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Online Paid Surveys Information

Hundreds of marketing companies around the world are online and offering to pay people in cash and prizes for filling out their surveys. They need your input to help their clients develop and fine tune their products and services. People of all ages, all incomes and all countries are sought for their opinions, and marketing companies are willing to offer incentives for this input.

The incentives vary from cash for every completed survey, sweepstakes or raffles, points to trade for products, free product samples, gift cards, online gift certificates – quite a variety!

Some people prefer to just focus on companies that offer cash or product samples for every completed survey, others apply for everything – happy to have a chance at winning that car or $1,000 cash prize. You decide what’s worthwhile and interesting to you and seek out the companies that provide what you’re looking for.

To get started with online surveys, it is recommended you open a new email account just to be used for surveys. This way none of your personal emails (and hopefully no spam) will get mixed up with your chances at completing surveys. See this page for a list of free email accounts you may wish to use.

The next step is to download the software Roboform (Download Roboform Here). This form filling software is a major timesaver and it’s spyware free (unlike many other softwares out there). Once you have installed and filled out the information in Roboform, you can fill out most of your survey company database application forms with just one click!

Next find as many paid survey companies as you can and apply for those you qualify for. The more companies you are signed up with, the more opportunities you will have to complete paid surveys. Make sure to browse through our free list of paid surveys and sign up for as many as you like! This is a free list available to everyone.

How many surveys will you receive? How much money can you make?

It all comes down to demographics. How old you are. If you’re male or female. Where you live, what your income is, how many children you have. Each survey requires different types of people. One survey company may offer you a lot of paid surveys, but your friend doesn’t receive any. No one can predict what you’ll make and how busy you’ll be with paid surveys online. But if you apply for as many as you can and give the marketing company as much information about you as possible, you should eventually receive a fair amount of surveys.


  • Check your email for surveys frequently and complete them as soon as possible. Many surveys have a maximum amount of completions needed, so you may find the quota filled if you wait too long.
  • Be honest and complete with your profile and with your answers. If you’re consistent and provide detailed and complete answers where requested, you may find yourself invited to participate in focus groups. Focus groups tend to pay a lot better than surveys.
  • Pay attention to the requirements of each company. Some require you to request your account balance before they pay you. Some reward you with bonus points each time you log in or complete a quick poll. Dig around each survey site and find the best methods to utilize the program to its fullest.
  • If you find you’re becoming bored or uninterested in completing surveys, try focusing on the companies that offer incentives for each survey completed, rather than random draws. This helps keep you motivated.
  • Participating in paid surveys is not going to provide a full time income for most people. However it can provide a nice wallet boost and even provide a great stash of Christmas and birthday presents, all for free.

Think of online paid surveys as a hobby and just have fun!