sweepstake opportunities on the net from large well known companies as well as smaller, local businesses. Prizes can be cash, vehicles, big screen tvs, trips, you name it!

Contests: These are competitions such as writing contests, baking contests, winning games or choosing the best product name. Winners are chosen as the ‘best’ entry.

Sweepstakes: These are random drawings that require no skill to win (other than answering a skill testing question where required). Winners are chosen at random.

There are serious sweepers around the net that do this full time, but you can easily do this as a hobby and still win something. Have fun with this, be consistent with your entries and hopefully you’ll start winning too!

Contest & Sweeps Tips

  • Read the rules carefully! Can you enter once? Or daily? Can Canadians enter, or only Americans? Reading the rules and following them is the first step to being a successful sweeper.
  • Enter as many contests and sweepstakes as often as you can. With every entry you increase your chances of winning. As the saying goes: You can’t win if you don’t enter!
  • NEVER pay money to enter a contest or sweepstakes and NEVER pay money to claim a prize, including shipping and handling fees. This is a sign of a scam. If you’re really tempted to pay money because the prize offering looks legitimate to you–contact your local police or post office. They may be aware of it if it’s a typical or common scam.
  • Setup an email address to use exclusively for sweeping and monitor it often. You’ll need to watch for win notices and many of them have time deadlines, you won’t want to miss out on a prize because you didn’t respond soon enough!
  • Make sure you give accurate information such as your name, age and mailing address. You don’t want to miss out on any prizes because of typos.
  • Don’t forget to enter snail mail contests. Because you have to mail entry forms and/or UPCs, there aren’t as many people entering as the online contests.
  • Keep yourself as organized as possible. Keep track of what you’ve entered and how often. I recommend using the Sweeps! software (free) – you can find more information about it on the Tools page here: Contest & Sweeps Tools
  • Pick and choose the contests that you enter, especially if the contest is a daily or weekly entry. This frees up your time to focus on and find the contests with prizes you really want to win.
  • Use a form filler – RECOMMENDED! By using form filling software, you’ll save yourself huge amounts of time. See the Roboform description here (I recommend it). You may like other softwares, but many are spyware OR they call home by default. Roboform doesn’t track or send any of your information anywhere.
  • Avoid using software or services that automatically enter contests and sweepstakes for you without you even visiting the website. This can void your entries.
  • Keep track of all the contests you enter in a spreadsheet or file. Revisit the sites every few months, you may find new contests this way as many companies that offer a contest once will do so regularly.
  • Make yourself a Win File that you can check back and look through when you’re feeling discouraged after a “dry spell” of not winning. This is such a nice spirit boost and fun to look back on!
  • If you win smaller prizes that you have no use for and have no one in mind to give the prizes as gifts, why not call your local Pediatrics ward to donate toy wins, or the Senior Citizens home to donate book wins? Women’s shelters are a great place to donate cosmetics, clothing and household items. Be creative with your wins and try to ensure that the prizes find a good home.

Stay positive, be consistent and enjoy yourself!

You never know when you could be the next sweepstakes or contest winner!

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