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Merchandising Jobs Information

Merchandising is a great way to earn money either as a contractor or employee. You can choose to accept merchandising jobs that take 4 hours a week or develop it into full time work. It involves a variety of businesses, such as retail, grocery, wholesale, etc.

Merchandising also compliments mystery shopping very well, between the two you can find a lot of opportunities. The amount of contracts you can build is dependant upon the location you are in. Bigger cities have more opportunities than small towns, but you could expand the amount of accounts you have if you are willing to travel a bit. This is a perfect work from home job and a great income booster.

Companies rely on merchandisers to handle their stock and promotional activities, they realize the importance of having someone focus just on their product line. You could be hired to simply restock items, setup displays, calculate inventory, reorganize shelf space and more.

Along with merchandising jobs, some of the companies listed here also hire demo workers, samplers and exit interviewers. If you’re willing to work hands on with the public, these types of jobs are also a great way to earn extra income. Try one or two assignments and you may find how enjoyable this type of work can be! It’s very social and usually people are happy to talk to you and try the samples you’re offering. Sampling and demo work has a higher demand on weekends, so this is a perfect fill in for those who have Monday to Friday jobs.

To get started apply to as many merchandising companies that appeal to you and that are in your area. To build up some experience, try accepting one or two lower paying contracts. Once you have established yourself and feel comfortable with your merchandising knowledge, pursue the companies that are only interested in experienced merchandisers. This type of contract work gives you the luxury of picking and choosing your jobs and the rates you are willing to work for.

Merchandising can involve operating as a contractor rather than as an employee, so make sure you track your income, mileage and expenses for tax time. An accountant or tax consultant can help you with the details, but normally you need to claim the income you received from the contracts, then claim your expenses such as fuel, vehicle expenses, etc. Keep a folder on hand to store all your records so that it’s readily available at tax time.

A great FREE resource for people new to the merchandising area can check out this training manual offered at the NARMS website:

Merchandising Training Manual

This manual also offers more details on what is involved with being a Retail Merchandiser.