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Focus Groups Information

Marketing companies form research groups that are normally chosen by demographics such as age, income, education, etc. Focus groups are used to help evaluate and develop products, test new ideas, provide input on various issues and more.

Groups usually consist of 6 to 12 people and are led in discussion by trained moderators. Focus groups can be 1/2 hour in length up to 3 hours or more. They can be held online or at the company’s facility.

Companies normally reimburse you for your time with a cash honorarium and sometimes free products and/or samples. Participating in focus groups is not to be considered as an opportunity for full time employment, it’s simply an extra financial incentive and an opportunity for you to voice your opinions and help shape products and services offered on the market.

If you are comfortable in a group atmosphere and enjoy expressing your opinions in front of people, participating in focus groups could be an enjoyable experience for you, one that can pay well!

If you’re looking to join focus groups in your area, simply visit the companies online and fill out their application forms. If you fit the profile of what they are looking for, you could be contacted and have an opportunity to participate. Make sure to check out our free list of focus groups.


  • Join as many companies as you can.
  • Fill out as much information as you are comfortable with – the more information they have, the easier it is for the company to choose you as a good fit for their focus groups.
  • Be honest with the information you give about yourself and about the answers or feedback you give in a focus group.
  • Do not contact companies that do not ask for you to apply.
  • Do not contact companies asking when they’ll choose you for a focus group, you could find yourself removed from their database.

You can find free focus groups listings here.